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PoSH 1.2 , 3.2

I had two tapes maybe three about the years I did my paper route which was the town paper delivered then once a week Thursdays.  they were: Anthrax’s State of Euphoria, Metallica’s And Justice for all and Metallica’s Master of puppets. – it’s interesting to note that I preferred the anthrax tape for timing reasons as in I could fold my route or bag my route in the span of the album or about 35 minutes ish for 250 papers.    I didn’t like how just as I had to do something else – remember I have a bit of trouble multi-tasking so bible time! whatever you are doing do it whole-souled – and I had no choice but to be biblical about it.. I couldn’t talk to mom/driver and through with headphones on and it was always just as it was going to be another good…. well I liked it… song with metallica’s 60+ album minutes lengths. not 40 ish with a lame last song that can be skipped if need be like anthrax’s offerings.  later I added Persistance in time: anthrax as well, yyou try buying metal as a minor being a good churchly chump with pop’s not mom and pop’s didn’t go very often to church..just try… you get the “look”  anyways stroll down amnesia lane over, the point of this morning was?
“if it’s any CONSOLATION I can take a nap when she gets home….” “I woke up on my day off in time to make it to work…blues.”  so shares a friend reemployed again quickly yay! but boo for that development 😀 – and that ticked this song which I can’t now waste more time writing out as I broke the muse moment as I had to leave immediately to get up to mom’s rare trip for this timeframe of the work week. and? so such is what I got through in the time I had.
Blackened is the end
Winter it will send
Throwing all you see
Into obscurityDeath of mother earth
Never a rebirth
Evolution’s end
Never will it mend, never

Fire to begin whipping dance of the dead
Blackened is the end
To begin whipping dance of the dead
Color our world blackened

becomes, “Flattened”

Flattened on my bed
sleeping came to an end
destroyed all that rest
up now I’d rather not confess

up early on my day off
to brew the coffee pot
instead of sleeping in
to the coffee pot

ne’er returning towards my sweet bed
flattened without rest
ne’er returning towards my sweet bed
tell the whole world I’m Flattened


part 3.2


a poem with gun or knife

like I need to wield such woes

I mayhem with a kite.


if YOU want to play or just complain about the tacit permission given for me to ramble on – go here,  BLAME HER.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 responses to “PoSH 1.2 , 3.2

  1. Love your kite poem! Made me snort-laugh! Yes, no guns or knives or even kites for you!
    HUGS and Happy Moan-Day!!! 😛

    • lol, not a picture of me, mind you but a metaphor, I don’t think I crashed a kite ever 😀

      • HA! I was pretty sure that you did NOT do the damage in the photo! 😀
        Yes, I’ve “crashed a few kites” myself. Metaphorically speaking. 🙂

      • were you a buzz-killer? 😉 crashing HIGHs? 😀 heheheh. have a hug for if you were or weren’t, woot you’re you.

      • I was/am not a buzz-killer or had any crashing highs, but sometimes I’ve wished to do things better than I did. But, we get no do-overs. Usually not.

        BTW: That’s probably the way I’ll “go out” to The Great Bed Bath and Beyond in the sky…and they’ll say, “Ah, poor thing. She died when a huge butterfly kite knocked her flat.” Sniffle sniffle. 😛 HA! 😀

      • hmn, I see too many patterns of the same returning to buy the no do-over. I seek a gal pal and i call not a princess but a flawed on lol like I’ve never farted in church so to speak my own self.. but there is no blindness to the magic only so so and so much- it dies when i’m honest and then I chitter with one who chitters back about that typical rear after the 3 months it takes for it to be obvious to me it’s over..and again it’s all me avenue of efforts . I mean nothin rotten but such is the usual struggle to get further when others walk in and out a winner and it takes months on end of effort to MAYBBE step closer to the same… heh, in other words i wish to be surprised in life 😉 * see positives everywhere… like you dropped your lap’s stuff each side of the hands don’t fit there to collect it back-… it’s not oh damn i lost it down the seat! boooooo it’s? TREASURE HUNT TIME!! 😀 or it’s a reoccuring choice to be positive. meals come and go hopefully often mmm. a lot of sicknesses come and go….although shame on that sarcastic mention 😀 much of the time heartbeats come every so often 🙂 a renewal each in and out of the chest. each trip each new place seen or old one revisited. 🙂 I highly doubt it’s the same magic all the time because it’s not always a surprise every time – some offers are crude and some…well oo lala. some moment remind of the times they’re not that instant all hot and sweaty but perhaps it stirs the heart to feel that sentiment closer than it has been in a while. now an actual do over to make it right so to speak… well it isn’t our choice so to leave that free, yet move on and live love and learn the same type of things returns?? I highly doubt each child is the same but some experiences however distinct are shades of previous thoughts or memories… or it may not be either the same OR different, so while I might disagree, you do not have to be saved to my opinion 😀

      • Life in general can be tough. And relationships can be very rewarding or very heartbreaking. I think a person, like you, who is smart, loving, kind, funny, etc., should just keep being you. And if the gal-pal(s) don’t reciprocate or hang it there…you must keep pressing forward! You never know what is just around the next corner! 🙂
        We can only be ourselves, we can’t make people like/love us, we can’t redo/change any of our past encounters with them, etc. But, we can be understanding, ask for forgiveness (when needed), encouraging, loving, etc.
        Well…and now I’m rambling. Sorry!
        Just some of my thoughts after reading your words! 🙂

      • I have a hug and smile for you – i do however wonder why to me such mentions often make me. laugh rather however seem frenetic or sad/frustrating to others. but other than that, 🙂 thanks for the thoughts. 🙂
        I was reading up on glen a larson, tv show creator – it would seem his largest criticism seems to be giving us the fluff from popular culture of the times pretty much poaching it as in not making it new enough. by contrast to successes, stephan j cannel created a pile of tv shows too yet seems to not invite that criticism even if much of his shows are very much the same too, utilizing a cheap episode deal with lucrative unexpected to be utilized clauses . larson, most expensive budget to the time battle star galactica at a mil an episode show dies for that budget, stephan the cheap unless he creates the show and then does so and – i just seem to be intrigued by the juxtaposition of which perception seems better, spendy or cheap… neither is right or wrong mind you but it’s just odd to see two opposites at least in perceptions like this succeed fantastically. how this relates to fitting in with another i don’t have a clue… but that’s what sits in front of me to consider.

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