w16sh, 4

a herpetologist, obscure records, coffee, broken glasses

you’d think me a herpetologist
for researching up on all of this
but here i chase the morning coffee
not having nodded off whee!
a pile of palaver
scienced up in a lather
reading on how diffraction is why the sky’s blue
no animal produce any blue, yep true
but you’ll read  of document obscure
with sub words a zillion to be sure
and rub blisters  a generous token
of too much reading when my glasses are broken.


still spent less than an hour on this as I cant quite cheat the game…. the background research…. -branch of zoology studying amphibians and reptiles.. reptiles…easy..snakes. – because I didn’t have a kneejerk answer for even what an amphibian is.

thus my initial joy of dyes from sea critters is ruins in favor of froglegs or snake oil… we’ll see or you perhaps already did what leaps to mind. another obscure record point is the value of rupees “shells” as a currency and this value based against say the british pound… of zilch relevance now but such were my thoughts.

coffee, well, I’m not sure snakes and or frogs really are involved in coffee habitats…say like a civet eats but can not digest a coffee beans this bean is washed of the ick dried roasted ground and sold as a highly prized coffee… but again…curious which eats into this no think easy hunt’s don’t waste much time on this, just WRITE.  wouldn’t reccommend these in one’s diet but they sure do grow where coffee comes from…  but that direct connecting point? coffee/frogs…  already though the link of ants and poison dart frogs toxicity…the movie medicine man / sean connery where the “cure for cancer” was supposedly discovered but the honky man had it wrong what the medicine was and from where leaps to mind where it is now possible to link to plantation and pasture habitat the dart frogs… but again the direct linkage even if obscure is not present  …. and

four hours off to chat with mom and NOT THINK ABOUT THIS 😉

but last key point, just as a pink flamingo is white as snow til it consume brine shrimp to turn pink via it’s diet just as studies showed that yellow fat was more desirable at the times of my grandparents beginning of their adult lives or 40’s/50 not 50’s   thus oleo “margarine” never sold as well as butter as it is by nature white til colored and also. chicken fat is yellow because it sells better due to yellow fat being desirable by study and sales…not your no addditives lifestyle desire and even because of it…so the reason it’s yellow is? marigolds in the chicken=feed.   so, what makes the dartfrog the color they are…some eat ants yet some others eat a varied diet yet some of these poison dart frogs are not poisonous actually at all and some vicously lethal and some eat very similarly. doesn’t specifically cover the colors by direct tdietary intake but mentions interestingly that if one wanted one as a pet and didn’t feed it specific bugs, 😀  no poison.  poisonous dart frogs are just not poisonous in captivity unless the very specific parts of their diet that are the foundations of the toxins is given them…

chromotophores  =  while not defining the actual intake of how such is controlably made just that it is is more in=depth…but, not a valid for me or you accessible just extant article.    which covers what is foraged and what is indicative i.e. how you can begin to vary the diet yet not change a blue frog into a red frog or something like this. comprehensive explaination of the ways colors come about …much of it trickery ;() not so much pigment.


that’s about all the time i can devote to this and still not cheat the simple smaller effort of this hunt..but what i was looking up.

