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I’ve filed the federal portion of my taxes.  I’m NOT complaining! i do have minutie though.

I’m told i have a zero tax liability as i am on the system and gainfully make in addition to that less than the taxable threshhold.

to this end i calculate my taxes and have roughly 160 in addition to the federal and state withholdings PLUS social security and medicare tax thus i have withholdings i do not get them ALL back- no complaining here i’m blessed to be able to get  this last year 2 jobs far better than many many years of zero jobs.  nevermind i had many expenses to keep them i also do not get back either. I’m pleased I made anything MORE  yay!

the tax service said it was free to file but you can’t really get out without paying something, is who i chose. and those fees are 34.05 for some form of collected from your refund  fee to pay the 20.5 fee for storage, now again, I”M NOT COMPLAINING!!! far from it- while I don’t see my state taxes in process, meaning I’ll likely have to refile and perhaps repay too the same 100 nearly in fees. already paid plus wait til the first round processes and i get paid, remember I’m a flag for being a ssa reciever and they must report any difference to my pay to hence the flag at irs.  now, this is a delay and a double pay perhaps situation right which is 30 cheaper than the 29-=50 cash i paid to do it last year professionally with about 850 give or take back tween the two if I have to double pay still cheaper than previous professional services or if I skip it, I have 780 coming now with 180 state less any additional fees to pay.  I don’t much mind however if I fail to file state not wishing additional havok, I’m not a state resident checked via taxes filed… 😉 that matters if I chase an in state tuition.


this is just enough as it stands to chase a mid /late spring early summer trip Canada-ing.  if i can withstand the hellish 3 days it is by bus each way and typical spendiness while there.  where in canada? roughly London Ontario….this town’s close to Toronto which i could technically also have as a terminous and chase a visit to niagra falls but this i doub’t I’ve tim or money for.  so new london is posessed of tea places and these sell tea cups which i can add to the minimal collection of tea cups from grandmom’s collection at my mothers currently or have some nice ones of my own.  atop this i have a small arts town to visit and a worthy xanga pal to see listening to far too much loud music and drinking too many beers and food? did i mention I know how to cook? surely I must ‘ve but so does this fellow.  so there is the foodie requirements of learning what red fife wheat’s all about it’s organic and winterhardy thus I hope it’sa return to the original gems of pancakes lite enough baked goods – it’s wheat but non-gmo / organic so while not gluten free, I doubt it’s high as a gluten sensitivity thing.  highly doubt but remember i’m NOT gluten sensitive so i may not be as kind to those convinced they are. shame on me.


I get paid monthly wise in a few days ish so have to get a new i.d. thus a birth cert and then after this my passport copy ..apparently it’s a real pain when your documents all get tossed as trash… but whatever if I want a shot at a p/t job I need documents.  if i wish to travel… yep documents.    again, i’m not complaining.  not at all.  I know how to do this stuff as pain free as it CAN be managed.  i saved money this year and am in process at least?


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6 responses to “Minutie

  1. Tax stuff and math make my little pea-brain hurt!
    So I’m glad there are people who speak that language and know how to get it all done.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. theinfiniterally ⋅

    Of all the things to flag! Of course, I’m going to get around to applying for SSA for my son one of these days soon, but still. Good on you for getting things done. I’ve never heard of online tax center. Seems like I had good luck with taxbrain (I think) back when.

    • I’m not sure i didn’t manage to overpay needlessly but often seemingly dumb things work out for me. as to your boy- blessings that you’ll try as in a way it streamlines as much as can be done obtaining services…which i warn wont feel or seem like much but its far worse without the efforts. best of luck wading through it please invest in a big enough calendar to break apart all the paper piles into manageable parts as you’ll need time not to be frazzled filling it out. if the aid is sought financially please be well aware i had an easy case and mine still took 21 months togo through the motions- investigate whether it’s not worth your time for a social security advocate…lawyer… to lose a third but get past the 100% initial denial s of everyone and thus having to fight through the appeal process which scares people half to death…it may be worth the third to them to not pull your hair out. and this means back pay which never quit covers the time lost but still it’s a potential investment for later life needs and something fun for now. if you choose to battle this and save that third, then you really need that calendar and to stay on top of it religiously as the notes leave little time to obtain highpowered expensive tests/opinions from experts…but you’ll know roughly in 14 months that you’ve got in or have to really fight. call religiously guarterly though through it as i missed some important time points I wasn’t informed in letter of which is why mine took 21 instead of 14. all because I failed to respond until the fifteenth day not within 15 to a letter and was booted instantly off they say suspended but it means reaply from scratch with an eightball of potential fraud or not following policy on one.. this means be prepared for all working life to file work but skip the bull of providing pay stubs i did that and they said i owed twice as in worked six months quit for six and then worked again same place same money lol and thus paid twice or that job lost every cent i made to ssa overpayments- let them get by your efforts an accounting of the year and split it up evenly- they hate this but it’s legal and usually saves one a lot of money or fear that one penny too much is the end of benefits.

      • theinfiniterally ⋅

        That’s some good advice and gives me a lot to think about. I had thought the go your own route, but a lot seems to have changed since the last time he was eligible, which was more than a decade ago. Headaches can be worth their weight in gold.

      • i’m NOT weighing cases. you try for any help and let it vet 🙂 they’ve rules 🙂 it’s all legal

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