.I made stuffed orange peppers again.  this time with italian sausage versus ground beef / rice.

  • Italian sausage neither hot nor johnsonville sweet style but ordinary italian sausage  Kroger brand $4 a pound
  • jasmine brown rice- I thought I had the regular white but I was mistaken. rought 8 oz. worth dry. I needed half as much… however don’t be in a rush to not make rice as peppers vary in size and you’ll not make more meat but add a bit more rice to  stretch. $0.50
  • onion powder for BROWN rice quite a lot at 2.5 table spoons worth leveled that is. $0.50
  • montreal steak seasoning $0.20 cents at most  6 shakes ish.
  • 4 orange bell peppers- top lopped of, de seeded and de ribbed/rinsed top’s steam part removed 4 @ <$0.90 cents each
  • shredded mozzarella cheese $1 worth 2.49/bag.
  • magic rice re-seasoner?  Colgen’s Mesquite liquid smoke 12 dashes/shakes $0.10

0 dollars four portions  and a 1.24 bag of gb’s and 1/3 stick of butter@ 50 centers and a roll of paper towels as clean up and napkins, and a 3 tabs of dishwasher soap  so roughly #13 dollars  divide out to be  say with garlic toasts about 4 bucks a person/ not an every day meal but sure is a treat.

if you want my particularls 375 oven lower rack or roughly the diddle. 34 -45 minutes-  i put the cheese on at 35 minutes and turned the oven off at 35 minutes and otherwise would have seriously burnt not just burnt the cheese which i actually meant to do I like me some burnt cheese.

that is part one of a six part demonstration video on how to make “new york deli style” pastrami.  it is exceedingly time consuming… not just a little exceedingly and I’m agog with interest.

the only thing this guy irks me on  is what you’ll see for yourself i’m guilty of mmyself… not strictly using a recipe and therefore eyeballing things.  I’d like you to note I’m better than i used to be and i can with effort learn to be someone else and or just do the work to present more like others because eyeballing is a far more difficult way to convey repeatable information. 😉

however, i was please.  I got enough of his needfuls to have what I need to try.  it uses a LOT of salt but he does fairly show this is soaked/rinsed well.  it takes 7-8 DAYS to prep and then cook once – he served his warm thus resteaming the brisket  for a whopping 8 hours cooking time…that astounds me- but i’ve done it  the slow roasting.      previously.

I also liked his explaination of why you cant get a corned beef and reseasonit as a pastrami.  corned beef uses dill and other pickle tones that cant be removed and thus you get a doctored corned beef not a pastrami taste.

however, the end result is a to die for bit of living… pastrami sandwich.  and his could be good.  but watching him  serve this as a sandwich showed me instantly where a 2.3 pound roast was one pound hot pastrami  with russian dressing…thousand island similar thing.. suerkraut with melted swizz or gargantuan sandwiches  a half being too much and? yep about 10 bucks if everything was on sale. but more likely 12.  serious deli action is surprisingly expensive.  i can’t believe i said 12 a sandwich…for home made…never quite the same sound as deli or restaurant and i don’t have an answer for you as to why i suddenly struggle thinking I don’t put out yummy.  I do.  however the interest here is

cookery, I’m going to have to and am ramping up to cook more as I make less and everything’s more expensive and I’m curious to move.  I know i can’t moonlight forever with the sis who’s newly married and her hubs just joined the army, but I’m sure for a few months it’ll get me down the road towards adventure if i’m allowed along.  if so.


if so. he begins secondary education to his job training itself in the opening of june. I suspect this means we move about then to san antonio. texas.  this serves to be delightful but shortly after this training he is slated to move to his duty itself wherever this is and I doubt seriously this time I’d be along  in fact i doubt any of the moving is mine but back somewhere likely to stage to my own moves.  but either way I have?  adventures on the horizon…. maybe.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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turns out the word is, no need to assume move however there is a chance at a road trip during this training situation. and thus at the end of this time frame my moves are for me and likely short termed to cover any lasting expenses and save for the next round of more. less than 30 week duty assignments do not come with army aid to move easily so he’ll be alone some first to do it to it mt dew basic and then the challenging education with professionalism in his chosen assignment which is a no joke 50 % failure rate upwards of washing out so it’s months of separation for them however if they had it easy now it’d suck later and neither of them are the type to not expect sacrifice and effort to be rewarded should they be lucky and put that effort and sacrifice in. so, 😉 nope no mega interesting move action necessarily for me. I’ve also road tripped generally through Texas not to San Antonio but El Paso to Dallas across to go up to okc and previously i was across Oklahoma courtesy of a gal pal whom we got on like a house fire as in arson every other night 😀 hugs but that was bothersome to feel the fight always there shame it worked out that way. so. that seems to mean different directions as i probably already said… oo the ramble

OOH! I love stuffed peppers and stuffed tomatoes! 🙂 (Better stuffed than smashed. ??? 😛 ) Thanks for your recipe! I eyeball and estimate a lot when I’m cooking.

I’m not a big fan of pastrami…but will watch the vid when I have more time (later, gater!).

