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365 Q3, 5-7

what was the first thing i ate or drank today?

am i saving or spending?

on a scal of 1 hruough 10 ten being cleanest, how clean is my home?

Ithis really is a challenging moment, to try to be tricky about answering a mundane question in some memorable witty way.  what was the first thing i ate or drank this morning?  hmn… stalling for time here….

I drank of the fresh mountain view drifting in and out of a cigarette’s haze.  I physically consumed a belt of grandad’s best grape juice in search of a few tasty olives to nibble?  I should point out that i didn’t get it then but cousin and brother were mimicking grandad’s penchant for always saying “Christ or Chist sakes” when they said ‘Grapes!” knowing well and good even grandmom hung the paddle beneath the sign saying ” never spank a child in the face, the lord made a better place.” hung near where the sauerkraut brewed…I never understood  why she later made the area a shower to aid in caring for granddad, as it was far more stairs to climb than going upstairs or using the main floor bath but, one must remember that a tub is a hard obsticle to negotiate and so is a narrower hallway.  nor did i understand why they always talked about the garden being the pool and yet no evidence of a pool existed…who in their right mind would fill a pool with dirt?… I did learn though of bigger gardens and thus would remember those prizes including the set up for favorit aunts house and here, try this… a tastey habenero pepper blazingly hot – yes hot enough for tears.  and speaking of oddities or who in their right mind…who in their right mind would leave a drain pipe uncovered so i got the thrill to fall down it scraping my shin…it took 3 minutes to bleed but oh did it gush when it did…. you can fill a damned pool but not a drain?  hmph.  just my luck… GRAPES!


am i saving or spending – financially i’m a psender.  I stopped trying to save and budget that way long enough ago.    I save much of my internet memories unlike before where i can’t remember what happened to mrs beale’s letters from England’s souther coastal towns… now I have much of everything.  so much so that it’s shocks me to reread some times knowing who was the prize of them times and then wonder for a moment before it returns with the end games.  I currently muse on whether to blow what bigger wad of cash i have and go travel just in case this is. all the time I got and all the life there is.  I also wonder for a moment spiritually about anyone whom understand the dreadful reality of trying to be wise and or responsible- abundance comes with? not saving but spending so to save anything at all IS to spend like the most fool hardy fool knowing it tends to come bad faster if one does than fears or hordes in case their is a spiritual and literal drought.

on a scale of 1 -10 10/cleanest – how clean is my home?  I don’t have too many wildly disgusting porn searches to horrify you.  nope no beer bottles or boozey dead soldiers lying about.  there’s some texture to the carpet where the dog’s finished some of their dinner.  I cleaned my shower and toile and the sink/counter all with some kaboom and spot mopped about the floor for one of the mom’s to visit. earlier this week.  in any event,  in technical terms I’d be kind enough to say my house is seven worthy.  there is some age monitorable stuff here but i don’t have any cool naked figurines or lewd posters up.. it’s not particularly horrendous yet by tidy standards it needs another tidy.  spiritually speaking the godly spirit of powerfully moving to live life exists around me versus the dirt of depression and despondancy.

About Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 responses to “365 Q3, 5-7

  1. Interesting Q’s and interesting A’s! 🙂
    Clean is relative! And your relatives don’t notice unless you don’t clean! 😉 😛 Dirty is relative, too! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂 Happy MoanDay Almost TootsDay!!! 😀

  2. theinfiniterally ⋅

    Fine answers. You have elevated the mundane. I’ll have to start taking my breckie the same.

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