Unlucky you.

as with the previous offering of the 13th of luck…ever so witty that… I’m still bored.  I don’t know why.  I’m hungry yet made a cup or so of coffee instead.  and in general am feeling opposite on just about everything.


The Africa Map was my pull up as i knew I missed a number of countries on it as I simply do not have current use for trivia and after a time it rusts like all memories.  now unlike some folk i have a variety of checksums.  because i suppose i’m bored or I knew I would forget and this time i didn’t want to.  what time? make sense please?  I mean in childhood i knew i had the ability to hear 20 number strings and remember them as in 2 or three credit card’s worth of numbers and some contact info  as i had roughly 40 minutes reliable retention befor ethings had to be learned as a longer term memory… i can not see well so do not know how to order a picture in ways foreign to my thoughts or uses logical but i’m probably as close in childhood to having a picture perfect memory without developing a picture perfect memory. I knew emotionally speaking that you are better off forgetting.  unlike the admonition to forgive but don’t forget, the best i can do is forget as acceptance sure ain’t my strong set of skills.  so i came to this conclusion based almost to a sentence that of course i cant remember but it was like an abc today show or similar thing where  a speed reader was shown.  I thought that was the neatest thing as then I really wouldn’t have to do shit in school as i would be like king tut mow through a library of books… please understand that leaving highschool i left with 32/35 english in act’s I literally then as now do not understand my actual language mechanics well but you will never miss who is writing to you and i do fairly well with reading retention obviously…. but the sentence that killed this pursuit dead was that the speed reader now never connected to the material any longer and thus the enjoyment of books was absent, it was simply a chore or task to do…mow through a book regurgitate.  fuck that no thanks!  it was a long time before silence of the lambs showed sketches from memories in vivid detail and other savant type memories beyond mine were shown to simply see if not forever and how this horror usually was lasting and devastating to acceptance yet i at least suspected that such was true and then began learning that while useful as memory is, there is suspicions.. like eavesdropping for info remembered long enough to disenfranchise folks… and the concept of parroting as a 2 year old or bird is actually comic and not respected so while late to learn social values as i’m not 8 at this point in second gradce but 9 -14 learning very slowly and of course ostracized all the while- I can easily tell you it was no blessing to be me none and lacking 30 years or any hint of what makes others uniquely successful and wanting to “fit in” I never took up speed reading or learning how to work a picture for clues or in general why remembering a lot is in fact quite useful indeed!  so f that and i didn’t.  add to this outright anger as this comes in with puberty heh so even more ostracization via intemperant behaviour within the already difficult… but again this is about memory mine is rusting as anyones will –  the knowledge of how much and when is checksummed to a point – but I only keep it so long.  thank GOD!  no blasphemy there either.  so i see there is x amount of countries and i name x minus checksum total I’m short.  this is very much like kurt vonegut daffodile17 or whatever in whatever of his books where everyone had a a name and number and the 13 club was quite exclusive!  and also his mention of mnemonics which is also partially how i learned to order memories and more powerfully remember and index them.  so even in blonder moments I can swiftly parrrot the right stuff!  disrespected or not.  and thus africa map and i’m spotting margor capitals and or cities… and voila? moroni comoros islands above madagascar off the south eastern african continent.  moroni as in angel moroni the provider of the revelation Mor(M!)on or central to LDS beliefs?,_Comoros

yes.  and isn’t it so stereotypical of you with me in English speaking as a first language or main one at least- how snobbish it is?  this artical is not in but pigeon of some variety and already I count off a zillion respect points and i.q. points and stamp foreigner third world useless save for exploitation.   did you know all it took was ceety instead of city to do this?    if anyone wonders why i do not often try to edit, it’s laziness but hopefully sometimes also proof of the point i am smart as shit despite the lack of editing and such is a trap of stereootypical disregaurd of others.


but by the same token i read the article above as in scanned it and it was the same word- ceety that gave away the legitimacy of pigeon or whatever one calls it English used.  just as one can read a children’s tale such as Sundiatta and understand it’s purpose is historic and it is viable to transmit information orally versus the waste of books/paper/whatever…however it would be far more limited a source of information.


