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crying in baseball?

go walk it off, you sissy

I still don’t see right.

Imagine a moment where I am not mr society.  I’m hangin out within church with someone vastly not my age group and finally have a shot at inclusion within a few activities I never was invited to before – what? this church has FUN??  I am no sports hero yet for all ages FUN, the legally blind guy actually hitting the ball is rather worthy of cheer.  I was to bat three times singling twice and in the middle grounding out to short stop.  This initially to a beginning statistician is? a devilish  .666 average? lol  okay, I’m no longer sure how many pitches I actually saw that day for the bias of the number above.  Now, I wasn’t well liked by the peers of mine at that church hinted at, so it isn’t a surprise I didn’t get the inclusions never one mind FAIR.  but my devilish performance that day was against a short stop of competitive talent my age and an eight year old first baseman of their side…or I’m just gonna need to seriously duck, rigt?  Well the last base which against competitive player reasonably the same size might have halved my average instead of making it, the baseman missed the ball tipping it into my eye.  I still can not see correctly as in like efore now after. 27 years later.  I was told the jeers – I honestly know enough baseball to say nevermind what my peers said, they’re on the other side, it wasn’t their job to be nice to me lol.  However, there is always a difference in tones and opinions between rancor and complete disrespect/dismissal – so I’m told and also aware…please refer to the sentence preceeding this run on one.    Nedless to say I was not to another church function like that again nor hung out with said gent not my age group even if it wasn’t his fault or this situation that had pops suggest away from such company.  You just do not hang aout with folks that don’t benefit you, try to get the most along side you.  no parent of note will ever suggest any differently.  but such was the last baseball I ever played, I did the best I ever did no matter the stats. It ended up more of a loss than a win, despite the numbers. awwww?  should I be bawlin?

PoSH  3.4

If you chase the glass of immortality filled with the ambrosia therewithin, or in English want to play along your own self, another poetry prompt’s bit of fun HERE

Zuihitsu, oh gods, I love the zuihitsu… misspellings and cranky punctuations…mine.

Zuihitsu, What? what? hunh??

is it the  Yugo? gumball blue

oh gods, I love it. 😛

still rather unsure what it is, but whatever so I pan a prompt :D…maybe.  wannnnnh!


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4 responses to “Bawlin’

  1. sounds like the baseball was fun. i think? i’ve never hit the ball 3 times in one game. and i certainly couldn’t now.

    • fun? no not really, it rather hurt. it did nothing, the proof of just as good if not better than most I could play even if I was a lethal to myself hazard… yes, straight to the eye doctor, I am lucky I didn’t lose my eye, I couldn’t see more than a moon’s crescent’s worth for over 45 minutes straight and near total not bad sight total blindness in that eye and never right since. 😉 I never could from then on in town look up and find the big or little dipper…. even if I technically never lost any measure of sight.

  2. Tom Hanks aka Jimmy Dugan would love your “Base-Bawlin'” poem!
    Sorry to hear of your experiences related to baseball. 😦
    I was a great baseball player growing up and even I got injured. Hard ball to the face =’d broken nose for me. I cried.

    Your other poem made me laugh! 😛

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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