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now you have a poster of caffeine and two links about bromine…firsly, caffeine doesn’t contain bromine.  next japan and the united states are the hold outs on banning most instances of bromine use within additives or fertilizing/insecticiding foods… yet i love to see that neither the cdc of my country nor popular magazines of informative natures, do much of a damned thing to tell me where to avoid this stuff really as if they’ll get sued for claiming someone uses x and they quit but are forever stigmatized in the media for the sin and sue for legally ooperating.    now why bromine, it’s a chemical that replaces another within the thyroid of which mine’s low to not working…and i’m on the binge of seeing if i ate myself to death over the years.

the answer is most likely not.  i didn’t grow up at a macdonald’s  or burgerking or arby’s or eat a lot of fancy shaped buns requiring perfection thus fancy chemically added tricks… of which potassium bromate was a baker’s friend for perfect buns keeping the poof in the puffed up grains…bread.  and neither did i drink gallons of sodapop which could have used bromated vegetable oil or ester of wood rosin to keep the oil below the waterline of pop so it stayed flavful and didn’t look all gnarly.  I’m not saying I never had a mt dew or tastey sunkist orange pop or grape soda delight, i did.  i also maybe one time in a week got a perfect bun of something yummy at home or out.  so i doubt my mouth brought me thyroid problems

next on my little witch hunt is enviromental whoopses.  I didn’t live in an area of high incidences of radon gas then or 30 years later.  while I did live to the decommissioned and envirmentally cleaned up rocky flats nuclear arsen, which wasn’t perfect clean in operation if 90 pounds of plutonium dust in ductwork is any indication, but something tells me that they didn’t create some glow to slow my roll as anyone should be aware that radiation lessens the thyroid…and neither did i live near to nuclear energy.  so hmn, there went that blame game.

but here’s where i’d be perplexed.  i grew up in an age of ever expanding safety with about the best thing ever for this being fire retardants made with bromine.  the perplexity is how much of contanct and time going tomake any significant impact?

or is this the horse or horses ass chasing the applecart straight to spooksville?  but i am fairly curious if enviromentally this faulty thyroid mine was exascerbated by environmental impacts. if it was, i suspect fireproof clothes well over perfect macdonald’s poisonings.

next on my list is i still haven’t any nasty dirt on who can get what bromines into my food because not all plants would absorb the s.  and we all know the next question is genetics and yes sis and mom both have taken thyroid oomphing pills before but most of them aren’t lifers . so hmn there too.  but no, just perplexed, not of the answers nor do i suspect foul modern living just buggered luck of the genetic draw.


but really, how poisonous is our surroundings?


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2 responses to “perplexed.

  1. Probably pretty poisonous which is not pretty! 😮

    Very interesting post! I learned mucho much!

    How much caffeine is in Decaf Diet Coke?! 😛 😀

    I wonder why Runge called caffeine “caffeine” and not “rungeine”!?!? 😛 😀
    “Leaded”HUGS at the 300mg mark!!! 😀

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