365q 2,23 + 24

what made me feel secure today?

whose life did I make a difference in today?



I called my first of two employers today, I can not say i’d feel more securely wanted in being asked back to work- nor fairly admit i don’t make a difference in other’s days – for whatever reason.

I can not point out how much fun it is to share stupid jokes and see likes and comments pile in – i can not begin to say thanks for other’s making a difference for me just as it also appears just as clearly i caatch their attention difference making as I’m trying not to flog up the ego over.

I’m in need of cheese for making pretzel action.  I lack only that.

I reference this video which i saw additionally edited on the subject compressing it  and without the crappy loud music which i suggest you turn your volume off immediately…off, you shouldn’t need it anyways.  it’s pizza dough in a can in one’s grocery aisles with biscuit and cookie and cinnamon roll type product, its 1 cup of shredded cheese and optionally pepperoni be this pork based or turkey for dietary law or other reasons followers. a spritz of fspray oil and foil and some dipping sauce/marinara . utensils include a chef’s knife  and a spatchula unless you reuse a knife inappropriately a baking sheet or a sew layers to make a disposable sheet of said with your foil.  it’s simple.

I plan since I can shop for this, to utilize smoke juice- colgen liquid smoke and perhaps some sauteed veggies to stuff and top with.  you have to sautee veg or it never comes cooked in most pizza scenarios… just something to notes- it’s not said to be fancy, just cooked.  i’m thinking I can spare a few pennies more for sauteed onion and mushroom so as to make mine dynomite!…remember your jj evens jr.  good times…. and remember this makes it vegetarian and if I’d spend the effort gluten free which i wont, I do not wish to make scratch gluten free dough.  I will pick up some corn meal for release because that’s where it’s AT!


this is here just in case I didn’t make a difference in YOUR day.  heh, now to want more olives mmmmmmmm I have just expended my tonic so no tonic vodka and olive action and this was purposeful so i can say no eventually in honest meaning for tastes. 😉  but i have capers, olives a few dollars, a need to go shopping soon enough anyways… can I get tonic water daddy… which now is me btw… NO. you’re saving for your future! 😀

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “365q 2,23 + 24”

That do look/sound yummy! 🙂 Yes! Vegetarian! Yes! Add the onions and mushrooms! 🙂
I’m sure you make a positive difference in many people’s lives, J-Man! Your smarts, wisdom, kindness, humor, ETC., make a difference in my life. Thank you! 🙂
Your title is very algebraic!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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