Click to access 669159.pdf


w16sh, 3

were you doctoring it up long before emeril got in his kicks?  tell me how lovingly you laid upon the good dusts black and white.  We all knew no one’s opinion really mattered, yet oh hell no it didn’t at church.  If you took home leftovers you were promoted Cain, yet how did you really feel when you learned m4sSnufflepuff really used wilderness cherry pie filling with a dash of vodka and brown sugar to subtly hide this fact as you macerated your cherries all afternoon playing the damnation game with the flies and the occassional errant child?  You slaved all day to watch th the cat knock out the first round from the window, a nearly Wasband take a big old spoon out of the best browned crust that ever was and only to see a cat hair plain as day ruining your appetite and now here comes 3 more hours only to play cain to her able.  but really do you ever get this in any recipe, the lost recipe of who you are and why this means so much?   or do you just grab a kroger’s andwish the day already over?  I don’t know i suppose, I haven’t made a pie crust in perhaps a decade now.  I tried to make scratch apple filling once.  I do delight in grabbing a kroger’s as I can’t afford to bake from scratch that often.  ever cost a sandwich…macdonald’s can offer you a crispy chicken to trump any pb and j.  and yet there’s this nostalgia for what was… a glory time when our service wasn’t so automatic but from grandma, mom or someone special.  foraging didn’t mean busting out a silly tub of trail mix  but picking as many berries as the thorns and birds would allow=worrie if a stain should appear on the brand new pants.  the spirit of even popping off the banquet pot pie to dust lightly with garlic powder and pepper -doctor yours?  or maybe youknow how lame mac cheese is oh whoopie…but I bet you never substituted the milk for cream cheese or spoon the bowl out on a cookie sheet to flatten as patties to flour egg wash and breadcrumb fry golden brown so instead of mac cheese you got macaroni pockets for movie night.  in a way, no- I don’t care what you had for dinner… I’m of course happy you ate but I might be salivating if you found meaning you’ll share that touches me there… that’s the ‘lost’ recipe..what you make it mean.


365q.2 + w16sh,2

#8 what was the last good thing I ate?

#9 what is my current favorite snack?

#10 what made me smile today

#11 what is my favorite accessory

again, it’s all sortsa easy to kneejerk a response … but it’s amusing as an exercise to ponder more meaningfully perhaps or not what is a larger answer…

if I were to dine only on memories, i’d remember far more alcoholic beverages than i ever would meals…yet as I still live and recently worked and to my knowledge can find more, odds are i did more eating than drinking of my suppers.    for instance, the last actual thing i ate was a taco lunch of turkey mince, tacobell taco seasoning, romaine and plum tomate appropriately cut up within a nacho cheese hard corn shell of a store branding of said versus the national name brand which is old el paso…but here it was kroger/kingsoopers city market..etc.  there is no doubting that this was a far more healthy choice than ground beef based on most people’s concept of “good for you” eating… yet it wasn’t memorable in that i left in the very dark leafy green bits instead of of only the crisp white bits of lettuce… and while i usually pepper the tomatoes this time I only salted them… and without cheese, it was a lot of bitter green and i couldn’t detect one iota of the cheesed shell…asside from a bit more salt, this was a good thing.  I wasn’t over the moon.

good food as in memorable food might be the last inkling of good i had while out about town.  this is a new town and i was walking in search of that new next hole in the wall gem… I didn’t find it but i did find a small converted pizzahut now an arceo’s mexican family restaurant on nevada av….which is a highway.  the salsa came as picante sauce and another bowl of the vegg stuff…with chips…the dish i got was tacos al carbon with beef… and here this was not open face tacos with an array of special salsas/sauces… it was a more typical platter with rice and beans where the cook warmed the tortillas on the grill with a garnish set tween them… again different to me  meat was a marinated steak diced after grilling and allright kinda like a cross between  an adobada pork type chili marinated affair and that of a more fajita style steak…didn’t exactly fail to jump out and be noticed but by the same token i wasn’t over the moon either…but what did get me was two things, costing on the menu and the beans…the beans were very very memorable and with the bland picante sauce and a lil taco garnish i had mini toastadas …the actual toastada was listed ala carte at 4.5 which isn’t thuroughly out of the market for a sit down joint but a tad toothy even in today’s money.  as if for 9.25 you could get a margarita and a toastada when the meal prices were literally the same cost…i.e. shrewed pricing to pull in every cent…whether the supposed ms/mrs choosey not hungry on a diet hates meat could make that declaration all day long and yet still get the owner a smile as he made more profit off her order than his platter… it cooled my immediate return as I adore toastadas but not at meal price for a snack. but as you see, it was both good and memorably the last thing i supposedly ate 😉

my current favorite snack… if you’re looking for cheetos type responses I’ll be just as dangerously cheesy and just say sex. 😛

what made me smile today? two lap dogs and me crowded near out of the twin mattress.  it must have looked ridiculous all 400 lbs of us  of us.

