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PoSH 14, pass the “MUT” – The Keystone Picture Picture for the POINT and or ladels of sarcasm…. I believe ;this was the late 80’s Banquette  sandwich topper, the last one ever used in the freezer… it you too remember a pot of boiling water and a plastic pouch pick-your-poison supper.  I remember the point as albeit even then we had a microwave,  it was easier to ensure even cookery of a family’s worth of supper via the boi-in-bag method.  I dislike cream of chipped beef.  I really do.  I never knew it was already termed shit-on-a-shingle *toaste…  until after the suppers of said were gone as the market stopped making money on the offerings so stopped carrying them.  I’m not sure but I believe a similar sounding MUT/ moot but not spelled that way is an egyptian god of antiquity…  but, to the point… nope! one further digression, would you find it oddly snobbish that i like swedish meatballs and beef stroganov too?  think now both are fairly dang close to chipped beef…..anyways the point…eventually.

A poem using words from another language.

C’est la Vie – Such is Life/ of the French, Pochy/ Japanese snack of chocolate covered cookie sticks otherwise in the larger UK English known as Biscuits….Al or El, Arabic and the Arabic lent to the Spanish word for The as best swiftly simply translated.  .. which was helpful for a sixties music mock quiz response to a fill in the blanks for the band names  all the answers being “the” so I ask if I gave the Al, would you call me all…Paul Simon; Graceland 80’s but a figure OF the sixties, or allow it to mean “the?” bahar har har.  but otherwise the point being here is I know shite for other languages… hello google translate and yet more ignorance!  if you want to play so you don’t have to look for a translator of the dumb / blind kind when you or I may not know the language or have the line to a speaker of other languages.


an asside here is i remember vivdly trying after a story I named the romance of the palm – g/t’d English to Spanish as El / the Romance de la/ of the palma/ hand.  I thought it cute then and regretable now 😉  just like I remember also translating like a wannabe know it all  word Engloutis pronounced not En- Glou tiss but Ahn Glue tee…but sounded like engloutis and translated absorbed/swallowed – thus reminding me of the Latin/Greek of all things and EPIGlotis another meaning of Swallowed for the biological or anatomically minded… obviously i know squat of how language works even if i catch that the meanings are eerily similar.  recipes also sound sexier in something foreign versus american expecially when I was amused that the translations weren’t epic but simple just foreign delicious the irony.  how EXotique 😛

but the point, a poem – borrowing from the foreign –

the shit on a shingle
eat a fine supper

translated via google to the Albanian

mut në një zall
ngrënë një darkë të mirë
i kënaqur

which isn’t so shabby a beat count for a japanese Haiku’s 5.7.5. format 😉  google will read it klunky-like to you if’n you want.  I don’t speak Albanian.

Of course, now you must all basque/bask in my salty saying of how much the Genius someone else is, NOT I. 😀 heh.


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5 responses to “PoSH 14, pass the “MUT”

  1. kaylar

    egyptian goddess. Nut. = sky
    i did not know there was a food that you disliked. i stand informed. (-:

  2. I don’t speak Albanian.
    But, like the English version.
    Shit on a Shingle…hmm…never heard that name for that dish.
    Have you ever had Turds on a Log?! 😉 😀
    It’s basically the Ants on a Log recipe…but I like my name for it better! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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