randomly continues

r…c…. yeah, I like cola


alright it’s time for a reason for pictures,  the pic: Kola Nut- which oddly is no longer the main source for cola flavor as it’s artificially flabored these days for the majority of beverages Cola.  a coke of the world photo with basic market changes – and because if it’s pepsi or coke, coke damn it.  however i like r.c. more.  no, i wouldn’t know my arse from my elbow blindfolded anymore just like anyone else statistically speaking…remember coke lost huge to pepsi and launch the biggest debaucle of modern life times with new coke…as the world spoke and said by taste pepsi was superior but not by tradition!… and a modern graphic of consumption changes  where by drink mix and sodas  even Juices are shit out of the market compared with energy drinks bottled water actual booze? and wines.  the explaintion of this will be obvious after stumbling over where craig fergusson moved onto after he like most were at an instant not the hot ticket when succession times came in tv…. history channel and chat with a bit of a participatory bite.    this clip is about which drug impacts history the most?  Alcohol and coffee lose?  utter bullshit in my oppinion… but I posit that cola didn’t even get a effing mention?  really?


okay, here’s my clip beef… a: I haven’t checked if i can catch the show as i do not subscribe to cable tv… b: alcohol 3400 b.c. egypt/beer  in general water unsafe wine/beer or death…um wine beer please… artifact evidence says such literally was life.  but they have a point it is not changes life.  but next coffee- as it doesn’t exist in any form till some naughty goat got high eating some berries… yet is even today the largest commodity in terms of dollars/money in general period… coffee is mornings and continues to influence- anyone remember the starbuck’s revolution?    i mean coffee impacts the world daily and still hugely.  but i can conceed that topically speaking coke as in cocaine not coca cola be it originally infuse with coca leave extractives or not nowadays… it just is that what? hunh then normal? kingpens vying for literal leadership of nations?  yeah… even coffee didn’t produce a from coffee world leader recently or otherwise.     but anyways,

pacman, iPhone macDonald’s, brands you know – well soda is on the way to the grave as dominant just part of the world ordinary..other things superseed it now.  it would take a miracle for soda to make a comeback now.  do you have an opinion on what drug changed the world?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “randomly continues”

Your Cola is in motion! 😛

Viagra?! 😉 😀
I’d guess Penicillin or the birth control pill.
I like listening to Craig talk! Mario Bello is SO beautiful! 🙂

I drink mostly water, tea and fruit and veggie juices.
HUGS!!! 🙂 Happy MoanDay!!! 🙂

I wonder if viagra is like taking one of my prils with grapefruit juice specifically like they tell me NOT to. interestingly NO not the word but chem notation for I think nitric oxide is the magic trigger for a lowering of bp for a blip…hopefully a blip as NO is that toxic to us it’s life is like a tenth of a second and we want as little collateral damage so everything has the instant emergency stop. but NO leads to the lowering of bp and thus the rshow to open.. anyways rare moment i read that but never saw it since so I can not accurately say such is factual or at least sorta kinda maybe true.. it wasn’t in a trade mag but a rag mag… i.e. not medical but secular…however good, secular.

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