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PoSH pt. 1.1

I guessed precisely right about the first prompt of the pt.3  of the hunt HERE  but i MISSED pt.1..oops.  so –

“Still The Same”

You always won, everytime you placed a bet
You’re still damn good, no one’s gotten to you yet
Everytime they were sure they had you caught
You were quicker than they thought
You’d just turn your back and walk
You always said, the cards would never do you wrong
The trick you said was never piay the game too long
A gambler’s share, the only risk that you would take
The only loss you could forsake
The only bluff you couldn’t fakeAnd you’re still the same
I caught up with you yesterday
Moving game to game
No one standing in your way
Turning on the charm
Long enough to get you by
You’re still the same
You still aim high

There you stood, everybody watched you play
I just turned and walked away
I had nothing left to say

‘Cause you’re still the same
You’re still the same
Moving game to game
Some thlngs never change
You’re still the same

Bob Seger’s  :Still the same” song is my offering of a poem. I like – today’s why is for the love of a shot at parody.  proper parody seeks to either mock the song itself or the performers in some way- to simply rewrite a set of non connecting words to a beat of a person’s work is NOT parody persay, but more often plagiarism. 😉  so, let’s hope I’m not a Dick.
Still a Pain.
You Always Whine, ’bout what? responsibility, some bible’s the only bet.
as if I’m no damn good, even if I believe I’ll win yet.
every eye tick seems to say I’m a sloth
you say I should end in naught
my choices aren’t some crime so I’m not caught….
so what if my cash comes with a beer
it’s work either way so don’t you sneer
life’s a risk whichever road you take
I skip Sunday damnation  and the offering plate
preferring to be real not ape like some fake.
So I’m Still a Pain?
I saw your dismissals plain as day
between the words, each word.
I hoping it’s not always be this way
the ire, I’ll burn in a barn
forever isn’t near enough time
so I’m still a pain
but I still Try.


still no good yet succeeding most times

as if my choices not yours are some kind of crime

and yet again you’ve NO time.


yep, I’m still a pain

epitome of blame

cause I’m not one day one dime

Crucified on a time clock waiting for my time

so I’m still a pain.


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5 responses to “PoSH pt. 1.1

  1. lines edited: responsibility – doing it the right way to responsibility some bible’s the only bet – purpose, there isn’t a way to emphasize RIGHT way to ring in my mind there is one way plus I know all too well that holy roller b.s. attitude it isn’t specific to any faith so before you think I’m saying here I’m a homosexual gambler barely alive when this song was penned lol that may end up being one meaning lol but a: I’m not gay as in homosexual but perhaps in the 80’s concept of deliciously uncool 😉 still not my perception I’m great and everyone likes me mirror lies time on that subject… 😀 but next various lines didn’t rhyme or missspelled like still nogoo? I’m not mr magoo- despite the thick glasses!..honest. so that along with the i’m or i’s being capitolized adjust. most days end in naught- as in just like everyone much of life is very slow not each day orchoice adds instantly to brilliant meaning or achievements – changes to you say i should end in naught- to reemphasize the bible’s the only bet attitude and my choices or oppositisms can still succeed despite the judgments of other’s b.s. – – this is not saying i didn’t try to have this present in consistant editing – wp wishes to deny my intend spacings… can’t always win ;)- so yes, the song is about originally another gambler the songwriter new who was still the same as if time changed our songqwriter or neither changed but his adamacy to follow his own path and the rift widened when they met again – to a parody of the other subject of the song guy sung one back saying i always liked you even if we were different…hoping your judgemental bullshit would ease even as it only grew. – or, hopefully a proper parody 😉 remember bob seger wrote fire lake about passions even if he obviously tried to work a concert as in thanks for some cheering next song BAND let’s ROCK/work! and as a musician or person wasn’t always everyone’s cup of tea – turn the page… you can feel their eyes upon you, as you’re shaking off the cold, you pretend it doesn’t bother you, but you just want to explode – always the same, is it woman or is it man?…aparently seger had long hair 😀 but heh, bob seger as a holy roller 😀 – there it is for ya 😀

  2. Good poem/song offerings! Seger’s and yours!
    Now I need to go listen to some Seger!
    “Against-the-Wind-HUGS and Happy Sunday!!! 🙂

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