26th PoSHing and MORE


  • A cooking poem.

six words woven

Chicken Wings, maple syrup, Teriyaki, Oven, Glazed, CAREFULL

abcdef, faebdc, cfdabe, ecbfad, deacfb, bdfeca/ ab, cd, ef


don’t snacks make ye sing?  How ’bout Chicken Wings

order up divine with maple syrup

it’s technically a teriyaki

o’er bits of birdmeat straight from the oven

sweet not fire’s blaze – a candy crunch glaze

so stuff your mouth full with yours cooked careful


it is so easy – be ever careful

as this mouth candy can char chicken wings

t’ain’t no dippin craze- you’re makin’ a glaze

some things stirred on up with your maple syrup

first under foiil four-twenty’d oven

soy seasoned maple syrup teriyaki


garlic and sweet soy sauce teriyaki

a stain forever so be so careful

once cooked in foil turn down the oven

350’ll do next part chicken wings

wretched garlic death blooms maple syrup.

your eyes cant go glazed, stir and baste this glaze


this one aint short nor an all day glaze

but sugared up soy this teriyaki

salt herb and the sweet sweet maple syrup

liquid hot lava this is be careful

not a fried up thing these baked chicken wings

but lord in heaven nope the home oven


foile four-twenty’d then standard ovened

so the sauce bois right down to a glaze

candy coated yum these chicken BWOK! wings

somethin’ so deeep south, not teriyaki?

such stereotypes, you just be careful!

or it’s pancaked nose, blood maple syrup.


oh hush now and dream of maple syrup

golden browned round crunch right from your oven

mix foil and bake unlid now, CAREFUL

stir baste then stir baste this sauce is your glaze

one part to one part this teriyaki

tang then blooming sweet yummy chicken wings


maple syrup sweet tweeked teriayki

oven baked these gems plattered chicken wings

carefuly tend so no char but glazed.

1:1 say to maple syrup with garlic to taste -foiled so the chicken cooks completely and so the sauce comes to a bubble at 420, then over time checking, tending often as this burns to charcoal otherwise in 5 minutes from first black spots, nurse you a candied glaze at 350 til done.  16oz is just a smidge too much glaze for 0ne pound winds in an 8×8 csserole or brownie pan… I use LITE soy as it’s still an overload of salt to salt sensitives… one pound is a snack! for two ravenously now hungry people. I stole the recipe whilst watching  PBS but alas, i can not any longer trace the show- i only remember it was a black and white presenters, i swore someone said kentucky as most think this recipe was deeply southern when it’s more northern and or japanese than southern.  the 420 is important as you need this sauce to bubble or it takes far too long. — enjoy.  oh, I take whichever number also so i don’t have to concoct another damned sestina punishment.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “26th PoSHing and MORE”

420F for about a half hour, more at altitude. a GOOD bubblin’ foiled for an hour or longer at altitudes, at 350F – now comes the bitch, you with stir and baste and lets set to a glazed tack, candy crunch if you’re a baking genius this gem- but sufficitiently well coated if you’re to suffer the whims of the kitchen gods, – at sea level ish it’s 1.5 hours at 50000 plus feet 1:45 ish and at o500ft with not thawed chicken wings it took over 3 hours and i was starving to death so the kitchen gods laughed as they jipped me for my lack of patience the candy crunch – I at 3, my hostess 6, she watches her salt as she suffers retention fast and worse than I do at a 1500 mg sodium diet for ME diet -and thus was visably swollen the next day- do NOT under estimate this treat for sodium! I was using LITE – but they’re damned good. you will want to tell the other person sorry buy yourself a sandwich I ate the whole pan by myself….and previously i did I had once the deep dish pan for little caesar’s which held 3.5 pounds of the wings and…. what sharing? get your own! but such is obviously hard to weave into a poem, an actual recipe.

OH! What fun to combine cooking and a poem! So you cooked up a delicious poem! Good enough to eat! Or would that be eating your words? 😉 😀
Now I’m hungry for Japanese food! Which in Japan is just called food. 😛
Fun post, J-Man! Thanks for the recipe!
Sweet-Sticky-Glazy HUGS!!! 🙂

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