There are always adventures on the horizon! 🙂
Bolgona-HUGS!!! 🙂
PS…do you cook in crocks? Cookery in crockery?!
PSS…I’m putting myself in The Time Out Corner now. I’ve been silly today! 😀

actually i no longer own a crock pot again and to be fair about it, I can’t say I ever really got crockin’ I have made a chicken and rice bake out the liner of one or two crock pots as it is indeed “clay” and a “pot” so therefor I made? clay pot chicken and rice. this is cream of soup, rice a roni preferrably the chicken broccoli one, chicken perhaps a bit of milk for the cream of whatever and paprika for making it look cooked browned yummy versus whitely…and of course oil of somekind so it doesn’t all stick to itself and everything. making sure to measure water/liquids to match the rice aroni is important as you want a chicken and rice not a chicken and rice popcorn.

Pastrami sandwich. I was told in a Polish deli, “We don’t serve Reubens, since Germany invaded Poland.” A sandwich by any other name, is still a sandwich the same. lol Funnily enough, the best one in town (so far as I can find) is Jason’s Deli.

Stuffed peppers be yummy. At one time, no one would eat peppers, but now anything but green is a go. heh

I hope the moves don’t leave you in the lurch.

well, 😀 the peppers are deliberately red or orange as you can find those and of course now can consider stuffing them. -. as to pastrami lol now as i sit here lolwondering where my smokes got off to, I’m so tempted to load the card and go shopping…I got my mind on my pastrami and pastrami on my mind..mind/money snoop doggy dog or something. might see if this square can get up a rewording of that song for the square purposes of lifestyle comment 😀 – but while i can think of how you can make a pastrami inexpensively enough, I can think of a po’ boy. it would seem that it’s less just ingredient mania but that style I and you of course would remember from yesteryear. Ir’s a rolled roast or you take a bigger round steak forever somewhere on special and you roll it to a roast. thist is where you’d have remembered that kitchen string or string netting . that’s rather spendy but it had a picture so you’d see what I mean exactly 😉 now rolled roast it’s round steak so it’s never the typical lip smacker folks associate in beef yet dangit! it’s cheap and can be yummy!. roll in’ rollin’ rollin’ flank steak goeggies we’re rollin’ with pride. roll it up, cook it down so we chow it down this pride!. or as a roast it can slice more like sammich meat and thus you’ve got a roast now for the grvy.. you’ll have to choose if you want a bit of the au jus experience and or a gravy as otherwise why not that remember it shaved ice berg lettuce thin if not as coleslaw and some of that tomato slice. and some horseradish and perhaps italian dressing on whichever torpedo you’d be after. it isn’t as if you can’t buy this pre made but I’ve always noticed it’s just not the same. nothing beats those early sammich memories of how warm they were and delicious not whomp would you like chips or a drink with this? or perhaps you remember correctly when they had… sub dressing. it’s not a pesto, it’s not an italian it’s its own thing beano makes a version . and since the lettuce isn’t green but shaved white and thus devoid of nutritional value 😀 perhaps it might occur?? 😀 and warn them, because I’m evil about vegetation. I am not a carnivore but an omnivore so I LIKE the vegetation a bit. I mean i don’t order sesame chicken just to avoid vegetables…i like it of course.. that’d be why but i aim for things with begetables. and oo lala are egg rolls this side of heaven and those usually haven’t meat…. least none I grew up with.

I had no idea of the rolled advantages of round steak. I would’ve figured you would have to cure it for a proper sandwich slice, or at least marinate. As for veggies, romaine lettuce makes a pretty good bun, if you don’t want to consume 80 carbs with lunch. Sub dressing? That’s news to me. As you can see, this is but red wine vinegar and oil…soybean/vegetable with salt sugar and spices… toss some oregano and some basil in with a pinch of sugar into your own red wine vinegar and oil… or connive someone to let you have a cup of left over wine and like that’s ever gonna happen lol and let it sit out a week or two you’ll have vinegar soon enough 😀 – I’ll be fair about wraps, I never would think of them except oh a salad? salads can be good. now to get in a lunch at denny’s as the big guy of the house leaves for to sign into the army this evening. while we’ll do a dinner surely before he leaves, this is about the last time we can hit up where he works now for some of his cookery. oh and forgive me, sub dressing lol, it’s of course not the same as a straight Italian lol but that’s just hair splitting 😀 and because i read a crap ton on what is and was dressing, a vinegrette…oil vinegar being a base for common Italian now is more historically French. thousand island is secret sauce at mcdonalds…as the secret done told but in reality its effectively russian dressing and was originally sold as such when we brought it out in 1910 new hampshire…not surprising since the russian thoughts wouldn’t have ended with the news of the sino japanese war we brokered peace for in 1905 would have been remembered some. ranch is the relative latecomer being from alaska in the early fifties only to take over the world… but that was held up not because it wasn’t good, but because you couldn’t make it shelf stable for 2 years previously. green goddess was a dressing in honour of the movie star visiting a hotel of that movie george arliss in san francisco from the william archer play. and such and so on. you can enjoy a tour of wikipedia on dressings if’n you’d like or just take my synopsis shattered for my purposes here 😉

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