What are three things i need to buy?

need likely is inappropriate a word choice.  I’d LIKE a few things…. a few things aren’t so easily for sale anyways …and I technically do not lack for much at the present moment that harms me to not have.  need is an innapproate word choice.

I went grocery shoppin so I obtains the stuffed pretzels stuff baring failures to double check my list , i got liquids different than just water and Cigarettes…i doubt anyone would say i need junkfood or poisons that smell bad as “needful” I’m not combating aphids so I don’t need tobacco products especially for personal ingestions…. I didn’t need fizzy orange juice fixing for possible vodka consumption either nor bacon, pepperoni piza dough to add cheese and dip in sauce after stuffed and baked for my snack foodie pleasures.  I’m not thirsty, I retain water if anything… tobacco however wanted isn’t a “need” just addictive which can be misconstrued as “pleasurable”  I just don’t need anything of that kind of buying

better wisdom aren’t exactly for sale- I’m not saying there isn’t any costs per say, there are but the product isn’t “for sale” it isn’t bought, it’s chosen and underscored to personal benefit as a result.  better health while attached to some personal choices obviously, isn’t wholly a product of them or this or that person might never “perish”.. I mean literally not spiritually or figuratively, let’s face it for all the evidences present we perish thus lose health… however again, no comprehensive health store of any creditable nature to this statement exists…now spiritually speaking…. faith paradigms differ on this subject believe in “god” and you’ll never perish… caviots all over that statement and woo EE! we could be here awhile…  moving along.  patience… again not for sale acceptance, peace etc again available in some measure or another but not technically for sale… I mean i can use these things but lol, not for sale.

so, neither love, patience, wisdom, health, acceptance, and quite a lot of spiritually sounding words are just not for sale.  might be shopping incorrectly… anyone know the right 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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in limited ways 😉 I have quite a lot lot lot lot of everything mentioned.
patience. of course i want a little more which largely mean peace to wait for it to arrive 🙂 but, i can withstand and outlast 40 minute tantrums not always losing my patience in fact somewhat acceptably good…I’ve had practice and good training in this is what is happening and likely to happen in a quality variety of situationsthus there isn’t fear or impatience just following a checklist of watching for it to fall into place… there is likely outcomes for those of limited mobility and a high desire to wander to wish in high care situations to just get away! i can not go with you, you can not go alone……anger frustration…sometimes redirecting, sometimes not so well key point is not losing patience thus control keeping in mind to phrase these situations respectully as I made 1/5 as much as they paid to be there or less;) when telling a customer 😉 no, it is crucial to be kind, and polite and clear as to why and firm about it. patience down 😀 much more of it to go of course, but such has paid me well so far 😀
love- there is a couple of greek terms for it- eros or erotic love and agape or selfless “friendship” love with a deep well of it … now of course lacking a significant romantic partner, one could say I lack LOVE as in no wham bam thank you ma’am for me… boo. no love. however it sells short what most ultimately think love to mean. I have a family I get on with passingly well bit crumbly working with or for my brother as we butt heads but I’d truly miss him deeply to never think of him or know I was blocked from him. I live with my sister so I’d like to think we’re getting along as i have a home here… and mom whom I should call again soon 🙂 I mean all look out for me and try to let me not self destruct yet still pretend i’m free to be myself. I wouldn’t have that training of patience with my brother getting me the volunteer position that become department director of activities but a department and me leading it for that shiny moment or two. I always get hollered at to eat right don’t drink or smoke exercise and in general pay better mind to choices that can effect my health given common oppinion and medical research applied in a generalized fashion. both mom and sis are good for that. I just spent 2 hours at cribbage and while I didn’t win the majority of the games i did get to win as sis apparently didn’t call into being better luck destroying me 😉 but lets speak of friends of lesser offerings… I have all my internet romances on this here black book of the internet lol.. hopefully I sincerely pay out for the kindnesses and goodness I receive…the no chances at the romances friends just as brightened here and there with them as well 🙂 but a note about lesser and romance/friends… I can’t say this kindly enough romances can become a life or trump and or become family i hope for that but it hasn’t appeared or gotten through my thick skull so far anyone’s of the option to try or I them in a lasting way at present and that can change. generally speaking or godlike universal embrace love- yep overall I feel loved. i can not say I get my way or every thing i touch isn’t without unpleasant reprocussions sometimes but i feel free/r to be love…want more more more lol no not just steaming night games..
this is already much to read so I can just say it’s possible i have much and am just greedy wanting more 😀 but hugs maybe i have it and do not see it…wouldn’t be the first time i failed to spot something 😉 hug

I think some of those things you listed toward the end of this post are parts of a person’s character…and I think they are things that we can practice and grow in. I think that people who care about those things are the people who are often rich in them…if they care about patience, for example, they often become patient people. 🙂
I think even if they sold such character traits at a store, many people would still be more interested in affording/and buying tech devices, cars, fancy clothes, expensive shoes, etc. Sad. I think.
Hope you got to buy the things needed to buy.
I think I need to quit thinking now. My pea-brain hurts! 😉 😛
HUGS!!! 🙂

lol of course we’d all rather the next go go gadget 😀 but the trick of traits . heh. is that one benefits forever with the sometimes making piles more towards the next go go gadgets 😀 don’t worry, the next post has simpler elements 😀 snack food desires.

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