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365 3,2+3

if i could have a new talent, what would it be?

who is my best friend that is NOT a spouse.

talent, hmn. I was told once, “skill masks talent or that given enough effort, I could be good at things only to hear how talented I am… bunk, I worked my ass off for it.  as i get lder i don’t wish for new talents but to have earned for myself independantly.  so technically the answer to this question is none. but not so fast! what do i want for skills? – well i want the following kitchenly skills

mandolin operation and safety within a modest speed of preparation.  the reason is obvious – i can utilize a knife but i cant cut straight or quickly…however mandolins are duece dangerous machines.

similar to this is a motorize rotary bade or an improvement on the skills using a electric kinfe- why? I’d like to make pretty sandwiches you’d swear are worth cash not just wow you cook good.. that doesn’t pay serving swiftly and better than many is what gets us / one paid, i’d like  these two skills to improve…oh sure I’ll never likely manage the third point which is the ability to work 10 hour shifts with these skills over and over and over again which is the way one makes the pay.  I’m not ever likely to be a pro cook/deli server, etc nothing pro with food this lifetime.  however, i would like to improve anyways 🙂

my best friend.

alright, I spend more time with more often with?

oddly enough not my favorite internet romance but my favorite reader of this blog and of course her’s.  my best friend is by effort given and recieved one doesitevenmatter3.    no wedding is planned, I don’t know her whole name nor have her number nor but vaguely where she resides – no wedding is planned but I would like to point out that thanks are in order. without one Carolyn,vaguely of the dessert southwest, I’d not have had the steady lifeline to someone simply ccaring consistantly.

now mindly this is based against hours a day with messages into the six figures? over years?  that’s my internet romance.  but it isn’t that, it’s not even that she returns the favor with words back… it’s the depth of time spent reading and reasponding- 2 lines takes a few seconds to read and then a minite or two to compose a huge hugs back I mean i appreciate those hugs thank you very much but I can’t exactly say i’m overwhelmed with years of knowledge of who my internet romance really is i may learn 3 new things a year about her which saddens me and proves there isn’t a deep love just kindnesses versus someone whome reads all my typos and still shares back anyways.  the time spend is mamothly different in value even if it isn’t every day nor am i packing my wallet with raincoats for oncoming romance.  such just is a fair statement of the value of time spent, soul shared… it is an opinion.  I don’t know if my internet romance has even the opportunity to be more and I’m selling her short.  I just know i tabulate the obvious and for now it’s not what i expected.


if i were to include others about the house and each word spent not in passing as most are.. it’d be harder to say the above is accurate, however I can say that i probably go out of my way to be in passing around here versus someone going out of her way to read every hope and dream of mine shared.

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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 responses to “365 3,2+3

  1. that woman is a marvel and an angel.
    you seem like someone who is pretty amazing in the kitchen.

    • 🙂 thank you twice a: for not being loopy loopy about noticing to the obvious, and be for the kindly words kitchen-wise. that said come on now! you do activities and talk colors 😀 let’s translate this to some food for a bit? wanna?
      alright, I know purple foods have a blood cotting form based against that the purple is such- foods that are purple are shellfish/clams/oysters, technically eggplant and blue berries which aren’t really blue but purple- i’m not sure about squid ink which is percieved black but has to be a different color or actual black rice. but purple. blood cotting form. carrotene… orange vitamin a: always about but so too is a higher percentage in some cases anyways of potassium content- orange various squahes carrots have to check potassium levels of carrots offhand. yellow dunno, green dunno – but typically vitamin c and bitters to obliterate cancer from far too acidic living. cabbage, good source vit c, mustards. spinach. red, dunno. but so far we’ve a good bit of colors and how they’re healthy/ why they’re healthy going 🙂 whites to browns b’s. mushrooms. I don’t know off the top of my head a source vegetatively of vitamin K but i do know musrooms have b vitamins many. onions are white and largely low in calories their sugar/calories being inulin not insulin inulin and thus a low sugar impacter however white rice is a high glycemic impacter as are many grains with b vitamins… you’d know if you got energized ever eating a submarine sandwich ala too much bread that you suspiciously needed something nutritionally from. this means…supposedly… you know which colors and thus nutrients you need. you know daily what delights you.
      I vote squash au gratin. yellow neck squash soon enough in season again with cheddar cheese and garlic. what’s yellow good for, still don’t know. but tell me it doesn’t sound like yummy a lite enough cheesy side with something dinner proper. red and yellow, watch gladiator selection of gladiators themselves yellow or red. while red was the more valuable fighter, there’s epic reasons biblically the red and yellow choices there are given, the only two colors I’ve no idea what benefits they’ve pocessed of 😉 symbolic irritations 😀 but ketchup and mustard. it’s a real hot dog.. which hot dogs? cured with nitrate typically sodium nitrate and nitrite both a sodium base and thus both a bioavailable sodium source – but they preserved the reads of meats. without this we’d have less tasty luncheon means or quintessiential americana. but these curers or preservatives as the lay know them as which is a tad erronious, are just that “salty” and thus would it surprise you that it rained after ever single civil war battle, loudneses forever and thousands of rounds of nitrates exploded to the air..dust noise and dust thus a reason to contact and condense into rain. other lesser discussed issue was after so many men biting gun powder cartriges apart tasting the yummy that a solid base wer impotent the next month after,yet another sodium well two laureth and laurate sodium are soap and with that alone fifty percent more would have survived. literally. sodium ain’t all that bad 😉

  2. I wish your internet romance (whoever she is) was more communicative to you….could be more for you. Maybe she is just doing the best she can???
    (I don’t know who she is, but she is lucky to have you in her life.)

    Okay, I got joy-tears in my eyes…I am always amazed when someone considers me as a friend. (Guess it has to do with the pain I experienced in childhood.) Thank you for considering me a friend! And for being my friend! 🙂 And that I am your “favorite reader of this blog”…wow, I’m honored. 🙂

    I love keeping up with my friends and I do care about them! And I care about what they blog about…if it’s important to them, then I want to take time to read their words. So, if my friends post a long serious deep profound post or the words to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”…I will read and try to leave a thoughtful (or maybe silly) comment. 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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