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if you could do today over again, would you?


m.c. escher search.  as his art repeasted often 🙂


Janis joplin’s me and bobby mcgee’s “If i could trade all of my tomorrow’s for one single yesterday…”

LOOK look!  tomorrow!
life chases tomorrows today

not he past’s pornography reswallowed

why would i wear out the once i had?

trust me, even if it had to end so bad.

I’d cure with rubber denials the sorrow

oh i  could again and again  magics replay

but like a book read til ink smears,

the past isn’t the present of more magic to be found

where’s the adventure in the replay?

but yes, for one sweet moment more, you’d stay.

oh I redo yesterdays often

but that’s what memories are for.

just the magic of our when

but i’ve got to be going again. 365q

About Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 responses to “redo!

  1. i like the line from the song. of course i love the song. every bit of it.
    i do not, however, want to redo today. i’m glad today is over. i’m glad this week is over. it’s been a messy, noisy, crappy adventure and i’m done with it.
    i’m not sure that i’d go back to redo anything. there were times that i thought i should choose differently, but i realize that i am who i am because of the choices i’ve made along the way. so there we are. or there i am. messy, noisy, crappy, sometimes, but me.

    • i couldn’t convince you to substitute ccrabby for crappy either lol well i’ll mention it blackbeard had a ship named sloop betty and now maryland has a vodka by the name I’m told as all around me vodka martinis keep popping up however i still boat drink as in make- I had me some simply tropical juice and some cherry limeaide this with their cherry seven up and some other not maryland vodka made? you name it for some reason i’m replaying bettie higgins in my mind and imagining the magnum p.i. character instead being the mirror of tropical sediments…sentiments 😀 you know the song too, no fibbin’ ‘wrapped around each other, trying so hard to stay warm, that first cold winter together, lyin’ in each others’ arms, watchin’ those old movies….folling in love so desperately, honey, i was ou hero and you were my leading la dy…we had it all, just like boggie and mccall…and if you know the real song drat i didn’t remember the lines right shit. oh that’s right crabbiness! 😀

      • key largo
        crabby works just fine. crabby crappy.

      • it’s friday night, i guess that makes it all right – prince I await here with a potential cat problem of whether i bathed for nothing as its approaching the end of happy hour and we were stated to get out with the neighbors…don’t worry there’s a 11 pm ish happy hour too but something says the sis arrived it was about that time and then boogied out to a gym and then screw it happy hour’s going to be over hey lets do plan b or…catch that modern first world snot in a line that’s meant? I don’t want to go blow an evening at a bar at full price with icky 20 somethings …if they even say that many words lol which’ll mean i’ll sit here suspicious till whatever develops 😀 – i mention this as the principle complaint of this place is volume and 20 somethings on their poor behaviour sing it to jingle bells if’n you’d like 😀 f-bomb you f bomb you life ain’t going my way. that b bomb there i hate her hairbut in six months my husbad will be sittin over there. f bomb you f bomb you I just need to get away. but here i sit til the paycheck quits unless sex god start walking this way 😉 you know that boring loud scene? 😀

  2. I love love LOVE this poem, J-Man!
    I can totally relate to this…especially related to someone special in my IRL life.
    The artwork is captivating, and always enjoy some Janis! 🙂
    There are some days I REALLY wish I could redo…but, yesterday wasn’t one of them.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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