if you could do today over again, would you?


m.c. escher search.  as his art repeasted often 🙂


Janis joplin’s me and bobby mcgee’s “If i could trade all of my tomorrow’s for one single yesterday…”

LOOK look!  tomorrow!
life chases tomorrows today

not he past’s pornography reswallowed

why would i wear out the once i had?

trust me, even if it had to end so bad.

I’d cure with rubber denials the sorrow

oh i  could again and again  magics replay

but like a book read til ink smears,

the past isn’t the present of more magic to be found

where’s the adventure in the replay?

but yes, for one sweet moment more, you’d stay.

oh I redo yesterdays often

but that’s what memories are for.

just the magic of our when

but i’ve got to be going again. 365q



now you have a poster of caffeine and two links about bromine…firsly, caffeine doesn’t contain bromine.  next japan and the united states are the hold outs on banning most instances of bromine use within additives or fertilizing/insecticiding foods… yet i love to see that neither the cdc of my country nor popular magazines of informative natures, do much of a damned thing to tell me where to avoid this stuff really as if they’ll get sued for claiming someone uses x and they quit but are forever stigmatized in the media for the sin and sue for legally ooperating.    now why bromine, it’s a chemical that replaces another within the thyroid of which mine’s low to not working…and i’m on the binge of seeing if i ate myself to death over the years.

the answer is most likely not.  i didn’t grow up at a macdonald’s  or burgerking or arby’s or eat a lot of fancy shaped buns requiring perfection thus fancy chemically added tricks… of which potassium bromate was a baker’s friend for perfect buns keeping the poof in the puffed up grains…bread.  and neither did i drink gallons of sodapop which could have used bromated vegetable oil or ester of wood rosin to keep the oil below the waterline of pop so it stayed flavful and didn’t look all gnarly.  I’m not saying I never had a mt dew or tastey sunkist orange pop or grape soda delight, i did.  i also maybe one time in a week got a perfect bun of something yummy at home or out.  so i doubt my mouth brought me thyroid problems

next on my little witch hunt is enviromental whoopses.  I didn’t live in an area of high incidences of radon gas then or 30 years later.  while I did live to the decommissioned and envirmentally cleaned up rocky flats nuclear arsen, which wasn’t perfect clean in operation if 90 pounds of plutonium dust in ductwork is any indication, but something tells me that they didn’t create some glow to slow my roll as anyone should be aware that radiation lessens the thyroid…and neither did i live near to nuclear energy.  so hmn, there went that blame game.

but here’s where i’d be perplexed.  i grew up in an age of ever expanding safety with about the best thing ever for this being fire retardants made with bromine.  the perplexity is how much of contanct and time going tomake any significant impact?

or is this the horse or horses ass chasing the applecart straight to spooksville?  but i am fairly curious if enviromentally this faulty thyroid mine was exascerbated by environmental impacts. if it was, i suspect fireproof clothes well over perfect macdonald’s poisonings.

next on my list is i still haven’t any nasty dirt on who can get what bromines into my food because not all plants would absorb the s.  and we all know the next question is genetics and yes sis and mom both have taken thyroid oomphing pills before but most of them aren’t lifers . so hmn there too.  but no, just perplexed, not of the answers nor do i suspect foul modern living just buggered luck of the genetic draw.


but really, how poisonous is our surroundings?


365q2, 1

my favourite piece of art.. i suppose I have a water color by rojobe/xanga in my closet still unhung in it’s tube of China.  Thanks Bob.

the most expensive bill i paid last month… perhaps if you combine one outting’s 2 purchases it’s a cross between visiting edelweiss of colorado springs for drinks and an appetizer platter… followed by tacos rapidos or whichever for drunk fuel to get home alive or the trip to the local grocery for odds and green chili fries followed by the bottom of rum and other offerings ala fridge  which led to a far bigger hangover – don’t drink the bottle of rum by yourself!… this is rathe rf-ing dumb.

the last thing i appologized for was being insensitive to follow right back with about thee most insensitive rewrite of a song I could concoct. 😉  unrepentant much?

traditionally, my favorite color is french blue or a blue grean rather like that of the seas close to land in a bit of nasty weather.

on a scale of 1 to 10 my health rates rathr low from what I’m told at the docs when i go.

that’s a bit of the kneejerk truths, now let’s see if i can channel oscar wilde and be a tad bit witty.

the most expensive piece of art i own has yet to see me drink enough lately to show you 😛

no Bill showed up asking for money…whoo! i’m rich… aw shit, the bank disagrees.

I appologized for being an insensitive ass only to be one again? 😉

I still like french blue, Oscar..where you went to be drunken and poor dismissed of England.

