murder in the sky & white diamonds

One of my kindly gifts during my birthday season was “Murder & White Diamonds” by Jeff Markowitz.  As he’d probably prefer PIE (and while I can actually bake a pie, it’s likelihood of surviving the shipping process being ZERO so such would be a fruity chum cannons interior of a box sent at expense) we’ll just have to keep it within the metaphoric hopes of pie-eyed.

I shouldn’t spoil your chance to read or hear it read by spilling all the details so here’s a short list of what I like about the book:

BAD iconic allusions to old television.

Copious amounts of Liquor and or Beer.

Most Comically tragic – if not absurd, depictions of Caput.

And, just like Vincent Price of old, a recipe here and there.- that horror mogul was a fine cook.

The delightfully Pun-y tragedies of names.


This one’s quite the original meaning of Pudding.  If you need a glass of wine or some other adult beverage and the cathartic release of knowing some well deserving or perhaps not so souls bought it, keep up your best david copperfield face and ask for some more or just spend a penny.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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