365q 2,25/26/27/28

25.  what is MY superpower?

I thought about htis for about a week.  I’m still not thinking cleverly or ingeniously persay, so time to be a square.  whomp.  here’s what I’m good at so i’m told

making it sound yummy.

being confusing and or irrelavent….bad word it doesn’t exist  not seemingly being relevant…non-sequitorial.



feel free to disagree or agree perhaps even add to it.


26.  what is annoying me?

I’m not sure i have a good answer for this either,  i’m considering making movement back into working part time and my opening hope sis doo dooed on for being thuroughly impractical- why would i return to a job i knowingly do not like a city away to make someone else have to host me so it works out that i make money at it?  thuroughly impractical if not presumptively rude.  this leaves me to the same hassles here of how the hell am i going to make it work when it’s always leftovers work hunting or evenings and or weekends… thus as the majority of busses stop at around sic pm. I’m left walking home at night or getting a bad= or essentially paying more that up in denver across two days to travel safely to and from for likely not such a respectable job as is offered there here.  I say this as i’m not kidding while i’m not dead broke I’m five bucks from going out tonight with family friends thus would be that… person presuming if I choose to to but did not go out..  it’s not pleasant being pinchier not working.  I suppose i could say this “annoys” me but depresses is a better term so to combat it leaves me on infusion of cash solving the paperwork parts of my problems and going out after something rather than nothing. but even then, this is more or less a get off my butt if i want something to happen rather than being annoyed truly later that it can not and did not because i didn’t.    but back to the point I’m not sure i’m annoyed or depressed about that,  i just finished a book, now that’s annoying coming to the last dot.  now what? 😉


27.  I’m not sure that it isn’t perfect. it’s a fine day – yes despite having had to calously claim poverty to a good time,  or that i had a great new to me ramen, a black ramen…no not phyically black black package for black soup… the one base was sul do tang – a korean word for ox tail soup with thick tasty noodles that this version made spicy so it looked initially like tom yum, a vietnameseish dish of spicy shrimp.  I wasn’t horrendously woed but it was new and thuroughly different.

it has three, count them THREE soup bases the “red” packet is just that red thing… if you’re not a spicy lover, skip this or reduce this packet!- the golden soup base was that too golden just like a oxtail soup picture and then there is a vegetables packet  for them bits.  it’s a BIG package so pan on being full …rrp.   for the day the pictures disappear, nongshim brand shin black noodles soup: spicy pot au feu flavor. inside the one soup base is labeld sol du tang.. spelled occasionally differently WAY differently to mean korean oxtail soup…courtesy of wiki and other search points.

28.  What stresses me.

another stumper, I don’t feel particularly hypertensive yet, I’m not entirely sad that i have a part time job connundrum going, I’m not saddened to hopefully host my other portion of the family to finish out the month, nor that i promised to essentially get up early tomorrow and go help the neighbor hopefully friend move stuff one way or another, I’m not rich so turning down outtings is easier now but that’s not a huge disappointment or stretch because i did go out last night to the local dive – the hatch cover bar, it indeed is a multi floored place with bathrooms  mens at the bottom of the stairs and the ladies just under them slightly feeling central to walking in the front door…so as that should have been easy to spot and wasn’t, i still sorted it out – It serves waffle fries pitcher of normal commercial is about 14 dollars or 3.5 a beer for something slightly nicer if all can agree or don’t wish to pray for “specials” or deals or there isn’t any other… their regular hot hotwings were okay, but the one spicy thai one had a crisp like fresh fried chinese saused up and a peanut buttery tone typical to thai… very very good.  I didn’t leave fully cognicent and the soft taco return home was quite tasty. but stressed?  I can’t say i am, I’m not sure it isn’t perfect or it wont be getting into this second book.


books, finished “assault and pepper” tamar myers  a who done it that truly waits til the end to reveal ctitical details as if you’re having the epiphanies with the main character.  it differs from another era book i liked “who is killing doah’s deer.” jeff markowitz in that they share female sleuths, they share oddly similar modus croakuses wherein…oh wait that’s a spoiler 😉 but they differ in that one’s jersey, this place is amish fringe small town.  and tamar’s sleuth is so out spoken but thin thin skinned, which in a way makes not the drinking pal cassey might be, but just as human.

the other book is a travelogue book on mexico by the national geographic.  it covers features of nature a bit of travel advice unuseful to me but if the ladies get a compliment/attention take it as such a compliment!  not everyone’s a mad lothario bent on pinning prizes tween the bedposts!…oh? that’s useless for me to know. now.  but what isn’t is the pictures.  looking up a town called madera closer to chihuahua well into the hills and that means snow and other weather, is far more mysterious and pretty via the internet but the town of monterrey, well big big town of monterrey is actually visually more stunning in this book with fair more to do like wow mineral spring pool snorkeling? that’s liable to be pretty as all get out.  so it too promises to be a tour through travel opinion, but the secret ideas of sis and beau are baja california.. hmph, so much for the research. 😉

so, there, i finished the entire month helping myself to the questions –  I suppose I should be shot for not being more playful or ingenious… oh well ;).

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “365q 2,25/26/27/28”

You must have referenced the same Tom I know in regards to the black noodle. It seems like something he would be curious about. He stays pretty clear of WordPress though and won’t know we mentioned him. Perhaps there is a job that is much closer? peace & smiles

I don’t think this machine filed my response to you- so if it does later, 😉 lucky you. you’ll get a chuckle, as tom yum was but lol, you’re leaving me a chuckle. I’m always amazed at the depth of xanga’s reach- it wasn’t the same people or just nothing shallowness – some wanted a life’s chase of intellectual things/education some flew, some photoed and or crafted, a lot wrote. I thus know a young realestate pro, a couple of authors or authoresses,a few poets, artistes, a world wise traveler/ex pat such and so on. it isn’t like scrolling through mr republican’s rah rah choose our way or who I mean s’ok it’s something but it’s so much less info.

I think your superpower is bringing joy to people! You are one of just a few people who can make me snort-laugh easily! 🙂 And whenever I read your blog, or your comments on my blog…I always smile and often laugh. 😀 So, JoyBringer, you are super and powerful! 🙂
Many things in life are annoying…some little, some big. :-/ 🙂
And stresses come and go. 😮 🙂
I enjoy knowing what people are reading! Tis fun! 🙂
Extra day on Moan-Day! YAY! Mine is already filled with work and stuff.
HUGS!!! 🙂

I noticed that 😉 how convenient that I have a potential to actually be MOAN it. it’s one more unwelcome wait til the next month 😉 for this is the 3rd. but lol. thank you for the kindness and the readership. 🙂 have a slug of a root beery hug.

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