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Up and Away


pictures are merely representative.

opening my stay “up and away” here in Divide, CO’s 9500ft or half again higher than usual, I start my mountaineering with fish taco supper.  This evening, I reprise an old swiped recipe-from-public-tv recipe of Maple chicken wing. (coming right up)

What is a fish taco? if you’ve not woken up to the fact people don’t want their fish sticks/filets from the frozen section to sing HELLLLLO! 80’s! then you take the taco bell to the standard fish option dinner and Mexican…sorta…it up.  tortilla, two if using corn kinds of soft ones, a line of chopped up to fold as taco baked breaded fish fillet and toss on some shred greenery and perhaps onion and a ranch dressing and voila! fish taco…  I choose radiccio which warning is mega bitter fresh for which you will keep that lemon on hand to cut that wicked taste -and ranch with the fish.. and duh bake the red pepper bits too as they’re sweet and fajita-y feeling and crunchy onion bits…ranch…white corn/so 2 tortillas on a warmed plate…

maple chicken wings are trickier – these you must watch the last part of cooking as they can burn to cindery ashes in five minutes or less! – and they take normally 1.5 -2 hrs to cook closer to sea level…but as I said in the hills here, I was at 3 hours and I couldn’t milk or tease the proper glaze but just barely.  however the basic “sauce” is 1:1 lite soy to REAL maple syrup with your choice in garlic, I had granulated and while it’s different to use fresh, I personally wont send you to foodie hell if you use a cupboard spice vs. fresh…however, if you try and use pancake syrup which is significantly cheaper but maple flavored not real maple syrup… sorry, yours will break and not even remotely taste even close to mine nor as good…  my experience, I’ve tried.  now chicken wings in one point five layers in a 9×9 glass casserole 16 oz. liquid which is just under half an empty dish but with chicken in is about 2/3’s full, foiled for first hour with 425F preheated oven for 30 mins then turned down to 350F – untented at hour in point and now the watchfulness is important, you turn and then often baste the wings with the liquid to glaze them pulling them out when you’ve the hint of a black dot or two as in you are going to turn this dish into charcoal any second! or 30=45 minutes again, checking OFTEN.  … seems intense but oo la la are they 3lbs a male snack delicious- I had leftovers on diabetes raqtions with a hostess here helping.  I tried adding liquid mesquite.  they were smokey but at altitude they didn’t crisp/glaze just thick sauced but tasted similar to if I had smoked the chicken so nary a disappointment just a difference.  why LITE soy? 550mg’s sodium per tablespoon and I’m using a bottle?  watch it, these can get overly salty or be not even a choice for those diet monitoring way too fast.    later I will try to stove top a glaze/reduction of this to spoon over more of what one might get “out” which is fried chcicken wings with a slop over of sauce… but I haven’t yet so I haven’t any direction.. also at altitude i’m woefully over liquided so I miss some of that magic candy crunch of this gem.

I’m up “here” because my sister’s female dane is about to have puppies….again… ferrtle myrtle!  I’m not alone because I am not resourceful like that but I can be helpful.  to improve my chances of having a good time here, I vaccumed, made one stellar turn out dinner and one very nice 😉 worth trying again dinner, tried my best with a foot and shoulders massage and probably talked too much.  ut I again 😉 did try to share some of my best.  I’ve nearly found art representing basics of army vehicles versus navy ships to make a paper knockoff game of TANK versus the real game Battleship.  next is Master natation- to sound like masturbation heh versus the Mastermind original game also again on paper for both space and circumstance – again to bore the doo doo out of my house’s now serving army guy…the her is hiss mother’s 😉  best be nice to my sister’s MIL! 😀

I can’t get the phone to send to email the actual bloated heifer cow Kona momma dog – a harlequin great dane *American, runt of litter, 100 pounds pre prego or “small!”  I’ve retarded to me pictures of me and one of the house’s Airedale terriers, Watson…the other’s name is fairly freekin’ elementary 😛   obviously soon there will be puppies. how many,well last time 16, up from 12/13 10 and 6 surviving those rounds respectively to adoptions.  worries are this 3rd and a variety of stresses poor timings which add worry to this adventure- but great vet care is noted and numbered and great care or quick find out good care is available even if I’m not exactly either a breeder or experienced here I was about for the first birth but didn’t participate…oops I mean second round I saw the first round though too.

I’m struggling to remember my punctuations for petscii code – but I write all my army guy’s mail in code to be a bottom. as yet no one knows if he’s gotten any of our sent mail based on HIS responses.  we won’t really otherwise hear much from him in basic.  so, preggo  perfectly ill-timed doggie, emergency help network calling-  later other challenges in moving with our serving  feller- or where evcer I’m out to 🙂


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4 responses to “Up and Away

  1. A break from the din and noise of the city was obviously in order. Fish tacos have been one of my fusion foods for some time now.

  2. Eons ago, in Southern CA, I saw a restaurant sign advertising “cabeza” tacos. I didn’t go in to see if they were beef, pork, sheep, or etc. 😮 😛
    But, fish tacos were, also, popular there and they are yummy! 🙂
    I’m sure your BIL is getting his mail and appreciating it. 🙂
    Are you getting nose bleeds at that altitude!?!? Ha! 😛
    Bring on the puppies! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • if you understand anime representations- nose bleeds mean lust. no puppies yet… but momma bon bon patrol is picky as picky gets gimme only the good stuff 😉 and divides her impish time hogging MY bed and puking on the hostesses floor….bedroom surprise floor…everyone loves a good squish 😉

    • water break after nesting destroyed MY bedding 2:15a – 5a first: mantle – like her daddy, 6:2oa seconod boy with booties and tail tips white but imperfect mantle… no more yet

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