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365 Q3, 9/10ths of the law is possession

what relaxes me?

what is the most valuable thing I own?

I’m reading a book

the dusty scent of pages

time to turn and look.


I am not always relaxed by reading by the internal excitement of ideas, however, I do not feel worse for trying some and often find it leads to a nap.  thus in a way it soothes the hungers for ideas and squishes and grinds to dust time.  I can not say that any one book is the most valuable thing i own but no possession can rival the value of an idea. so all together a library is far more valuable than say this tv or computer maybe worth a combined 450 dollars which represent nearly all that I have..  but i have recipes and glassware.  I have stuff to fill them.  I walked to my lunch today last even.  I had the chance of skipping the festivals but went…one knows sometimes the opposit of what one wants is often wrong but not always – for i tucked into froglegs, a bacon wrapped smoked jalapeno and a shrimp po’ boy all of which i hadn’t ever had for a mild cajun=y experience out barring about.  will these ideas be some salvation? no likely not but I know a neat enough place to visit should you wish to know.


About Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 responses to “365 Q3, 9/10ths of the law is possession

  1. Good Haiku! 🙂
    I like to read to relax. Or listen to music. Or take a walk. Or snuggle with Coop. Ha! Yes, reading at night sometimes puts me to sleep. o_O
    I own a lot of sentimental stuff that is valuable just to me…but, nothing of great $$$ value.
    Wow! Froglegs! 😮 A cajun sandwich! Sounds speecy-spicey-hot! 😀
    What place sells those?!
    You might be too young to remember this guy…but, I always enjoyed listening to him talk. 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • oh no, never ever heard of Justin Wilson 🙂 lol of course i have- he was heavy rotation when I was just getting going with cooking shows and a heavy rotation for the first year of foodnetwork which i remember as it just started as I do history channel’s first years as wall to wall world war 2. oddly enough it took me a long long long time to make a rux for anything- finally while i still at that point knew of justin wilson i went ahead and refered to emeril legassie on the subject as I still don’t adore him as a personality but it’s be foolish to think he can not cook. I’m rather sure burt wolf didn’t want to stand everywhere with a pad and pencil as some kind of student to some of those cooks along his travels but he did too. so oddly enough I can’t really make anything cajun- however i have made ONE arsenal dish- shrimp boil which while not specifically cajun is common enough- take some potatoes and some old bay preferably liquid crab boil I have made this with home made mixtures of spices- as principally it’s paprika/chili black pepper and some form of garlic occassionally. but these potatoes reds please are cut reasonably bite sized or two and boiled through then a mess of shrimp goes in…. even the place I was at oscars for the cajun technically oscars oyster bar colorado springs served theirs with orn as well ask them to go light on the crab boils for you 😉 and otherwise I know no cajun til that visit I mean that’s sad but true. I mean i’d a new orleans bitters peychoud but that was about it- nothing like a cuba libre pepsi lime and a dash of bitters with rum. but again nothing specific to acadia.

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