such is how I can waste an hour and wish I didn’t turn off the coffee i want more and i probably should both edit the above and make my soup before it’s too late to prior to dinner times.  but… unlucky you.  by the way, i forgot six countries and 4 additional placements within my memory of africa… or 20% in 9 years. or once learned i’m still fairly likely to be different than most – an average college grad hardly reads by thirty and is unlikely to even work within the general discipline/field studied in ten years from graduating.  I didn’t graduate as i have this thing against memorizing for specific questions versus actually knowing information… so I lack the math to do most college paths, no, not all…and haven’t the passion for much of anuything that isn’t requiring math or improve with some as work… or you can get me tutored through college requirements of this I’m still sure 7 years retention above standard average grade level performance is enough time to manage college past the subjects I’m shit at and patch what’s needed of that mystery to salvage a job and pray I’m stable enough to withstand the 2-3 years waiting my turn for advancement nevermind merit or actively submarining people for my gain which i suck at and thus do not do yet wish I was better at so when done to me i might withstand it better… but such is fading from my energies or interest, i’ve done the best i could in my time with what I had and what matters, just a few more things to achieve which are tricks like as in not based on my direct control or choices yet required or measured at least in life none the same… like a politician rarely does well without trotting out A wife however philanderous the prick is, A wife is legitimacy yet it’s not his choice but largely hers that she’s present.  hypothetical surely but i do mean that i’d hate to end or journey forever onwards alone….but as i say fine choice i may be, yes mirror talk 😀 but such isn’t MY choice and i hardly even influence it yet such is a desire.    but such is associations

I hate that word too, associate ass, so I ate… it sounds like i’m relating how I was crap conversation at dinner.  callin’ names and junk instead forever being positive.  no one needs one’s negativities.  but associate as in not partner just known and perhaps tacitly part of.. associated and likely the ass of ociation too.  but africa, not ass, africa, I remember enough to waste these words.  I doubt I’ll have cause to go anytime soon  nor make money knowing this or win any relavent to the time trivia contest at some pub.  and thus in 3 years i’ll have to refresh.  just like playing piano, i can hear the notes if not feel them, but there is a defined difference of feeling the music and feeling the instrument making the noises- that’s muscle type memory which is so swiftly forgotten it’s annoying and thus another attitude out there, how many holes in your employment history?  each hole is time enough to rust past uselessness even 2-3 weeks is more than enough time to be 3 weeks less productive again or cost money versus make money…  remembbering dbase to ms office and thus how to make a registry of employee information, payroll, identification and or emergency contact/ bday b.s.  i mean i learned that and how to amortize a basic compound interest program too along with simpler credit card/auto loan stuff and yet to do this is program specific and easily forgotten i have to refresh this b.s. knowledge yearly but i don’t as i haven’t touched a computer for actual work needs in 15 years.  about the only thing i need to know is how to text on a phone fast which isn’t a skill


although, if you’ve kept up… heheheh

petscii as a machine entry code level thing via ten key data entry  – that project?

73 39 77 32 68 79 73 78 71 32 79 46 75 46



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “Unlucky you.”

you still can enjoy a world tour at the grocery, chile produces a lot of our obviously out of season fruits for us/many markets- many halmark products are made elsewhere now, pink salt might be from india and while moderately called for in diabetic diets, it availability at walmarts is shocking and cool. you can no longer smell the pool of a paper mill as they use oxygen process versus chlorination even if dioxin is far more lethal a byproduct / hazzard. salt might be from kansas…the world’s largest area to be consistantly the target of meteorite strikes versus any other.. cola can source from africa yes it may be artificial but i doubt they know how to make it from anything but a artificial process of a natural ingredient…laws are tricky that way a co2 process may be two natural ingredients/substances that and the product it’s gassing, but the result of this process is artificial yet the useless alcoholic extraction would be considered natural– safrol containing sassafras or the common rootbeer taste is considered carcinogenic thus you can not have a naturally flavored rootbeer- one however might think the same is true for grapes but that is not true it is cheaper to manufacture that flavor from vats versus grapes…but the principal use of grape flavoring in impure form is to dope pesky birdies to not want to hang around the convenience store or golf course, bonus that its leftovers are salable to soda makers so to speak 😀

Hmm…when you are bored, it looks like you use your brain for important stuff and research stuff and stuff and stuff. 🙂
When I’m bored, I often get into trouble! 😉 😛
I’ve always loved maps and globes.
HUGS and Happy Moan-Day!!! 🙂

I haven’t had any interesting reason to travel even online now in awhile around the globe so i forget things too. yes in 08 I could name accurately about 80% of the then current globe not just country capitol but some major landfeatures and principal alliances/leaning exports. and of course roughly what time zone of the world too. – now, probably 60% and not forever swiftly and i don’t know or care their economies/alliances save extrodite or not. 😉 still hoping for the right life of crime 😀 😀 –naw, i don’t even know extradition either … few places speak enough english that might be pirate friendly 😉

A fascinating interior glimpse. I suppose a lot of people don’t want to look behind their own curtain too much. There are definitely some dark possibilities. I have a favorable view of your journey. That doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games for you, or even just a little. Respect, though.

I hahaha’d pretty hard at the unlucky you!

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