PoSH 4.9/10’s

a self-help peom/ an ekphrastic poem… ekphrastic according to my understanding of wikipedia and an example could mean, pictorial/descriptive.

the ALL-encompassing yellow glow

says “Spring!  Hey, Nature, come alive!”

no truth of grasses still dead-yellowed,

escapes the season coming’s joy, or, thus hides.


A silken night-feathered crow squawks

reminding one of tricks and sarcasm

there he is atop the light pole mountain-top

warning of the frown-treasures – dog crap chasms


AS you brew and fill thine CUP coffee,

compose your thoughts each toasted sultry  sip.

collect eye-candy symbols as Easter eggs with colorings-

yes yes, be aware of picnic landmines; doggy blips.


Remember previous warnings of people crows

take ye heed of this potion and all those better off “no’s!”

Compose in not just idyllics but ALSO of consequences once we’ve sown

Yes, weeds too, come up green  and share hardly a hint til they’ve grown.


Yes! each line keeps growing as if compelled in its time of our lives the wind hath blown

but each bleached lighter and liver-spotted patch of skin awaits its wrinkle of what we’ve learned

We’ve to set our days as a kite gumball colored and sparkly tinsel-tailed over the landscape of our adventures we’ve known.

It might be exhilarating to fly over all of our earth life memories- yes all the gifts, battles, love-tree elms Cinder-Statues burned.


Yes, it may seem that I’ve dribbled drool silverer than old one’s hairs

I know this, see the shining epiphany glow sunrise on my face?

it’s about how we feel- yes, but also being aware-

to connect our kiddie book picture dots into a story life we’ve laced.

picture disappointment… colorado is to me most often color yellow, but spring pictures or truths are hard to find in a world where we want verdant idyllics… so

close this is to my home but imagine I see not verdant greens but realities grasses yellowed. 🙂  but it’s only the beginning of spring. 😉

and now for something deliberately chime-y,  to underscore the wind/kite of our days gumball colored and sparkly tinsel tailed…


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “PoSH 4.9/10’s”

Love that music! I closed my eyes to listen and it took me soaring with kites…all rainbow-y against a blue bright sky! 🙂

Yes, the yellow grass will be green soon!

Excellent! The way you weave words is beautiful, J-Man! And your word pics are vivid!

I haven’t seen the crows or ravens…yet. But, they will be back soon to talk to me while I’m walking.

HUGS!!! Happy Whee-kend!!! 😛

I’m not so sure i like them lil jerks… but then again birds and I can be oil and water personalities :D- the parrot/maccaw at the store close to my brother’s house never let me pet him but by the same token neither did he take good aim in trying to bite me either :Dhe liked to look at me funny and half heartedly snap at me cutey pie he’s very lucky I didn’t take up elmyra behaviour…tiny toon adventures early nineties new set of acme cartoons from the quintessential old characters elmyra being the squishy over loving pet owning horror to all pets.

I remember one awful allusion they had – to “prince” poof! machievilli when purple rain prince was meant and yet the kiddies wouldn’t get either.