what’s my favorite accessory… if you’ve caught onto the tries hard to be witty humor by now you could telegraph i’m just  saying…my favorite accessory is the soul who helped me dispose of the body 😛  but, I don’t want you stealing all my witticisms so lets think a bit more  I’m going to say when she wears the right earrings..because sometimes such things really do compliment a person and even with limited sight sometimes I can see too.

a bonnet, pudding, alligator, stone, oboe, mermaid – from -

and of course, the model of my initial thought, the lyrics  to scarbourough fair a traditional but  i know it from simon and garfunkle.

so to reprise the  above links, we’ve a bonet  to mean a headgear or car hood, a pudding which I know as a sweet dessert but originally is a sausage, aligator is a symbol is one of power and patience and stone as in  the story stone soup is an object but a symbol and also something versus nothing, oboes are from ancient times and theatrical or for the DANCE and a mermaid is often a lurer of one to one’s demise… lets see if i get a love song out of this ? clock ticks i’m unable to cheat the goal of quicky quicky and I’ve less than fourty minutes to spend 😀 lets see if i can speed compose 😀

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
She once was a true love of mine

where ‘ we going, Club Paradise?
‘gatored shirts, stones, mermaid bonnets for oboe lines
order us pork puddings my dear dream divine.
that’s how we met for our very first time.


I wont have time to do much more with that.  it doesn’t exactly ring like an old love tune but lol oh well,  such is how ambition can get out of hand. 😀  remember, parsley sage rosemary and thyme from the original song are in fact an old love poition 😉  the modern male equivalent is a bratwurst or as described – pork puddins to be dicey about the entendre too.


w16sh,1 -paste your eyes

paste your eyes on this!

owlishly agog o’er that!

owls harbinge the death.



I went and got off my keister.  i walked the pooch to the park area …my reward was a launch at a person behind us for a bark out…gee thanks pooch!  the park’s not enclosed and has tall tall prairie grass so you’d not see the escap route at it’s rear the whoooolllle way through two aparment complexes with open gates to oh the choies of hiding@  I went on the bus to the downtown and it’s…20 minutes away and half the busses do not have the stop thingy reader/talker so as i was to the destinations’ end..lucky me.

dinner was taco bell near my house despite seeing a coffee joint with free wifi around from the terminal, a mediterranean/falafel joint, a nepalese/himalayan sit down, a cheapo burrito closet, subway, chipotle, a steak house, togo sandwiches and of course across from it a jimmy johns sandwiches, a pizzeria…none of which were enough to grab me first look and or get me to walk it all over again to them again… i did see the sign for the post office but failed to actually see the post office and otherwise mcfooey on that recon.


the bus is 3/4 the price of old dever town before it’s price hike this year.  I bought wine to replace what would stale while I was here and no one else along with a beer wihich didn’t aid in seeing anything or walking or tasting good as it was half dead old.  the candle explosion/meltdown in my bathroom cleaned up swiftly with schmirnoff blue and a bit of paper towel.  it’s rather chily oly out.


am i crazy?

dog fun continues as I am nice enough to the pooches so they only cause me mayhem versus murder.  the other evening it was a a quick turnaround yank out of the collar run away..thankfully I had some breakfast steak I had no more need of and a sense of composure and the luck of literally no one about to ruin this…  today it’s the thrill of high speed grass as the biggest hell of dogs is when they see another on the walk…I walked away some and then dart! and down the hill I go …even then i’m doing good til I have to collect my glasses and was talking to the dog as if he’d help…as he already did his part lol.. and the guy edges away like I’m crazy…probably am.  back to city living part one. omg it’s you can I possibly get away from you fast enough personal interactions.  okay, so i’ve large pull me more than me them dogs…what would you expect? I’m not always going to look sauve , yet they sit, return  and generally are predictable as they are playful…just a bit of a handful or mouthful of grass on occassion.

