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what car do i drive.  i do not drive or otherwise operate motorvehicle for any reason  I once couldn’t resist the chance in lesser circumstances.. in a low speed environment… and? driving is fine parking however is not a skill  so after the usual unfair feeling of being told I’m not allowed that freedom because parking into the house is..well bad… but shortly after it occured to me why i do not get to- it isn’t that i can’t actually operate the contraption and parking skills couldn’t be learned, I’ll never ever be able to thuroughly correct for other’s mistakes – I don’t mean duh I see accidnets nearly daily I mean duh others obviously cant either correct their own errors or those of others… but this isn’t the tense of the meaning.  I haven’t a chance to really try.  it is immoral to wantonly do things when you just are being risky… ohh gawd I said that and now i’m instantly square.

list my pets:


I own none at the moment.  I live with 2 great danes kona 4 a harlequin great dane harlequine meaning the spotted cow looking  mistaken for dalmations which are far far meaner creatures unlike gentle great danes…the other dane is Moe as in mosquer… he’s 2 male and the upstart. he’s nearly entirely all satiny black save for a white spot on his neck not unlike a priest’s collar….he’ll make you laugh but he’s not precisely “well behaved”  but much of his sins aren’t life ending.  i used to live with a cat that was sister’s his name was brother darkness… a black cat who was a real yeowler  as if chatty, he is in the house care of my brother now so the house didn’t have kitty company for the other roommate bringing another kitty who was more timid.  darkness is a bum of a cat he literally will not bathe himself and thus is treated to everyone’s favorite…giving a cat a bath as one has to…to add insult to this he lies around like coyote bait..but he’s a murderous lot and many a birdy or mouse met their end because of him leaving presents…ew.

previous to this was same cat but geronimo  the blue healer too,  geronimo is a bully and a pot stirrer  but a loveable cuss.  he’ll be a puppy much the entire life span of him or10 more years he’s like 4 . five ish.   prior to those two I had a string of dogs that liked to sneak out on ME then meet foul ends… interspearsed with two others of the canine situation that stayed longer  these were copper an irish setter caught garbage hounding and a despicable mess  which were some cosmetic surgeries just spent and she up and bought the farm.  ringo was a shibo inu and an absolute embarassment…no fan of cats would tear out across the street at 3am and bark a fierce war at the window of the one acrossed the street or during the day would bark and pitch a stinky noise fit about any ethnic people and or chase the electric scooter bound gentleman about the neighborhood  he gets  his lil knee fix and just as the cast’s off runs in front of a car.  during this time a bulumpa lab came to the house for whatever reason and as I say got out on me and ran into traffic after I didn’t see him…but of course he was following me….guilt… and the yellow puppy again gets out the door on me and this critter’s never seen again more than likely as cute as he was he was picked up as someone’s wow cute puppy running around .  also in this time frame of living with other’s pets was two kitties who didn’t take well to sis going dog owner on them and began pissing on everything and thus shortened their stays with us… I dislike getting sprayed literally in the face.  and a cuter kitty that about the time mom had had it to the gills with animals always grabbed one of us to make the last ride and do the letting go far away dirty work… wally was one such cat no claws fat as a house scared of his own shadow siamese.  but when mom’s had it out they go.  but then again mom was always allergic some to all and or any pets and had a nasty enough case of asthma the first partner in crime was another black cat a very sleek abbyssinean soft os silk  the nneighbors dog didn’t like it so bit her back end up and it festered til such was her end.. we didn’t know iwth her as it was an outdoor creature and it was not instantly apparent.  there were a few others during this decade 2 ago and one robin bird that mom wanted to raise.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “365q2,20+21”

That’s a lot of Car mags!
I like hearing about the pets in your life! 😛 They make sure life is not boring! 😀
I tried to raise some baby birds (when I was a kid) that had fallen out of a nest, but I was not successful. 😦
HUGS!!! 🙂

aw drat! mom got her lil fat squeeker clued in with a basket to how to worm in the actual grass, the basket was the obvious dudley the cat handy for a life lesson on beware of cats birdy boy, they’re not your friend. handy basket and cat demonstration 🙂 still remember all the white streaks on the dark green couch. 😀

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