What got YOU when?

Warning, Not Safe For Work

videos contain mature or at least corporately  untoward content like language in happyweed which is about consumptions and contains cussing as one dies””  I think i neglected  Pirates gold Dos which you can search for as it’s a 30 minute crappily played demo.  it however offers what modern versions do not- a chance to spend a pleasant evening with a barmaid… so as i say, this may not pass muster with your corprate veiwing.


I can not post all offerings as the mysts of time make one nearly impossible to find.  like night sky full of stars… it translates these days as sky full of stars… stars being ladies and yet my particular game was pubescent boy naughty not today’s outright adult erotic.  hence even if I find the old gems sometimes it’s no longer the same.  just like good luck finding elf bowling of any offering without a virus.    if you play phoenix, the super secret bonus is hitting all three of the decenders with clean shots…crap it’s something like that anyways it’s like a super secret 200K points and you could spend all day trying to do better with a freak one play move.

along the ways:

HappyWeed 1.2 a pre 603e or g2 mac game, Enigma freeverse software now sold out and this stuff far too old to be worried about.

’96 cowboy casino

one of the products I had a brief privilege to support


’99 elf bowling 2! 😀

’02 Pente

’05 pirates via then Myspace games

’08  night sky full of stars – hentai click and keep clicking game

’11 Ubuntu! reversi


’14 senet  online


fun 000 old arcade game online minor instructions in french who cares its fairly easy to click and play.

Leather one of the text games on an old dos box i had, heh… naughty.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “What got YOU when?”

I don’t think I ever got my hands on any contraband. My parents were pretty strict and I was pretty straight. ha.

🙂 I remember vaguely the first time I saw leisure suit Larry and i mean OF it not really then or now played it. the naughty adult game which i suppose is pardon the pun value about as childish as it gets ;0 and thinking i was some kind of wonderful because their code of only what adults would know was know a lil nixon joke and you’re in! remember it was the earlier 80’s and thus open with stuff before i hit dirt and I’d supposedly not have heard of? i did well in history thanks… even down to the crossed out signature towards tricky dicky’s end is mirrored in mine but i probably am a crook so 😀 anyways I didn’t care about weed as a consumable when i found this game nor associate it with my then alive nurse bong wonder able to mow down tall piles iby herself and never pass any around… anyways 😀 it was robotron/pacman to me with the innappropriate quote for when one loses life…aww alsmost rhymes with stick. 😀 unfortunately i can’t find the pascal version of ms packman i enjoyed and as a rule the closer to the arcade feel was my delight so many knockoffs were cheap but i did like a japanese version i never did understand the button markings and never cared as it was? pac man is pacman push a few buttons already! yet mom would have had a fit because such layout/usages were not second nature to her nor are they now so each change in windows is a curse from satan to her requiring a relearn and i simply hi the windows key on this pc keyboard for the replacement of the apple key so all my once control plus keys are now apple shortcuts… that’s not a hardship to my mind. but lol contraband… I never thought of this as such 😀 lol you’re making me out to be bad, Bear!

It was more dad we had to watch out for. He had won an apple from a magazine for a poem, which he was quite proud of, speaking of leg lamps! So he was much more savvy than any of us. But lo and behold, we did once find that a bundle of games given by a friend had an image of a lovely nude islander. He found that, too, of course.

I used to keep a recovery prograsm for old media/hard drives where all un reformatted drives could recover “erased” files because of how from MY old education told me it worked THEN which was xdos aged early nineties where so you know imagine josh.exe…right? originally to erase such a file you wouldn’t physically erase all the bits and what not…no! time consuming and error prone…. so_osh.ex_ would be changed or similarly, and thus it’s no longer searchable as josh.exe and yet only 2 bitsw not 2 million were changed. just like a compression algorithm is like the equivalent of reading braille as grade one or grade 2 or 3 braille thus a lot of space can be compressed if known patterns are abbreviated…again, this is my simplistic…not kidding… understanding of what’s in motion. but this along with the unix security resetter and piggy backer stuff as in you know those security patches we’re to update? I had the reasons why one should for a short time… I have no business or knowledge to utilize them and gave up as I have no need to feel naughty and capable…whether you suddenly do or do not trust me is immaterial – you already knew I was smart and “like that” too but I warn you I am not really and don’t need any more smarts as I don’t get paid to secure you..such pays rather 100k a year to start well btw….however like knowing karate, is it for offense or defense? one’s good but one is not. I’m of the school I know what I need to and swiftly forget what I don’t need to know by choice. anyways I lose my pictures and old saved incarnations me now and again, oh well, nothing’s free. 😉 but realistically lol you’d hope wouldn’t you that I can pass a foodie quiz and perhaps a geography quiz 😉 it’d be disappointing if I wasn’t every bit as brainy in reality as I seem to be in interactions 😀 for the record 135 remains my i.q. I can score lower after 24 hours awake and tired as in 105.. what you won’t see often is if I goo on a learning binge and without slow down medication where I raise that speed and memory about 50 percent.

I always wanted to be a pirate’s wench. 😀
I’ve never heard of any of this or these games.
I still play the oldies like Scrabble and Tetris and Jigsaw puzzles and SkipBo, etc.! I’m so well-seasoned I remember Pong. 😛
I call the Happy Weed the Wacky Weed! 😀
HUGS!!! 🙂

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