what is the biggest tv screen in my house?

as I do not own prejective equipment, its a boring old rca refurbished 46 inch job i got 2 /3 years back from sears via some fabaroo coupon when in reality these things cost 600 or more then.  I instantly saw why it was on special… it has a wonky imput feature that means it works poorly with modern cable systems or in general any kind of ease of use.  not to mention it’s base was damaged so it is wonky here on my dresser as my computer monitor that’s oddly soo big i cant easily sitting comfortably here now cant see the 8 for the day 18 inches ish in front of me let alone what I’m typing. or comfotably play games without stoop standing and getting tickled noise hairs from screen static.. damned sad sitting next to a dream monitor that’s big as all get out affordable and yet so big as to be useless really to me  I bought a 32 inch job  after selling this tv to the house which brother swiped mine for this again on moving   hmph got the lump of wood back.  of course i still lost out to the girlee roommate who then had a fifty inch job but for the price at the time, i didn’t do all that badly.  last november the mega walmart deal was 280 with taxs for a refurbished fifty five inch job…just for reference as there will be all these kinds of deals to allow openbox returnrs to resell knowingly used and or mildly damaged by customers or shipping.  so if you lust for a strapping wall of entertainment, you too can maybe afford the irritation …plan ahead walmart requires you to cue up prior to time points and they’re sold in less than an hour within a store which’ll then take you an hour to safely leave to pick up whereever they’re doing such in store… or troll that internet.  it wasn’t i don’t even remember how i found it, it was a mega coupon thing.  but trust me if you need a leg up, the deals exist.  interestingly it’s so so tastey to buy junk thinking you got a deal… but lol it still works i should be very very grateful.


as to why i bitch about size- I have a lot lot lot of myopia and my very expensive glasses to save weight being over a half of an inch thick on the edges in some renditions of the prescription are purposefully small – this obviously restricts my prescription field of vision to two head’s size at eighteen to twenty one inches away from me. so about four of my faces with ears… well close a i am small print is out….. anyways I’m not that fat of a headed soul literally, not metaphorically so this means I’m able to see poorly only about one quarter of my screen sitting.  fine enough for movie watching but not proofreading…which people should have noticed by now is a longer process for me.  so.  big isn’t the answer but back to your regularly scheduled jokes about bioligic fun hour.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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