13th of luck

luck.  it’s not just the cards we’re dealt but how we play them.  I know, what a tired cliche of a metaphor!  but Cribbage, a sample hand or so.

firstly, for those of you who don’t remember this game or even sort of know how to play it: rules.  one must shufle the deck at least three times and offer the other player a chance to cut.  flip a coin or whatever to determine who shuffles first if one’s that competitive.  the cutting player gets the privilage of calling which card wins/loses before cutting.  a cut is four cards or more but NOT leaveing less than four cards left.. so yes we could have quite the opening argument if before the game even starts about cutting to see who goes first as the second player might not get a legal cut chance!  now provided the cut is done and a dealer and opener is chosen- the mayhem can contnue.  each player one card at a time starting with first the crib holder- i.e. the first player NOT the dealer EVER is dealt to then the dealer til each has six cards… remember now, this meant three shuffles then a cut then a deal… two cards are selected to be placed into the “crib” which after the game play and hand scorings is a bonus for the person with the crib hand.  scoring is also a major major argument waiting for the overly competitive – in that the following things score in cribbage some immediately some only on your turn to count.  first the the cards are dealt and the crib is filled, we dealer to the crib holder cuts for an up card….crib holder turns that card up.  now if it’s HIS KNOBS ilel the card turned up is a jack, it immediately scores 2 points.  otherwise the cussing of how good an upcard it is is noted on each players face if you’re lucky.  now the crib holder allows the dealer to go first- this is a game of counting.  points possible go as follows: 15 called is 2 points, go is a point to the other play 1 point. pairs 2 points pairs royale 6 points and god forbid one legally plays a four of a kind 12 points or six pairs that is x 2 points and 31 is two points- during game play there is no chance between the players to play for points a flush or all five cards matching the upcard…but within your hand and rules  you can have said…but this is later! – there is also  a allotment for points 3 cards or more in sequence or a “run” 3 cards 3 points 4,4 etc this is in addition to 15’s, go’s, and 31’s! and a go doesn’t stop one’s chances at these points either. the last car played is 1 point to the player playing it.  all of points like this are pegged immediately!  all miscalls “muggins!” that legally are called are points for the person accurately explaining the error with corrected points going to the muggins caller – if necessary taking back incorrectly pegged points as well…this is where if you listen to ME? you’ll be jipped, read official rules!  everyone’s vary but know these or your rules WELL it tends to help 😉 a lot.  1 point can mean more than a game!  now turns go and become necessary- the dealer has the chance to count his hand FIRST after game play as he/she does not have the advantage of the hand plus an additional crib hand. now the crib holder counts first the played hand then the crib hand indicating out loud a total score  all scoring is called aloud then pegged muggins can be called but here’s a trick to it- you can only call muggins on points actually pegged so watch your mouth or you give away your advantages.  now hands count 15’s, pairs/etc, flushes, KNOBs not his nobs which pegs immediately,and runs..not 31’s.  a flush is all four cards of your played hand only not matching the upcard in suits…or all five of your cars 4 in hand plus the upcard all matching the first r card flush is 4 points and the the five card flush is 5 points…however to get a flush in a crib hand you must match all five cards in a flush – four don’t count.   to be very very clear on what go’s mean,  you have NO cards that legally play towards 31…the other player must play all cards that they have toward the 31 possible but it is their choice how- let’s say I call go at 35 called as i have all higher cards than that left… the other player knows full well I go first in the next run to 31 til our cards in hand are exhausted and has two cards to play a 5 and a 2 making 35 be 27 with the two played or 30 with the five played – as this player gambles on the go caller having ten’s that must be played first, he can select to hold the five for a shot at a fifteen called in play-  it is NOT another’s choice which card is selected – excepting this exception… if muggins is called in play for inaccurate play- it is now the muggin’s caller turn to select which cards play where to correct the errors of legality which can diminish points considerably!  however muggins for in play irregularities can not be called once after game pegging is in progress.    now this seems like a lot to read but if you fail to understand the timing aspect of this game you will understand nothing of why it’s so much fun!  or depressing…depression happens. 😀


