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what mood am I in today?

I’m reminded of all the times i got to go to the mind and body wellness “celebration”wherein the hottest thing going was the aura pictures and life-affirming explanation of what the colors shown! meant.

of course i think i bollocks the posting of my aura photo this last time around  so i can not share with you easily  but i did save one let’s see if i can swipe it.

first aura photo

I’m reminded of auras in that this one was definitively  a LOUSY day.  as if my heart hadn’t yet returned after the last snuck away.  of course it’d been over a year at this point  – there was no magic reconciliation coming either – this time however it’s worth noting the newer one has been a joy since…new at the time of this photo and the next shows me well into different colors adjusted to a job i was? very much leaving at the time to another adventure of which it’s part 2 of as i’ve moved again and here is my boo hoo chance at a sniffle- the sky is falling! 😉    but auras.  AN aural photographer, this one’s san antonia by area code ish texas.

but the point here is not auras but moods and how this is the new version of the mood ring.  the picture above is just one mood.  it’s accurate to it’s time.  boo hoo to the sniffles as in i was hoping to avoid their flu… but alas, no….another mood and stuck like chuck feeling adventurous when obviously i shouldn’t share nasty illnesses so here i am stuck like chuck.  – oh i remind the dog’s aren’t done with heat… she’s close but he’s still a flaming mess.  this is a time of? morning..but the coffee’s cold… a lousy take on the  patriot movie where rene a. tries to keep john who’s just shown to his family taken by the war to lose his mind… this is a time of mourning… 😀  i’m not really but i really do want taco bell.  something not too sugary as duh that’s only going to compound the misery of the next week.   so, two spicy chicken soft tacos….mmmmmmmm  that’s my mood, i have the money, i can even walk it’s not too cold out but i shouldn’t go anywhere and share…shoot 😦


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 responses to “365q2,16

  1. I think you have a lovely aura! 🙂
    Sorry you is ill. 😦 Hope you are well soon!
    Yes, don’t spread the germs! 😛
    My mood today was positive and goofy…even tho’ my body is not cooperating so nicely.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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