Every time i visit doctors they play more games with numbers than i did playing with my alphabeti spaghetti as a kid,.

questions one through five best i can steal the next round of questions off pinterest as my lass on the case …well, i’m impatient. 😉



Imagine it just dumped oo snow in your town… remember to say to thine neighbor’s lets all play the new game- find your cars!

sarcasm will never die.remember when snow days were a blessing from the powers that be?  just wait til you have to get in some more family time…. you’ll understand all too soon why mom and dad went square on ya…controling the circus circles gets old with the crack of the bull whip and the BACK BACK! you beasts with the chair.
obviously this brings up angles… ever notice how much more angularl we get through time? you start off all circular, you then become aware of triangles and soon enough you’re square then as age sets in and corners keep being cut as there are new ways to get after everything easier… you become so more more circular until you’ve been rounded up for the trip to the home?- leaves tricky ground to walk…  metaphorically… pizza is the hallmark now of youth yet so is the young slingers of the burger… one however is a stoner boy perhaps with acne all american honky and the other largely foreign / ethnic staff…  but also pizza… cheesy or saucy!  versus hamburger stacked with buns… um? I again remain confused… do people just like want food delibered or have to walk to the dollar burger/booger?  isms… they can snarl quickly 😉  howeverI’m reminded of the book selling them by the sack…a history of whitecastle hamburgers… more popularly white castled by harold and kumar go to white castle the movie as who read’s books save to find one worth making a movie of to better sell the book again?  anyways. white castle paid a wage while low that was livable and honest work and built what it could afford versus franchising like macdonald’s thus fortunes come and go but the company exist… just like the saying some’s a jerk! to mean offensive person… when it was a term for a sada jerk  or jerker / maker  an employed person… when did being employed become such a stigma?  and everything reduced in some way to a double entendre  of the biggest gutter splash?  ah ismsroot beer.  to root in australia so my lady pals say is to have sex not cheer for the home or any team or enjoy the underground bits of plants  or getting to the heart of the matter or the bottom of it all…wait i went circular on that one 😉

lyndon johnson was a southener whom brought his times toward a larger freedom for all…a war on poverty here, a war on poverty over there…. all the while hiswife owned a lot of the armements to employ in one war and state’s rights were strengthened unlike lost in the civil war via letting down to the county administrations control who got what money  cost, let a few otherwise barred sit next to you on the bus or at dinner until they got sent out to be shot overseas making him rich.  friendly fellow.


hit or sh*t  one of my English pals online was bemoaning the demise of one or these treasures.  a soup machine… cleverly including a methodology for chunky and or smoooth and creamy soup preparations.  yes yes, and i thought i was cool because i got a tea kettle 😉

but what about the one’s that didn’t hang the moon?  oh now 😀 “what becomes of the broken-hearted who had love that’s now for gotten”

favorites that went away:

the red devil gril… oh how i wanted one!  all the rage of suburban grilling and yet poof, they went away before i could waste money on them.  boo.  the reason is obvious that there is a design flaw which allows the flame to essential damage til failure…with an open flame still… a support which means the whole dinner collapses in a hap of flames or disappointment and or burns.

the brown and crisp bags for how to make the micro soggo-rubber  perhaps crispy thus revitalizing your microwave living..  technically not “gone” but when did you seen one last?

the gino’s east pizza maker… this was originally packaged as a branded mix kit of things before everyone did it….get your taco bell sauce/salsa etc get your this or that who cares?   some of the magic that is gino’s east is just chicago.

for instance while i can not have Gino’s any time i want it,  i can have jimano’s if i go visit my mother and brother as straight from illinois is a simple slice of chicago heaven… yeah yeah, i know I’m from detroit.  but frankly it is one of the few places of local fame i first visited on hearing and figuring out i could.  it was  darn fine pizza, gino’s eat.  it’s signature golden crust is made from not just regular flour but durham wheat flour which is the same golden colour as pasta noodles of the 80’s at the market.  this in a heaping rich array of sauce and spice cheeses and all manner of your kinds of thing on or off this list or make a list of your own…and voila… pie.

now i’m not particularly creative,  no no, i’m not really but here’s an idea that isn’t going to land me onshark tanks television.  fogg’s  yes a lightfully simple shaver over a refrigerated block of dry ice shaves a portion of the fogg into your favorite beverage to have sppoky settling fog come off your rootbeer or other favorite bevvie.  as dry ice is slightly dangerous as a product this must come with asafety strainer of paper of which the machine and no straw can punch yet some liquid can filter down for the FOGG 😉  drawbacks to this are technicalities i don’t understand at present like- how long and who natially makes it dry ice so supply logistics are covered and business owners aren’t tossing 40 dollar blocks into a machine that lasts them only 2 days or some nonsense and eats up precious counter space and gets them sued.  next logistics hurdle is how to inject co2 in measures enough to creat the fogg, but, a not overflow the cup as well co2 is? the bubbles of carbonation and i’d be adding MORE… or worse freezing the beverage at the bottom costing consumers value for their delight.  and who’d make the cups at what costs as that’s an array of not one machine but at leasttwo or three and industrial machines are never cheap…dixie?    this with two other things that while not exactly required are best had, consumer product testing to prove market desirability and profitability of the brand and thus appropriate legal testings about the processes to ensure minimum liability.


the machinery isn’t more advanced than a snow cone shaver in a refrierator box with an air powered product dispenseor through a solenoid lowered in a guarde over cup like old coffee machines affair.  ass it’d have refrigeration  it can be repacged as a stand alone mahine dispensing an array of syrup fountain made sodas or the like.  the worry is the novelty isn’t nationwide and fast wears off as once you see one sppooooky scene you dont get goosebumps on the next one.