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hit or sh*t  one of my English pals online was bemoaning the demise of one or these treasures.  a soup machine… cleverly including a methodology for chunky and or smoooth and creamy soup preparations.  yes yes, and i thought i was cool because i got a tea kettle 😉

but what about the one’s that didn’t hang the moon?  oh now 😀 “what becomes of the broken-hearted who had love that’s now for gotten”

favorites that went away:

the red devil gril… oh how i wanted one!  all the rage of suburban grilling and yet poof, they went away before i could waste money on them.  boo.  the reason is obvious that there is a design flaw which allows the flame to essential damage til failure…with an open flame still… a support which means the whole dinner collapses in a hap of flames or disappointment and or burns.

the brown and crisp bags for how to make the micro soggo-rubber  perhaps crispy thus revitalizing your microwave living..  technically not “gone” but when did you seen one last?

the gino’s east pizza maker… this was originally packaged as a branded mix kit of things before everyone did it….get your taco bell sauce/salsa etc get your this or that who cares?   some of the magic that is gino’s east is just chicago.

for instance while i can not have Gino’s any time i want it,  i can have jimano’s if i go visit my mother and brother as straight from illinois is a simple slice of chicago heaven… yeah yeah, i know I’m from detroit.  but frankly it is one of the few places of local fame i first visited on hearing and figuring out i could.  it was  darn fine pizza, gino’s eat.  it’s signature golden crust is made from not just regular flour but durham wheat flour which is the same golden colour as pasta noodles of the 80’s at the market.  this in a heaping rich array of sauce and spice cheeses and all manner of your kinds of thing on or off this list or make a list of your own…and voila… pie.

now i’m not particularly creative,  no no, i’m not really but here’s an idea that isn’t going to land me onshark tanks television.  fogg’s  yes a lightfully simple shaver over a refrigerated block of dry ice shaves a portion of the fogg into your favorite beverage to have sppoky settling fog come off your rootbeer or other favorite bevvie.  as dry ice is slightly dangerous as a product this must come with asafety strainer of paper of which the machine and no straw can punch yet some liquid can filter down for the FOGG 😉  drawbacks to this are technicalities i don’t understand at present like- how long and who natially makes it dry ice so supply logistics are covered and business owners aren’t tossing 40 dollar blocks into a machine that lasts them only 2 days or some nonsense and eats up precious counter space and gets them sued.  next logistics hurdle is how to inject co2 in measures enough to creat the fogg, but, a not overflow the cup as well co2 is? the bubbles of carbonation and i’d be adding MORE… or worse freezing the beverage at the bottom costing consumers value for their delight.  and who’d make the cups at what costs as that’s an array of not one machine but at leasttwo or three and industrial machines are never cheap…dixie?    this with two other things that while not exactly required are best had, consumer product testing to prove market desirability and profitability of the brand and thus appropriate legal testings about the processes to ensure minimum liability.


the machinery isn’t more advanced than a snow cone shaver in a refrierator box with an air powered product dispenseor through a solenoid lowered in a guarde over cup like old coffee machines affair.  ass it’d have refrigeration  it can be repacged as a stand alone mahine dispensing an array of syrup fountain made sodas or the like.  the worry is the novelty isn’t nationwide and fast wears off as once you see one sppooooky scene you dont get goosebumps on the next one.



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4 responses to “hit or sh*t

  1. theinfiniterally ⋅

    The Red Devil rings a bell but doesn’t. I had no idea you were from Detroit. I actually think the dry ice idea is quite creative. Whimsical magic, that would be.

  2. I remember hearing about Gino and his pizza maker! 🙂
    Do they still sell George Forman’s grill?!
    I’d love a foggy root beer! 😛
    HUGS!!! and I think I’m caught up with my WP reading!!! YAY!!! 😀

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