The Time Is Passing By

Let’s cherish every moment we’ve been given, the time is passing by – Kool and the gang, cherish.

I liked those stupidpunk rock model on a stick rainbow static duster horse tail thingo.  I don’t have a CRT television anymore – I guess time is passing them by.

I remember vividly and still do want some of those brown and crisp microwave bags… however I don’t have a microwave nor forsee getting one anytime soon.  time is not that purchase’ side either.

the book, Death and White Diamonds plays again – thanks for noticing it didn’t want to play nice for a bit – kindly author person.  it’s going to throw a huge monkey wrench in the book I have going about bread which will make me think cartoons and baking escape from jail tools into things…but ney fear, I’ll survive so again thanks.

so, for the sheer sake of attempting positive 😉 i just saved a lot of money not buying some things I can’t use- got a gift book working again YAY  let the mayhem restart.  I probably should go walk the dogs or i’ll have other stains i don’t want or them horribly baleful eyes saying PLEEEASE! hmpph.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “The Time Is Passing By”

We really should cherish every moment we’ve been given. Always good advice that I can’t follow – like so much other good advice. Hope you and the dogs had a nice walk. peace & smiles

we had the extent of my energies twice run… yes a quarter of a block apiece 😉 it was like big boy dog was going to explode with excitement and fall down or something as he started not so sauvely lol. and must’ve looked oh god dog on the loose despite the very obvious lack of people around me and leash firmly attached. – even if brief it was the last thing i wanted to do so i did it twice and bigger than usual so it might have that “fun” quality to it i still want to hurumph some more but a smile seems to lurk in that.

“Better to walk the dogs and avoid a big smelly mess.” Dougy The Dog Walker.
Ha! I just made that quote up! 😛

Yes, we MUST cherish each moment of each day! 🙂

Yay for saving $$$ ! 🙂

“Victory” HUGS!!! 🙂

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