another memorable from that time well two, I remember liking the mouse in tailspin – turned out to be sally struthers…heh. another awful was the garshawful pun from the french during a steamboat race memory from scrooge mcduck in ducktales… the back and forth was laughable but there was a point to it- scrooge’s ethic… work hard oh no, work smart not hard. he canabalized his suspenders everyone things old time means no belt but suspenders… and made a bicycle peddle shovel for stoking the boiler with coal thus putting a zillion out of work…work smart not hard.. again back and forth but it was obvious before the tale began he’d win – at the end of the race, the other captain…suddenly this was louisianna french utters… we sacre blew it!” sacre blue -well bleu and I wonder seriously if all blue humor derives from this cuss – I knew of it via farmer boy the third in laura ingalls wilder’s books when almonzo got some cousins over and as new york state is close to canada and even then in 1880 ish or just before, you could come across french canadians….fancy that but that’s where I read it or was introduced to the term and in the same sentence tan our hides if we were caught 😉 I believe it was a sledding race or something but I don’t remember just the term. just as I remember the layered ethics of the time yet remember vividly another tale from that book, about 10-12 almonzo comes across a wallet dropped and he was scrupulously honest and returned it despite the many thousands in it and another oversaw how the guy wanted to give him a nickle for the courtesy which pissed the adult off past wrath angry… so before the guy did the nickle and left he was held to hear how rude it was to screw a child expecially since the guy would have been lucky to get the wallet back at all so it was brokered almonzo to recieve ten percent for which he invested in a team of oxen…. I don’t know that much came of this sale but obviously the young man came to this life with earlier means.. yet later in his travels he sold of all things asbestos mats… why? you cant burn asbestos so it’s very handy as a mat across a stove which then must be coal fired/heated well through their lives likely past ww1 in some places… but obviously he didn’t always enjoy success of the ages but neither did he not have his chances and obviously the ingall’s charles didn’t either- I remember a land deal where over a whopping five seconds of winning a purchase they sold it but weren’t told of certain transaction fees and instantly lost the equivilant of 3 month’s earnings… the iowa school for the blind of which mary ingalls was saved to attend, offered the then seemingly incomprehensible opportunity to? make mosquito netting of which would be a not quite today screen for windows to keep bugs out in southdakota minnesota south dakota and suchch lincoln nebraka… bug city at time from my personal experiences. guys might tune pianos which even today use a slightly special tool for their string holding pegs- you could erroniously use modern tools and wreck the machine if’n you want it only supports over a ton of force in the strings and goes instantly out of tune if improperly handled… and? pays? squat. but it was interestingly something- this cartoonish sense of a life in two or three phrases til one’s old enough to understand the weight of days. I don’t perfectly which is perhaps why I wonder unfairly to me or others that as i spent this life as adult mostly safetynetted via gov aid even if i did work… never thus knowing that misery like others to crap gotta get a JOB – oh I know it alright, I went years tween the middle rounds of them many times learning it was not just work but social building in general too that took ME ages. currently I met a chickadee at the bar what mid march now and it’s mid april and I’ve not seen her sensce since shit even I should remember how to spell lol.. I’ve 3 in as in messages and know that gnawing reality now it’s? likely one sided if i continue and it’s not the first time to try to meet folks no but it still is not a cartoonish moment for me to think try, flunk ridiculous picture…try flunk ridiculous picture etc ad nausium til cha ching? SALE! or success, like a cartoon but every book or advice I ever got says it’s supposed to be…no not easy or always successful but you keep after it til success each flunk taking a chunk of my soul unlike washing off like water off a ducks back. heh. but such there you go cartoons fun diverting and even enjoyable still- lucky for me as i might just get a few more crumbs towards my adventures stuck babysitting…what does the baby sitter do? watch cartoons! I can stand some 😀 however a shakes his head reminder of appropriate subject matter… tsukikage ran – carried by the wind if you wish the translation from japanese to english- is a short anime on a totally girl power show where a girl is taught to be a samurai…which isn’t the focus but the adventures of a lady samurai are with her gal sidekick who thinks she all that but well 😀 not so much usually in search of saki and or the high life…which is it’s title theme the love of sake. the poor lass was 8 at the time a boy like um no wouldn’t think to show them wanna act it all outs with god awful fako sword play.. but heh one shouldn’t be so fast to introduce little girls to the love of booze either.. i hope I didn’t warp the poor thing. just like I’d share the please teacher series with teen lasses or just before but not the boys til past like sixteen the subject matter is far too easy to mistake yummy teacher fantasies heh the boys need no encouragement 😛 or worse please twins where young h.s. boy works as a programmer trying to finish school but effectively emancipated then gets two gals showing up and moving in both claiming to be a relative- we americans have to understand the more never abandon a relative thing there stronger than here obviously… but obviously one not two is a relative who?? 😀 there’s going to be a misunderstanding! heh 😀 obviously both love the boy romantically and mayhem of situational jokes ride their rollercoasters of happenstance. of course it’s a tad racy but it isn’t filthy. just fun. tsukikage ran an episode minus intro/exit — please teacher english dub. you wont need long with this last one- it doesn’t come in either subtitles or dubbing AT this time- it did 8 years ago hower if you can suffer the lack of subtitles- it shows the 80’s in anime which so is different- actual middle late seventies to 82 frankly it’s just as compelling as battlestar galactica but it failed huge to catch on- it’s an abridgement of a book one in translation I hope to get my chance at eventually… to that end, remind me if I ain’t bought a copy of any variety soon enough- I didslike kindle editions as little is saved and coputers fail.. this one will likely by fall so i’d be sad if i got something instantly lost to the ages so to speak…. but seeing this fellow and how so many came to us in occupied japan’s times- I’m not surprised by the madadayo movie of a teacher who’s writings after the war found new market in america and upon his sictieth the students of an age managed that set of affairs for him as he’d enriched their lives. culminating in them building him a home after the war’s struggles when he had less than a shed’s space for him and his wife. but this minus a french cartoon i never saw in original run as i’m not french or speaking it – nor the english dubbing of it as i didn’t have cable til 92 and it was long out of rotation then make that 93 sorry. but somehow i enjoyed running across a fan page and it stuck with me but a dubbed version of les mondes engloutis as spartikus and the sun beneath the sea theme, menudo 😉 why not they sung also in spanish another dub? 😀 -and here’s an australian one I did see but not as a cbs story break, but very distinctly I saw it as a abc thing… but whatever it’s rather immaterial 😉 this is me aged 9 in case you’d wonder it’s worse than trying to watch dukes of hazzard reruns 😀 ug 😀

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