365 Q3. 20/21

what am I glad i did today? I did up some house shining, a lil lottery raft of cash walk the boat bubbled and sank, I baked/reheated spaghetti so as not to waste food, I made more clementine juice/tonics i walked the dogs – one of which nearly immediately peed anyways minus warning.  I suppose though the biggest thing was being up before 11 as i caught the phone calls.

what was my last vacation, where did i go/do/etc.  this is trickier in language because technically my last “vacation” was moving from the old life up into the mountains -finding anything that paid and making some checks and spending them hither or dither on fine moments.  it sounds suspiciously like living and I moved back to “town” albeit a different one and as yet haven’t found that paycheck don’t do nearly that much of anything – typical result of vacation there but the former felt more like one.  otherwise about the last vacation i took was from work to catch up with a buddy in nyc.  I was slated to have a real vacation of seeing more than an airport in florida next but managed to not remember some vocabulary that was important and missed my flights. so instead of tanning i stayed in town for a nasty winter cold snap.


now as moments of life go- not all moments seem all that magical.  I wouldn’t be painting my reheated dinner as hoit d cuisine.  even if it did have delicious onion atop gooey cheese.  I can’t say losing at the lottery was equally invigorating either but it was a moment away and a walk….peaceful…nothing lately is as good as a freshly squuezed clementine with bubbly water…okay tonic is’nt most ideal but it’s nice enough and a lot handier to have should i have wanted a gin and tonic which i skipped.  I can’t say it felt like my turn to shiney the house but it needed it and it is done for the task I was slated for. who doesn’t go ahhhhh after seeing little if nothing left needing doing and enjoy that instant?…of course blindness here isn’t helpful in that i never see the more needing attention so I get too many ah which can lead to a different tone of ahhh! 😉    and duh making the timing on pooch care even if it didn’t turn out that way is important-..they needn’t be in all the trouble they can nose up 😉  but how could this be magical? vacationy.. a bucket of beverages under an umbrella somewhere’s else?  I wonder if that’d make it vacation y or gladdenning… but none the same it still didn’t SEEM magical.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “365 Q3. 20/21”

Most of life is not magical. But, I see the magic. And am grateful for those magical moments every day. 🙂
But, we do the things we gotta’ do and hopefully that makes our life, and the lives of those around us (even the pooches. 😀 ) better! 🙂
My last real vacation was sooooo long ago I’m embarrassed to say how long ago. :-/ o_O Have been planning a long good one for this year, though Yay! And fortunately I get lots of family and friends who come visit me…so that is like a vacation to me as I love hostessing and the fun things we get to do while they are with me! 🙂
HUGS!!! no tugs, slugs, thugs, or bugs! 😉 How about some pugs, jugs, mugs or Zugs? (That’s a city in Switzerland! 😀 )

I will have puppies again all too soon so nay on the pugs and yay on the hugs, yes literal wording alert! i have changed sex and species in an instant! 😛 have a hug i took my levo which apparently i can’t remember the last time so as for bluesy floods…. they’ll move along in a few days . have a hug

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