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PoSH 1.3 , 3.3 Nicked-‘Nac

NPM ‘hunt ’16 is you chance to get them words out when you’ve ants in your pants. if you want your pants full of ants… go here

there are three parts to this ‘hunt – you don’t have toshare your favorites part one as I understand it, discuss why you like prosey like something poetic, part two andpart three is to follow perhaps the prompts for YOUR offering?

here I sit all broken-hearted

tried to shit but only farted

an hour later, I took a chance

Tried to fart ands hit my pants

-author probably plagerized, Kmart Bathroom Stall middle 80’s

to be fair about the above- it’s a crude poem.  to be honest, there’s a reason I remember it as a picture of that moment..where I saw writing on the wasll.. I didn’t get TV’s happy days, sit on it.  I didn’t get tommy tutone croonin’! (for a good time call)  I got THAT listed above.  to be honest again, I must say this in all fairness, I watched “Dead Poets Society” a peter weir film with robin Williams…schmoozing on old uncle walt (whittman) and?  ooooo, appropriate running without scissors, to read “Leaves of grass” (Whittman) and? nope, didn’t get it or even like it.  I mean, I just continue without even another bit ofhonesty, I picked up “Homer’s The Odyssey …. or was that Illiad?  either way I read it and I mean tried real real hard like I did with the Prince naps and all….and? nope I love the love others see in the classics but I’ll be fair I see the above, I laughed and was revolted all at the same time.  I don’t have to have the best or the worst, I just have to be moved.  the best pianist might more likely bore the crap out of me because I’ll never understand how technically brilliant he or she just was…all art seems to be that way for me.   you Can move me, but heh. good luck. you’ve got to mean it and then get me to care.

the hole in the corner

each page caresses the nail

john readings  – almanac.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 responses to “PoSH 1.3 , 3.3 Nicked-‘Nac

  1. the above poem moves me too.
    i don’t like being told what is impressive. either i get that it is or i don’t. kinda like what you said.

    • 🙂 while not everything is a joke, sometimes a joke can point something out fast enough… I like to reeeead, but what I like more than reading is telling others what they should read! 😉 if by contrasts, I get that feeling here across. I do not have the “right” love of things, I have MY love of things…as do you 🙂 – now to honour someone else’s opinion as I haven’t managed breakfast, it’s time anyways to cut some of the breath of death…man the brushes! 🙂

  2. I like the writing on public bathroom walls. Somewhere in TX there is a gas station/convenience mart that I’ve been in (on road trips) many times. They put paper up on the stall-walls in the bathroom and provide pens for people to write or draw. And when the paper is filled they take it down and put up another huge piece of paper. Every time I drive through there I stop to read and write. 🙂 Interestingly, people aren’t crude or rude…they post poems, or thoughts, or tell where they headed or where they’ve been and what they saw on their travels, etc. It’s cool! 🙂

    Yes, to what you said! I agree!
    Poetry is in the “eye of the beholder”, the “ear of the listener”, the “mind of the thinker”. And each time we read a poem we might be struck by something different…as our life experiences make us more aware and open and having grown emotionally.

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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