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nine-tenths of the law… 365q2,9-10!create-your-own

I’m not precisely sure this was the exactly location but #10 say’s what’d i buy last. – frozen yogurt.  pistachio topping cheesecake toppoing strawberry short cake all topped with raspberry with graham cracker dust and cherry sours – fun size flat rate $5 cup.

number nine is what time did i go to bed?- before this outting to bewakened to frozen yogurt talk… well worth waking for.

I heard the schpeal about the “process” …complicating my eyescream snarl about to make an appearance…step away from my sugar!…and then the where’s this or that no i’m not military…only to suavely knock over the caution wet floor sign thwack!… then the chat was triple dog dare ya pickle juice yogurt which yeah sorta sells but not for any other reason —you should make a martini version… olive brine perhaps mince bits …his wife over there will triple dog dare him…SHHH! only to hear upon leaving shaking hands nice to meet you  ice cream lady… you could have gotten a number…wasn’t interested…job for free ice cream  her like that none of it. hmf… step away from my sugar… apparently I’m a lousy flirt  or only good at when i’m sincerely not even a radar blip interested.  hmf.


About Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 responses to “nine-tenths of the law… 365q2,9-10

  1. “What’s in your cup?” 🙂
    YAY for frozen yogurt…and what you had in your cup sounds yummy yum!

    I knew of a guy in San Francisco who made all kinds of ice cream…even veggie ice cream, garlic ice cream, etc. I thought that was fun! 🙂

    So the scoop is you flirted with The Ice Cream Lady? And her frozen heart didn’t melt? Oh well, life with her would probably be a Rocky Road! 😉 😀

    Sprinkles-HUGS!!! 😛

  2. I gave up ice cream over 10 yrs ago.

  3. You’ve been quiet for a few days after much chatter. 😉
    HUGS and Happy ❤ Day!!! 🙂

    • I slept yesterday away. i may have skipped flu and certainly did tequila. the dogs are posessed to be chaos she’s in full heat and he’s the annoying one 😉 pizza rolls go good with chaos. I’m trying to get up theoomph to salad, I have romain lettuce and cucumber and plum tomatoes enough for a typical or a smaller jicama from the asia mart-i have cayenne for it but not a lime but i have orange juice and of course tequila and salt. I’m trying to get up the oomph to salad something…healthy…there went the tequila notion of course. I had a nice chat or two which all those doesn’t make posts as i’m better about not kissing and telling. if someone’s watch was blown count from 12th is sixty two days and duh we’ll know long before tax day i’m taking up tempt garage space to puppy for10 weeks like some april fool I wasn’t, i didn’t allow mounts. but oh well it happens…maybe. I didn’t find my glasses this morning but did find a bit of glass so knives bother me as does the thought of playing with citrus juices if you want to know one more excuse about that salad thing 😉 hug. happy valentines

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