365q2, 17.18

what was the last (new) thing i tried?

I tried not loaf-a-loafing about the house and succeeded taking the dog down the block a couple of bus stops worth to a field… this didn’t result in any measured peace from the one still not done with “heat”  but there was some happy rambling.

I tried something different at taco bell – I usually try to get a burrito supreme or aa taco or a toastada… today’s different life-altering change was… I got a steak soft taco versus a chicken one and I have not done that in many years.

I tried making swift concise sense of my political leanings and failed by needing to explain pages on pages deleted.  my point of view is either not one of the majorities or is that and further unpopular by being picky pants atop that thiniking I have some kind of earth – changing opinion.  I may, but it’s still likely to be unpopular first 😉

I tried getting a recipes stuff and precisely what I’d want or need no more no less and left having spent 21 on the day and didn’t  consume every nummy i got nor buy beer.

I tried NOT starting with a yummy beer and wanting the usual too much and succeeded in not consuming alcohol this waking day.

I tried passing gas and succeeded…while this is bad news to your nose, I dare say it’s a prize for not adding to my laundry. however, this isn’t particularly new””

I said hello to the new neighbor lady. I didn’t tryat being all amazed wow a single female here of all places!  i didn’t try to schmooze a date or better. what a big huge surprise she isn’t single and my sister’s advice of try madly foolishly to bang anything that moves versus politely waiting to meet what now isn’t a single lady but a very very married one 😉  even to the point of saying the obvious sure i may chase enough online0 but I am no more a ruination of anyone’s lives for a free flop on thursday hopefuls.

I tried eating the damned pasta egg salad… i’d like to think I’m happily fed and not wasting what foods about the house entirely nor my means chasing taco bell winds, but almost sensibly enjoying my time.

of course i tried not ignoring the damned noise or smiling as it’s my chance to be giving/ loving… poor pooch is besides herself still in heat.  so it’s pay attention to me i’m dying!  but I’m still trying to do nice things and or be nice. do as in say take the annoyance for an extra long walk special …


my biggest hope is….I’m not sure but I know empowerment and fulfillment can be achieved without me using such as n entrapment of either myself or others.  don’t you worry, i surely would and somehow everyone knows and some li ke me despite my evils ;).. don’t get away with everything but they like me 😀

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “365q2, 17.18”

Trying new things can be fun! Sometimes we find out we like the new thing and sometimes we learn “Yikes I won’t do that again!” 😮 😉 HA! 😛

We used to have a neighbor who let his female dog go into heat every year…and male dogs (from near and far!) would line up along the guy’s fence to stare at his female dog. Ha! If she would get up and walk, the male dogs would get up and follow her down the fence-line…they couldn’t get in the high fence to her, but they were mesmerized by her! 😉
HUGS!!! 😀

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