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PoSH 22.23

  1. A poem with a song lyric involved.
  2. A travel poem.

in the caves of hours- boz scaggs we’re all alone.

oo I’m drivin my life  away, looking for a better way – eddie rabbit

this is it, make no mistake… Kenny loggins

kissing valentine by a crystal blue Italian stream – the bangles

miles away, no you’re never lookin back- I just cant wait anymore- winger

don’t leave me. jasques brill as translated from the french

life is skittle and life is beer- tom leher, poisoning pigeons in the park.

david played a secret chord in order to please the lord but you don’t care for music, do ya? leonard cohen

because two out of three aint bad – George uetz, music sex and cookies.

I don’t lack either funny themes nore serious ones nor even eclectically warped meaning to simply me within words woven  as sentimental for the moment songbird’s sing.  I do lack one that sends me places I seem to want to highlight for you as the latest place to travel.

dah, da da da. dah dah dah..

so swings the feet to the marching beat

Rachmaninov’s prelude in g minor as it

opens all the far away lands exitic as they are cold

but god or happenstance mathematic til lets such be

the land of the midnight sun.

bah bababa bababa ba ba ba ba bah

swells the tune with an aire of explanation

as if my frozen expensive dinner reboiled

somehow makes all the sense in the world

one meal more, one mouth fed as the cold was kept

a reality sure, but dreams too were heaven sent

and then the magic sits with the last note

no more glimmer the snow kaaidoscope

just echoes pelmeni perhaps or borscht

or a paste of it’s probably best not to ask what sorts

dusty dostoevski says it’s unfair I sank the ax deathly in

I’ll wonder on it over coffee, the cold I must escew.





About Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 responses to “PoSH 22.23

  1. rhyming boiled and world. 🙂
    you need to travel somewhere warm???

  2. kaylar

    Our starman sings…wanting to be, on the wing…oxoo

    • heh, not at 3am he didn’t, i’m not even sure I paid a single head to if it rhymed or kept the song point plus 6 verses accurately…:D but yeah! everything you say 😀 😉

  3. Great poems, J-Man! The word pics you created are vivid! I hope you get many more opportunities to travel!
    Wow! Those photos are amazing!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • it’s only a thought away 😉 – the actual dinner was great northern beans with ham hock and a couch by the fire 🙂 followed by today having to buy insulin away from home which surprised me I survived the expense and lunch then back up the hill this time in slightly more appropriate gear…not bedroom slippers and pajamas which poor C didn’t get to see yet … always trust women drivers…my driving isn’t better but ick we couldn’t make the hill back up in her Toyota with good tires.. so the real quicks to the mailbox was too bright, here’s sunglasses over my glasses ridiculous pajamas with winter coat and bedroom slippers looking utterly ridiculous climbing a hillside to all manner of insults of I look so cute and I’ll remember this forever blick.. but it goes a long way in an expression hopefully. I also have individual puppy snaps today I doubt I can link them all as i’m lazy and it’s annoyingly long to upload plus I personally cant remember which is which anyways. oh well we’ll see about 2 hours from now is when that should have loaded and sent.

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