w16sh 64,66 & 69 – it is written in the stars.

hula dancer, subway, harpoon, faith, Moscato

beautician, spaceship, hot dogs, Fig Newtons, The Grateful Dead




there is an alchemy to the sixties wherein significant change came.  you could no longer stand sholder to shoulder so easily dismissing your fellows as it was obvious that time was changin’…as dylan of corse sang.  it was a time when little thing came into being that really would begin to effect your lives until your adult years – but there they were created none the same.  waiting.  I do find it odd that with every innovation came a faster and faster wearing out of it’s interests – we landed on the moon to end the decade yet watch the second landing on the moon dramatically no longer begin to matter – doubt anyone knows it was the sea of not tranquility but sea of storms – both being in the northern hemisphere but one east and one west… or that the russians put the first woman into space before we gave all our woman the right to vote.  I know music was changing, in that louis armstrong put out the last jazz standard to top achart- yet ONE man over here hated it so whoops wouldn’t promote it thus it took 20 years or so for it to be the true hit/standard it was… a rare time as idiom goes what the son wishes to forget the grandson wishes to remember isn’t exactly true 😉  medications like valium and birth control blew up our worlds even if they exist these days, they’re long o’er shadowed or antiquated from the free love they sparked or hey chill the blank out take a pill or a chill pill.  bond girls blew up the screens.  icons of music still grace our airwaves five years later in daily rotation as nothing before was as relevant.  rock and roll had come… not just groovey blues but rock and roll.  you can’t have grandad’s beers without begging the cheap section of the store carries them – yes go ahead, find me a hamm’s i can liquor barn englewood… but i haven’t gotten a stroh’s since oh eight whether they’re offered or not and coors in a deal saw pabst finish honouring theirs of ending the american heritage of carling’s black label beer which by the way was the first beer i ever had – just a sip mind….the silver bullet wasn’t even a detroit band really or just barely let alone a beer of the nation or a popular hollywood thematic film.  moscato might have existed but america hadn’t busted the french of the wine snob thing and wouldn’t for nearly another decade…but times were a changin.  so was beers… subway wasn’t hot either public transit or the sandwich shop – but at least the public transit existed so paul simon could lyricize, the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenament halls – sound of silence.  times were a changin./dylan…but I suppose what’s best of all is the studio system you heard of as hollywood farted away in the breeze and lucielle ball yes, I love lucy of the fifties was a studio chief of the sixties as star trek landed and so many other esilu productions or studios made shows make it to our lives even today. yes, a woman studio executive.  someone set fictional fire to a bra….oh wait era isn’t from this time as much. 😀  what’s most important to me of this time is the last of hollywood as a rule stopped making black and whites as did tv finally start the migration to color television filming….no, not everyone could own such a luxury…even i in the eighties stole time under a blanket to watch in black and white the black adder till dad stopped that nonsense as it wasn’t family ruling age appropriate…mom was sick of me ingesting sarcastic imput… so out went john bynar’s bizzare too which was age inappropriate ;)too.  no more benny hill which wouldn’t pass a pg 13 test of that time either….even if it is now.  but that’s like forever later.  kevlar which protects cowboys at rodeos and is available for soldiers and cops was barely invented 30 years before the genes for natural fibers were chased to later be replicated nearly fourty years after the fact in a sheep’s milk…spider silk mazzerella anyone?…now that’s string cheese!.. but our modern obsession later of video games and the foundations of mircro chips for micro processors in the first place would see invention.  so would the modern automation of airline booking which is soo fast you cant believe the prices i’ll bet but it fully automates in sixty four….add electronic fuel injection automobiles and an atm your eighties had to have rocked hard.. or a cd? dexadrines for weightloss which worked even if you needed a valium when on meth amphetamine when you went crazy 😉  but jerry garcia kept your 80 70’s and 90’s and some of the 00’s alive- jim and the grateful dead… only bands tried to tour bus before ala bb king who actually did work a 365 day year…surprise he had less luck staying married? nah  divorce begins, inflation takes over, the promise is of course left to a mortuary’s beautician to display for final viewing… but it began then.  space ships were in high form but the b movies became b television that lasted.  hotdogs remained popular but people learned again of the hamburger at macdonalds which even my mom still wows about from memory along with the elegance of go get some kentucky fried chicken when visiting her better off maybe relatives making one hell of a show for her memory anyways… dave thmas came of his own though  so did catherine zeta jones grace us too.  however this storry doesn’t save for music harpoon anything prior to it and even social considerations had decades to go before they were more historically evaluated… but you can chomp a fig newton now as you could have then.  you could have seen the rise of the projects only to see them blasted by nuclear bombs of discontent nowadays but the programs had barely began  in 64,66 or shown any evidence of history by 69… however curiously, 1968 not numbered here shows with an overlay of 1995’s consumer index which means look shit like this up for yourselves, that money went no further yet went far farther than now then in 68 as the heros of the movements died rfk or mlk to riots everywhere that a year later at alta mont the hippeies could see evidence the social life of before had began to die…awaiting only cocain and disco as proof….rather a bridge over troubled waters, eh?  anyways faith elvis and a hula dancer should tell you that no good thing ever dies.

come alive with me

listening to yesterday

for all of today.

yesterday before I came

the winds had begun to change.

ps. the first cd usa was dire straight’s brothers in arms of 1985… not the first of all time, mind, just the first commercially made in the usa… born in the usa – springsteen probably beat it out… but then again, I didn’t get an atm card well into the 90’s either 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “w16sh 64,66 & 69 – it is written in the stars.”

I didn’t know there were CD’s that early on! Wow!
Cool history and facts and trivia in this post!
Wouldn’t it be fun if Subway had hula dancers serving up pork’n’poi subs!?!?
Your poem (“come alive…”) is beautiful!
It’s always nostalgically fun to think about the fun of the past…but, also, exciting to think about the fun that is yet to come! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

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