now let’s say i have a 7H, 7D 6D and a 2C having thrown away a JS and 10D to crib which isn’t mine this turn.  the upcard is a 5S meaning the following:

my now 5,6,7,7,2 hand rocks for points!….nope I just got sodomized by the upcard badly.  abecause while yes it benefits my hand making six points turn into 12 points i gave away 5 points to get six and two unknown cards remain and we’ve not even begun in play points possible!  it’s about the most looming card to my chances.

which are?  I open with a 7 sis an 8 for 15! for 2, I play a snidely 6 for run of 3 for 3, she 31 for 2 with her 10, I open with a 2, sis another 2 for 4 for a pair for 2 points I play my 7 and she a 5 for 16 and last card.  thus a 7 to her, 3 to me points in play and she has 10 points in her hand plus 7 in play for 17 points and I, 12+3 for 15…remember crib? 4 points I know of exist there…. turns out she threw 2 queens thinking it a better shot at elevating her crib points as she was already winning and curious most would have kept a 10, 2 queens counts as ten each and the five for a big payday of points!!!! but I was losing badly as per usual. thus now she’s 2 runs of 3 for 6 points; a pair for 2 points and 15 for 8 points for 16 points in crib.. or 31 points to 15 points because that how this LUCK of the draw works for me. my next hand i score 7 points to her 17 with the advantage that time of it being my crib.. the only thing that pissed her of was it wasn 7 to make 92 points to her over 121 if she’d have counted first she’d have won two games not one for gaining a skunk! or wining by over 30 points… double skunks  is 4 games vs. 1 or the match instantly over. most matches of cribbage are best of 7 games…. or essentially first one to win 4 games.  now never mind the obvious which is you can count different chances with the above cards even if I didn’t suit hers on purpose… it’s just a facet of luck

luck is timing – I’m not without potentials but sometimes I’m not more than a points rake in for others.  danged if that ain’t annoying.  oh i haven’t won a singles game in the last 13 played.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “13th of luck”

the point of the above isn’t cards but a general pattern of “luck” seemingly good luck for me lately turns out to be the worst luck of all… not just in cards… however the silver lining to that statement is within cards which i tend to lose at cribbage anyways- whatever! is that sis is more annoyed for the spirit’s sake of a kindly smile i suppose that she hasn’t skunked me in those 14 games and is very annoyed about this… so in a way it works out to be tepidly lucky afterall. apply this to other situations and one might get my lifelong issue with timing – be it the balance of food intake which honest injun I’m rather good at counting calories intook and keep about 1600 fairly consistantly for a good decade now BUT, it’s which calories and when that shows my overal bad timing of calories intook even then. next it’s not hard to imagine i’m endearing and even attractive but all it ever takes is the wrong line or move just in MY time and its years again waiting for the next chance to foul off. yes, now instead of just card metaphors lets toss in baseball metaphors! or if you needed indicative evidence that i deserve as i get and probably am far more lucky than i deserve, you’d be right! and if you understand the frustration and or HELL of not hitting one past the fences and it all seems to go wrong just when it should have gone my way? you’d also be right! or we both could be wrong either way. 😉

V-E-R-Y interesting!
I’ve played all kinds of games…card, board, video, computer, etc…but, I’ve never played cribbage.
Have you ever eaten cabbage whilst playing cribbage in a crib?!
HUGS!!! 😛

I figured out a ways into this that I would not be able to follow. I guess my spatial skills aren’t what they could be, but perhaps like you, I was never good with my eyes. But I can learn hands on! Repetition is the key there.

I don’t believe I’ve encountered cribbage. I like cards very much, especially if playing to win doesn’t engender hard feelings. Holding back just isn’t very exciting.

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