hank williams honeymoon, w16sh, 60

Emu, lunatic, drone, missing, Hank Williams, music box

twas a droning sound

lunatic? who rode Emu?

music box wind down.

hank williams honeymoon amiss?

and just who’ll  out-hiss


w16sh, 59 rollin’

folk musician, cabbage, elk, fortified, mystified, terrified.

over wine and the troubadour’s tune

terrifying talk of weird dinner’s soon.

fortifying us is elk cabbage rolls

Athenian esque versus something Pol.

mystifying  but loose belt for room.


w16sh, 58

an ornithologist, bad jokes, erector set, cormorant, Elvis

ornothologists.. studyers of birds… birds is slang for gals, female humans, women, etc

bad jokes time… if karaoke means empty orchestra, and thus a fart is karaoke…otherwise it’s shit…

and if you’re really interested in an erector set joke…just,  just type in breasts. 😛


sing it, Elvis.


he studied the room

cormorants yes, aplenty



o-phobic… w16sh, 57

with the right balance,

rollin’ around for love brings…



yeah, that’s it.  the fear of clowns

josh? bring the A-Game!



did she shatter your illusion? w16sh, 56

chain saw, archipelago, tandem, rabbit, emerald

gin, tequila, coconut rum

Tabasco sauce, lime-aide, creme de menths, pepper, lemon juice, lemon sour mix, grenadine/cherry syrup.

or, if i just posted about birdies and all that LOVE and the storied stars… booze.  no brainer really


w16sh, nickels… double.

Northern lights, prehensile, love in all its forms, dish soap  – can I laughingly say that if seeing aurora borealis from the south pole counts as seeing the northern lights?… as duhc everywhere is in fact “northern” 😀  but anyways

Picture with me please

love greed’s grasping? and dish soap

lit up in the skies


prehensile… grasping…greedily?

dish soap – via quick searching dawn is the soap of choice 😉  to not kill your poor pals who need a shine up.

“it’s written in the stars, and every line in your heart” – dire straights, brothers in arm – mark knopler composing.


w16sh 53,54very blue.


  • treasure map, turkey vultures, dodge pick up, mosaic, port-a-potty
  • fork, cockroach, iceberg, tendril, regret

I wonder if in early language, treasure was from tre or very and azure or blue.  I wonder what the turkey vultures of fate would squawk at me giving that part of the game away.  spark up the old dodge pickup and remember while you cuss tryin’ it ain’t no ford.  but ooooee! the wonder a running truck makes at a port-a-pody at fulllll speed.

blue blots across the lot with the occassional lump of treasure… what a map.  or was it just a mosaic?  fork it… no, the salad of iceberg not the literal leftovers map! let the siren call  come of the tendrils  … I want roachcoach.  why ever did they get that name too, i don’t walk up to any of them and spot cockroaches people or otherwise. of that i’ve no regret.

oh the dreams of turning the whitehouse …you know the mexican white house back to nature  you know a tre very azure very blue map …ah…yep, i thought for a second i didn’t know how embedded slangs were to prove only the treasure is catching one’s self with a very blue mouth mapping out every sin I never knew i had.  back to work



a pleasure… w16sh 52

“they may wine and dine your…but once you’re out of the way, you can’t expect it to be a pleasure – the pod in the barrier, theodore sturgeon; galxy magazine september 1957.


I was wined and dined to be a department lead in electronics.  the interview was more than 30 minutes with the chieftain herself… one or the other gadget guru or wrangler the carts shoveling doo doo.  and it was but one week later five grand left of it’s own legs from the stupidest security measures I’d have had to be responsible for.  I wonder if I’d lost my mind trying to take the best and only squat duty that remained… but my tenure there while brief didn’t include explaining gross neglegance… my inventory even grew….yeah budy, we got ourselves some FANCY carts during my tenure.  but like the story continues, it was still a suide mission 😉  if not of my pride but what energy of my soul…well, i don’t work there, it was more than science fiction to think i could as the temperatures fell and the people got lazier and lazier thus the job more trecherous… back to reading magazines i guess 😀


49.50 w16sh for 2-4’s

Rerrific Tadpoles!hmnn

teleport the pin prick geneologies

any anniversary holiday

im over due the beer and something bbq sauce

perhaps a blood orange ipa float

nope soap swadled little floaties.

terrific tadpole: today 10:30 til 11;15, main ool.

AND DON”T FORGET TO PICK UP the kidergarderner.




  • tadpoles, anniversary, pin prick, bbq sauce, teleportation, geneology
  • blood oranges



48.49 w16sh quarter bag of tarragon.


  • hypoglycemic, tarragon, mountains, fleas, stitches, Dear John
  • contains a line from a utility bill.


the utility says  just says coldly amount due

and i walk in a hypoglycemic haze

Iwhy not not the latest licorices?

they lower blood sugar extending your days

pouch fish with tarragon vinnegrette.

hygh glycemic fish with the annisette shown to lower

yes tarragon is annisette like in flavors or black licorice

so is thus absinthe, jaegermeister and disaronno too

but I doubt anyone’s  thinking some kind of pub named carbomb

I would see the mountain, dear John

and you all thought it was a letter say bye forever

more like hello freedom minus fleas and stitches

at least til the snow sneaks in.

then it’s a saloon sound sobrietied out

rocky mountain High…. colorado

I’m flippin’ high talk to me tomorrow

what was that lyric again

oh yeah amount due.