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365 3.4 regrets.

What do i wish i had left unsaid?  ahhhh regrets.  have i been cussing mad towards my folks-penultimate to some disrespectful? – sure… do i wish i could take it back? nope.  have I the rememberance down to her fragrance when i didn’t say i love you back? yepl  oddly enough even here i don’t wish i could take it back either 0this doesn’t change missing her one ioata and that i do and even you’d skiddadle if it wasn’t ‘what YOU wanted” – but such was what was deadly true at the time.  Do i thus wish I had or hadn’t said things i shouldn’t have? not really.  assinine as i can surely be, I don’t neglect to say or not say stuff- such is a freedom by choice…..not without consequence mind you…and they’re just as grave now as they were at the moment.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

17 responses to “365 3.4 regrets.

  1. do you believe fate? sometimes, even if you could take it back, the result would be the same……. 😛

  2. regrets. i’ve had a few.
    that had to be said.
    our choices, for ill or good, make us who we are. aside from that, regret serves no useful purpose.
    that being said, i regret that i had trouble sleeping last night.

    • fancy that surprise 😀 have a hug. and i knew you’d line up that song 😀 it flashed that I was forgetting something at least but didn’t actualy line the lyrics up and play in my head I thus hit click anyways 😀 best of hopes your news doesn’t have you missing too many moments rest if you can tollerate a subtitled movie, Madadayo- akira kurosawa, it’s a story of a beloved teacher whom is honoured each year on his birthday with the question madda cai? are you dead yet? madadayo! not dead yet. but the particular scene is when he has a collapse at one of the parties the priest sits after the gent takes ill and the doctor gets upset at his callousness, why? he’s not ready for me yet is the response…. fight fight fight@ i swear you’ll say it in badly synched foreign movie mouth moving with not maching the syllables 😀 and perhaps you’d enjoy an art fart film about teachers. many libraries still have the film and while I know your state, pardon me if I don’t remember the town to check your local catalogue – which reminds me of? 😉 saying too early in the internet age i knew to the minutie where one lady lived- she didn’t take it kindly apparently since she was more chasing my records and thus irritated but not innocent, I was glad she still was the best date of 2005 however would you find it odd that knowing I literally had to stay over at a friend’s as I couldn’t drive and this oddly the town i live in now was the next big city over then, how I’d feel if she came in sweats? now i say this as I felt like i pulled teeth to get the date for that? sure, I know normally sweats oo@ lingere! but i felt cheated as most take time to prepare. no i said nary a word some shrewd israeli woman standing not even five feet tall swiped my last twenty for a spa pedi kit as we strolled… or ya see i can understand to a point how all the thoughts tied to caring might keep you awake once or twice here and there- but for your own good i wan you to remember the sandman and a giant club! he’s coming for you. 😛

  3. I like what you said.
    Well…I regret some things…not related to myself…but to situations where I now wish I had done more to help someone…been more helpful, etc…also wish (although I give a lot of hugs and kisses!) I’d given more hugs and more kisses. But, I still got time to make up for that! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. Regret’s a thing and have the potential to make one a better person as long as the weight is carried in a more positive way than self-pity. Move on and do better. You are a good friend.

  5. theinfiniterally ⋅

    Well said.

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