as I napped away a few days, …

I wish I had, her. ya ya ya another year where i send the valentine to my hand :{  bad red dwarf quote.  but that’s not fair.  i’m not particularly horny and far more shallow – so this instant i’m bummed i picked a lousy pick on netflix and can’t get into it  so i really wish i had a better show.


on the twelth i took precisely the same photos as per usual, zero.  my phone’s in the drawer uncharged.  if you mean the last photo i swiped online… that’s easythe questions above!

I slept the majority of the thirteenth away so I read a few chat responses back and responded to them then went to sleep off the tequila and avoid the flu.


I’m currently not reading any books. the last uplifting movie/netflix i popped up was “the history of maths”  I couldn’t see that day as my eye was so badly infected and sore  it still is.. i was born with an eye infection so depending on severity it’s either blufferitis or keratitis.  while i have had gasoline in my eyes the majorit of damages is from the infection which gets crusty hard scrapey scratch my poor eyeballs and has thus damaged them here or there over the years.  but none the same hearing an elegant solution for pi was fun

how many hours of sleep? somewhere around 28 hours with a 2 hours bleary tubbing and awoke to a red dawn that was pretty.

there are a lot of things i wanted and didn’t get.  however i am blessed to have a bit of attention so thank you.  it’s kind of you lot..

I have pretty spicy tequila fries for anyone who’s interested.




By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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oh in stages it’s red dwarf time alllll year 😀 0 that one was how the ganag whil defending themselves proved their innocence with getting a fresh charge of abuse of classified information to get the exact same jail time anyways :D… without which we’d not have a rampaging dinosaur in the ship eating all the captain’s favorite orange ice pops and a popular fizzy drink…. which leads to unrelated laughter at posts of you lost your velociraptor… he responds to nothing and is very bitey, please collect him.

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