w16sh, 61,62 fly to the angels.




so you’re fishing from your favorite bar?

damsel or dragon fly? who’ll end up in your cart

A healthy bird would always seem to be energetic and with intermittent eating sessions.

but grant concession to the sessions I’d rather just hint rather than mention

but a dragon fly was an ass brether from the start.


just imagine with me over a plate of okra

how the best of this world unfolds before ya

we chase our true love’s first kiss or tonights new trist

but we bathe in alcohol driving towards organ danations bliss

you’d be DONE son, they’ll stick a fork in ya.


but how do you tell your damsels from your dragons?

you should know this is balderdash and shannanigans

you know a damsel from her wide set eyes you’ll prize

but the butt breather has hers all wide not set like a fly’s

you know it’s bjust tastes so catch as catch one can.


but before you choose well who you carter

or you’ll find naught but a fur trader

ready she’ll be only to eat you alive

humming something circles of of life

so be a bigger fish leaping to take her.


you’ll end up only in a yard holly hocked

and minding your manners to avoid getting socked

because okra is relate to that vine

you treated to one too many wines

pretending you were some big whopper.


yes dragon fl=ies deliciously gross as this is, do in early stages breath through their ass… fish like both kinds, damsels or dragons and both are predatory critters the flies and the fish.  I’m not southerned up just right so so much for my meter being of schmarm tonight.  but if you’ll grant me , yes, okra comes of the same family as holly hock and yet one’s ornamental not food…just like some of us are…sy it ain’t true.



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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