in the dark of the night….

The title is a lyric to a song within the movie “Anastasia” – an animate film. Evil christopher Lloyd sings of his hopes the END of poor anastasia.  😀 because poor anastasia wont be little for long poor or not, it’s snack time!

I have a notion and much but not all the supplies for making a stuffed pretzel which the video for said is in the blog preceding this one. but

so you do not forget the notion…. a stuffed  pretzel..

I’m dreaming and scheming of how this’ll go down the best.  I have plenty of smoke juice so for a change i do not need to spend an extra dollar or 3 on buying already smoked cheese.  I’m thinking mushrooms to which comes the notion of marinating them

or the even more tasty omnivorous approach of a stuffed mushroom

i don’t quite see how lemony cheesey mushrooms would work so hot as I haven’t got around to trying or do not remember trying mahon cheese of minorca off the coast of spain… mahon.. mayonaisse.. if you ever wondered why i may have zilch problems remembering their cheese because I like me some mayonaisse.. and now ina’s offering is grand and deliciously mmm looking- but i don’t see how i can stuff mini mushrooms small enough to roll into pretzels with lil stuffed mushrooms in there.. I just don’t and this leave me wondering if i’m not back at pizza  which I don’t wish to try after with a pizza dough in a can as this stuff is not much more than bscuit dough or that typical dijiorno taste…which isn’t bad but it’s not the biggest stand out as wow or new….   so i’m wondering how and which way to more simply marinate mushrooms to sautee them perhaps with some onion witch also tends in my oppinion to go with cheese and get back to the me version of a stuffed pretzel.

you know this means the pepperoni is going to have to be sacrifaced so I can think 😀

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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