continuing the thrill, a thud stomp stomp and finally i see the neighbors upstairs… hello.  again with the oh god, you mean I have to talk to people edging away as deftly or obviously as can be seen.  lol, really.  I didn’t come here for the holiday.  I didn’t come here for some party friday night.  I came here because it has the opportunity to enjoy living.  however, as i know I came to also meet and cultivate people.. you’ll wonder along with me if I’m crazy to think the openings are altogether encouraging.  my neighbors can’t wait to escape.

now as in two hours or less ago, I’m in the mood for something new to me.

so I’m investigating stuffed tomatoesand here’s a list of ideas above and none thrill me at all.    I may just have toinvent my own offering.   however, the issue isn’t that i can’t invent something, but that this something is easy non vessels /dishes intensive and worth the effort as stuffed tomotoes to me are fairly boring.  there is the notion couscous/shrimp as I wanted a shrimp one …yet couscous believe it or not easily overwhelms shrimp.  shrimp and rice or spiced rice is okay too but bland yet to get crackin tastey rices again has a way of relegating shrimp as a taste to the backyard.  I don’t have brown rice on hand but basic sushi esque white.  I don’t ever make rissottos as in over and over splashes of attention and liquids into rice as that’s not easy or ever grabbed me as tasting worth the effort.  about the only idea i have going to jazz the rice is to make a simplified shrimp fried rice which keeps this to two to three vessels chopping implement/board,pan for rice/mix andsomething to bake out the tomotoes.  here’s the rub though, i’m not particularly motivated, i have the money the store is close enough, i have a dishwasher and the house isn’t so badly off that i cant cook and clean and thus enjoy a reward for the effort in a dinner/meal.. and i technically have allll the time in the world….  but something says this is a pushed desire. not passionate must but contrived ala boredom whimsicality.  I know I can think more on this and just go make a blessed tuna salad sandwich…before my bread goes bad.

I think I’m movied out.  I’ve seen every movie in the houses collections I’m dying to see already.  I have a few on now all day i ignore.  I know I have to walk the last leg of the missions to the park map close to here and hop the bus both ways anywhere somewhere! and still make sure the pooches don’t soil the house…I know they make a ruckus and the couch was overturned yet somehow I didn’t here the thump of that much fun one open doored room away and I was awake too…  I know i need to eat and check my insurance stuffs and go to get paperwork and stuff all…   I’m simply not motivated.. am i crazy to not care?  it isn’t all that important this instant nor this week even.  it just needs doing.  I wonder if I’m crazy.  or more appropriately, I’m rather sure I’m crazy, but I wonder if I have to or in fact do care.



nothing melts at three hundred sixty-five degrees celcius so I’m hinting with a title I may take the challenge of three hundred and sixty-five questions to   be posed and answered.  of course i’m late to start and other things enter my mind like?  rewriting the hits.  it’s my sister’s birthday and 11 years in a few days since my father past and i’m in a new town with more discovery to chatter about.

such is the challenge and where I got it from 🙂  if you aren’t reading the secretlifeofpandas… well you’ll have to hope I play completely along 🙂

what is my number one goal this year?  I moved in with my sister and soon to be husband while they transition into different jobs and a totally new life.  I came from the mountain town life of bitter paradise to this town where i’ve spent a lot of visits  here there and what not over my life but never have taken residence here…now I have…or at least a lease…have to change my address here shortly! 😉  I suppose my main goal this year is to keep on moving…  I have taken a job a I researched and i applied for interviewed and gotten not someone’s help  it was rather a dismal failure in seeming execution as I went from a department head to a bottom rung of a lowly rank job…I know it seems I got nowhere but I enjoyed my moments and not having to explain the theft of merchandise from the department they wanted me to run!  I suppose goal aspect one is maybe get another here in this new town.  I barely know where I am but finally I have a clue where my map points go the length of this little circle around the blocks – home.  I suppose the next aspect is sis and fiancee now soon enough more are leaving to other adventures…so where will I go then?  I suppose this means I have to create options for myself more than what i have now or this moving will not cease til I cant go anywhere else.

