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send off and take away.

it was a nice outting for the sendoff of my house loses for a spell one to national military service.  his former employer of nearly a decade came out and the select employees of there still and former ones onwards to other life adventures..of course other family and friends as well.  The dogs surprised me by not being imperfect guests …duh… but liking some of their adventure in a slightly freer to their liking space.  I finally found shopping i like! so i got a few things of minor note.

Dinner was or Italian as of new soldier is sworn in and sent off on his ways.  a minor snafu of all the guests arriving ontime but if i uncross my eyes, this always happens no matter how much planning with larger groups and overall was just a twenty minute a few started up on drinks  faster…. big deal.  It was an ecclectic gathering of his father and brother who showed up bald but not in solidarity for his brother going armyy but from an impromptu cancer charity.  my brother and his select household came  a solid work worker friend in common and his lady came mom and her friend came and interestingly enough the company owner he did nearly his decade with and my sis a little over half th as well came and neverminding how much they may have battled for different took care of dinner and drinks all about – interestingly enough it was simply nice he came he didn’t have to double cool.    one of their more recent employees leaving as he’s completing his school and the next stages aren’t keeping him there – this same fellow returned from his international travels with niceties when he returned to town and they went out to a place closer to where i live for fine times… it is very odd to keep up like this long after the courses change.  so the mongolian gent of former employ has hisself a job in tokyo he had to return here to america to find oddly enough as people complain it’s tough all over but hiringwise into japan it’s fair stricter there than hiring here for there…weird and soon will wed his chinese gal pal not this trip seen.  Soto was his name, now tuna and his gal pal I knew him not her as i swore i saw most of killian enterprises managers and their store’s in particular’s staff.  at odd hours.  I cooked four am meals more than once 😉   i do not remember why this is hisknickname….however no store/company story failed to skip him out so hence he showed and took boss guy too.  zeb’s younger brother also manages a store within killian enterprises came as i said bald because they were raising funds and awareness somewhere to do with cancer  baldrick’s bald or something… prior to the evening him as in zeb and his father did a golf outting which hopefully was also nice.. my brother brings mr phildelphia and mr englishmans- philadelphia we met at a previous home about the same time we met but then didn’t live with mr englishman via mr ireland who left us a few years now back of cancer – that was the nyc trip when he got a brief restbit from the grind of goin off the mortal coil… anyways and of course most of their them about’s boss guy himself mr killian.  now not skipping mom she brought her gal pal along this one now also into home healthcare previously of something hospital admin -which fit nicely she sat next to mr mongolia most likely going straight that way.  interestingly enough the majority of the table is conservative by politics yet little gained table time despite a few of us just as ardent liberals.  yet while the politics themselves had somehow got the skip, personal values whichever side of the social lines politically were brighter moments interestingly enough.  the indecisive chose blends of ravioli the cheapest decisive actually was the big spender going with chicken marsala bit skimpy on the bread but it came with garlic butter and i liked my dish and soup.  no one got a mention of the latest fancy cocktail that i heard and I didn’t like the one i got which was something cointreau jack daniels and hard cider … an apple jack and um…nah  but i liked my chicken parmesian.  i didn’t try anyones that i remember nor befoul my sparkler white shirt….at the spaghetti never come out red stain extravaganza. nor did anyone spill.


later in the evening at seperate places for accomadations- the doggos kept me up excited and not a full on emergency rukkus but certainly noisiness unwelcome at oh god thirty hours.  I finally left for midnightish nachos which while damned good probably were entirely definitely uncalled for digestively or caloric intake-wise. mmmmm.  however you’d threaten to smile if you walked out after ahaircut that looked better than typical to a dancing happy obvious dog excited to hint how cool the yard was as the fencing is like track hurdles to him easily lept.  zoom zoom.


what continues to brighten my day was the last stop of h-mart before getting mom home and on our way back home.  h mart or hanararium is meant to convey chinese market yet is?  korean.  now after years there is a defined american soda aisle and a LOT of eastern european / russian goods .  the delighful one pack ramens of international interest no longer exist in favor of more deliberate daily monthly shopping.  they still don’t have my dang tin ting jahe or ginger candy but they finally did have A ginger candy in a fancy tine that drat wont see reuse as a smoke of the handrolled kind variety but make an ashtray so i stop ruining my clothes trying not to litter.   i got my favorite braised eel in a tine and a new try of smoked trout from somewhere way around the globe.  a pack of nori and a sushi mat along with a bottle of black vinegar to replace the one broke traveling here.  I have rice….supposedly but i’ll need a carrot a lil cabbage  for the potential eel/unagi rolls/make/maki depending on what you’d heard of ’em as.  and i remember trying something different with a handroll last year wherein I can work with thenotion of a salad of pungents and jalapeno perhaps with the smoked trout one we’ll see, it’s usually fairly pricey to do midnight maki not as in impossibly expensive but easily it can cost 20 on an evening seeming snack.  however if they these tools last along with staple / pantry items, this becomes maybe 12 and you’ll not eat nothing for a long while and thats a little more budget conscious..i.e. for 3/4 nori packs seem to allow 12 rolls which is roughly 7  bite rolls 2/3 being suffient for most folk with a bowl of brothy type soup.    oh and a thing of spannish style sardines …should have gotten kippers but failed my  english at the foreign market- i.e. being english not american which never seems to translate ooo feed me fish unless you mean a basket of fish stics and you’re 3.

on the intown I mentioned i expect to be cost concious later this month so bought a roller and filters and paper for hand roll smokes which often also are the best way to cut down and quit as it’s laziness to want to roll a couple…youalmost just don’t bother.  I rarely attract bummer backers just the bummers so if I don’t work it i go with out it.  now whether this comes into play or not we’ll see.


the only thing of odd note is that i can not thingk of a system save sound/text from speech that gets words down that’s one hand safe- i thought brailee but it really requires two hands in most constructs i’ve seen…I do not know braille I was learning grade one and was to k’s or so and took offense to a bad joke, stop masturbating with the dots and read! and never again pursued it with any seriousness..23 years now…one should bury some hatchets.  but sis mentioned ten key which duh you’d think accounting school at the highschool vocdational school would have let that occur..nope..but i still lack the methodology to get ONE hand typing where keystrokes a minute i.e. proficiencyscould translate to actual text in a real time even if it’d still be dangerous whilst driving duh – but trying to get places and people only want texts saying whatever so you can be safely in place then they may come but maybe not- new kind of life out there really and forever avoiding phoning home or elsewhere, this e.t. better get human or i’ll end up alien to the society.  anyways yes, i know what hexadecimal if.  vut first figured it would flunk as in 0-9 a-i forget but erroniously though was the whole alphabet…but such is too much for me to think about actualization at present and then the obvious of how to remember the html sets enough to utilize this and how fast that’d have to be in keystrokes to get simple real time simpler texts going… but it is at least worth it.

and thus I’ll now go see into a puff and a palaver. but tomorrow i’ll have to seek a something may p.t work.. I know I want stuff and money helps.


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2 responses to “send off and take away.

  1. Yes, when we want or need stuff…money helps!

    Glad your BIL’s sendoff was nice! And that the dogs didn’t act like bad dogs! 😉 😛

    So, Braille can be naughty, eh?!?!

    Well, now that I’ve read your post I realize I have not eaten since breakfast and I am hungry! I like when you talk about food or recipes! 🙂

    Bright-Happy-“Good Luck” HUGS!!! 🙂

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