365 q3. catchups.

I swore i placed a three things i had faith in thing but don’t spot it fo, redux on the questions  14 til current.

3 things i have faith in – a blood glucose meter, a syringe, and the insulin are today’s three because last evening was tullamore dews and a newly met person who like me finds some odder subjects interesting….needless to say I woke not feeling well 😉 long bath lousy sugars and no adult bevvies today thank you very much :!

I find the more often I say I love you paradoxically gets it said less so back or gets meant for the sentiment it is…. maybe this is just me being weird- but I was watching “bad Teacher” and I so know that feeling of saying what you mean only to it not going to turn out very well lol.   but probably the last I love i did say was to mom 🙂

I seized the oppurtunities to visit the bar with our neighbors – this was nice – I can’t remember the one lass’s proper spelling of the name so alas no lass new graces my pages – the newer gent does and thus not a total waste.  I seized the chicken wings and they’re right good- a lil peanuty sweet and inexpensive enough.   i seized a good time 🙂

today I went to the neighbors for moviews and pizza/snacks bad teacher and ratatouie were the vids.  I also went through years now of favorite youtubes.  I  remember the theoretical horsepower of a steam engine … volume of the cylender multiplied by the line pressure steam multiplied by the speed of the engine all appropriely divided by canceling terms for units used – if using americany units lbs, psi the term is 32,000 ft/lbs and gives about 12^ ish close to the actual figure of power produced but in a far tidier equations I learned between summers in michigan…. anyways here’s a rundown of the things

lol, must recover from the grand evening wink emoticon I do however like to note some weird enough things – as life in internet land as i don’t catch a lot of television save for bad british comedies and or cooking shows, I did get to see a few neat steam references. they are as follows: – this offers the fastest tour of what was a once in a lifetime boat trip for a colorado boy mostly even if i am born of detroit, I believe the boats official hp were about 1000 ish one less another a bit more. – – this truncates from what it used to be as in it felt vibrant this wiki once and it was a hoot looking up how close steam came to a rebirth it lists another conversion to wiki which still has youtubes although pelland seems to have lost all its interest. – obviously with steam it can not ever ever be what it was however you’ll never go anywhere without hearing of the jay leno’s garage doble model 3 which like duesenbergs used body’s by murphy and thus had the convertable hard top in the 20’s the other one’s a limo and also cool. however there was a rather harder to find little piece on the early acetylene lighting but unlike most of them, this one showed the stuff in practical use and lighted. I’ll list it next if i can find it but oddly the white’s intrigued me more in that the switched to petrol engines from being thee steam car maker and why so few survive is that the steel was good as in the machines were scrapped for ww1 – 0 this last has the lights lit at about six minutes and unlike so many other vids this moment is never really shown….otherwise. the neatest last thingy steam is the mark 5 engine out of florida but it just strikes me no matter how cool steam is haha the old way of letting it get you slowly to speeds is just antiquated and well not likely to return – however some of the steam turbines were neat and thus the next thing is chris barrie brittain’s greatest machines… you can link to any of the generations / decades but I’l get one in. – the bus is neat stuff. the little mentions of what a monocock versus other construction methods. but you can also find the trains so here’s one of those… – understanding why steam dies so swiftly is that old diesles just were just as good but faster to running from start up. – – a tad boring perhaps but the only place not for tourist but actual work and working trains of steam is shenyang china. northeast of beijjing. and then something i find neat as it nearly worked but how it was or wasn’t going to work is detailed with math… the cryogenic generator… I know it’s not so simple to make a put a dab of liquid air in and let it expand oh seven hundred times as the amount of liquified air is difficult to control but it seems key to the cars running on air a french thing of some note – – i do not think he got much air but it’s fun none the same because of how one could and reliably work the maths. it’s six parts plus an update. knowing it has less the one to seven the power of gas it’s interesting, to know a homemade job can’t produce the liquified air for nearly seventee hours is also worth knowing thus to refuel might be a 3 day affair somewheres but solar panels and a rocket stoved meal and bucket of beers i suppose. anyways these are the exactly chosen vids and vetted to workeach and all. the jay leno stuff about a laser applied ceramic to steel to give it the heat resistance required for high temp use in a steam generator of a double is neat but none of these compares somehow to just plain neat even if it’s simple but a… tin can…turn the sound off this one oi annoying some.. – and a neat train vid to end… this is the only non original vid to the one I saw so sorry if it sucks … but something that spins as it does here there and everywhere to what is possible why change changes maybe and well isn’t television persay wink emoticon
I guess the only advice seemed to stem from the bad teacher movie – it seemed to say be prepared that it can not work out all kindly all the time but there are moments and windows that life is better and that’s well true I disliked growing up persay  but lotsa adult moments were fun and more freeing 🙂
tiday was restful. – my documents arrived so I can go about renewing all those that i need. next week.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One reply on “365 q3. catchups.”

YAY for good times with new and “old” friends!
It’s good to tell your mom you love her!
They say we learn more from the “downs” and the “it cannot work out kindly all the time” times…but, we can enjoy the “ups” with gusto!
Keep seizing the opportunities!
Happy MoanDay, J-Man! 😀
HUGS!!! 😛

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