#2.  what am i grateful for?  I have a sis and it is her birthday so yay for her and hope she’s enjoying the pelican outting in california…  the doggy sitty here isn’t that tragic… it reminds me to be grateful I have company as if I moved to my plan goal of me independant… I wouldn’t even have a cat for company.    now of this instant this is good as I ate the bowl of guac and have gas so am n ot fine company 😉  but in general i suppose I have to start finding friends.  I’m grateful even to have the challenges 🙂

#3 am I content?  no. not really.  I know that warm feeling all peaceful and happy and i call it love once in a while but in reality not particularly content.  this isn’t tragic really, I know what to search for and I know it’s best I have a motivation to get moving.

#4 what is my best memory from last year?  there was a moment when it seemed i had a chase/romance…ah.   but in all fairness this question cheats in a way because the most important thing is almost immemorable what i achieved stably over andover.  little choices and events at a time thus I’d have to give a name as I maybe missed a week but otherwise i faithfully kept up with my favorit internet romance.    and thus if you combine that to a generalization, I have a memory of who ups and downs  and thus i expect not to give straight answers but more clever ones…shhh it some are cleverer than I 😉 I am aware of this.  but why answer the rote way?

#5 my favorite accomplishment.  I got a job on my own… that’s the kneejerk answer..and I also could go with the kept myself in touch with the lord for a religious twist 😉  and don’t knock it hethens! spirituality strength is rather helpful now and again!  but no, my favorite achievement was and is so much more simple… I made dinner that someone, mom, liked.  hopefully she wasn’t lying to be nice as it meant something to make mom hapy.


#6 what posession could I not live without?  well this is kinda lame of me to clever it all up to be simple… I’d be hardpressed to live anywhere like I do without the glasses on my face.  not much makes more of an ongoing difference in how you see me or me anything.  but I’d rather say toilet paper because I’ve missed a day of my glasses but not a day without toilet paper. 😀

#7  can people change?  the answer is obviously yes but also no.  you likely will recognize someone 2- years later without having spent a minute with them otherwise no matter how much their fortunes have changed one way or in that sense no people don’t quite change per say.  but develop…yeah they do and not always for the better… and tendencies surpressed or cherished are still very much there.  I can be crooked and not very nice yet most would say I’m often the nicest one going? all sunshiney…and junk  but again, I’m not much different at 41 than I was at 16 or 4  however, parts of me you’d rarely see were part of the fun of times.


well enough of that challenge for now lets music.  karma chameleon came to mind while someone said the codephrase not my cup of tea.    I said this country is more of a bunch of coffee sinners.  we were discussing how this town I live in is fairly religious… one shopping center here had five churches with in it for example.  he of course went literal and mmmmm on the thought coffee.  I asked is it?


coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee drip-brewed, my zen.

I thought about putting more flesh to this line and maybe will later but not now.

back to a week more of moviews and one libray and post office mission hopefully.  that’s about all I need do past a load of laundry and bathe and vac the house eat care for the pooches etc.



I was reading a geometry made simple book or was it geometry explained?  I’m confused and it threatens to leave my head swiftly… but for this concept set… a cartesian plane..not plain… we’re not serving up a deli of math here.. is a square grid… well polar coordinates are a circle with crosshair lines or the universal simple of gun sights…  geographic north is cleaner as it is better than the less precise magnetic north..yet for one to use an instument…it would be difficult o tell a machine a concept when it is far easier to have it interpret timing from a magnetic point….thus humans are rather better in square form versus the machine better circularly….them square pegs made round holes…glorious.  and the golden mean is 1.68  or more precisely 1 to 1.68…which conveniently is where i graduated 168 in my class by no means dead last just not high up there…but even still 20 some hyears later the geometry I never took still is fun to read and number rather amusing just like I get 6 views every two day ish….in salable terms I’m dead, but in human terms I’ve a faith 3-5 readers now friends.    maybe i just don’t give one the directions they seek… maybe i’m not multiplied dunno… but in this sense it isn’t a shame because the first law in being like no one else is to be just that different… now to stand out about it ;)…too late..allready me.