math junk

stats for things… remember stats can be made to say anything

I put out now 97 posts with this one since prompts began it’s been 26 days so this means more than an average of three a day. you were previously seeing me post maybe 2 posts a week not anything so much by the day.

I achieved a goal in that i looked up and utilized  notions current on atrtribution of works not mine… okay still a sinner but i also

shined up some offerings as in spell-checked and edited.. considering my not so usual visitors commented/appeared.. so condier me happy I can shine up as well as on.


I think statistics show me that i still pick a good picture 😉  okay, some might whine and say I am interesting in print too.

I didn’t mail my christmas cards yet as i’m a sinner

I did not find a post office but i changed my address online

I managed not to blow all my efforts moving – meaning it’s the end of the month and i have money…lucky me.

I have found in this roughly month:

edelweise – a fine german restaraunte and bar.  happy hour half liters are 3 bucks but frankly i like their rolls and soup and most importantly their potato salad which is american as in yellow but has quite a vinegar smack to it which i failed to duplicate putting in mango vinegar to one of my pick ups.

my mexican outting includes arceo’s mexican and some place I can’t place the name something super by the king soopers on academy/and drennan… the margaritas over best beans going leaves arceos in my happy belly lead, but super something or other’s has a tangy not hot tangy enchilada sauce that’s pleasing to say the least and sis likes their fix it how you like it salsa/condiments bar.. i haven’t fixed my good glasses since they broke mid month screw snaps not came loose drat…well anyways i can not see nearly as well so buffets and condiment array bars suck balls it’s a jumble of what the hell is it?  but i like that sour cream and guac are NOT extra  and my tamale was good but the relleno busted my fork  heh.  plastic wear here folks but lol none the samee.


chinese tastes are still china dol for the lead as last evening’s also haha super buffet wasn’t much of notes.


dickeys, taco bell i have as you can tell visited other locales


I’m not perfectly situated to the busses but,

I dig hit bingo to play it for a change and lost  drat but the company of one who whooped out the dictionary on me right away with neophyte to bingo..and the other sat crocheting thinking we started later than we did despite the hot evidence otherwise ;)…she helped this crocheter, to keep me from missing one of my numbers which was kind…..sis of course said i should have chatted them uop more… picking the older of the two to indicate i missed the chance at a half gummer…i wish i can tell you we hit the booze in the lot or something but no alas left field can happen….un aided.  it was of course this or bowling  I wanted a shot at more money so bingo was my vote we all lost 😉

so, seeing the other places versus this one shows we one out afterall huge.  I thus have to say such is the humany math stuff. save that i don’t know if I’ll chase more work just yet. I survived nicely not doing so.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “math junk”

Good job on all the posting! I’ve enjoyed it! 🙂
I barely have time to post once a week! 😮
I’m not great with math…but, it does effect our lives every day.
Ha! I get freaked out a bit when plastic forks break! 😛
HUGS!!! 🙂

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