69, 66, 64 revisioning… notes w16

it bored me all through dinner and bingo that I don’t CARE about the beatles enough to focus so heavily on them, hippies, counter this whichever.   so: other associations ala my numbers then words.  route sixty-six here as a tv show i never ever heard of.  beers of 64 as I seriously ain’t feeling a beatles tie-in 😀 oakland oaks and the ABA efi or sometimes just an i electronic fuel injection, 1966  non dairy creamer in 1962 or the first atm 1969 are far sexier things but 😉  odd however about the cd and nutra sweet  65 yet not brought to any prominance in that era knowing your kid’s ‘ll see the last of nutrsweet soon enough as it’s well into it’s phase out.

so beer,  now cars heh


babes… beer cars and babes… aren’t I the beautician? 😀 of the moment.  completely high brow…with my dreams of lowenbrau.


from sixty four exploding on our scene the beatles but done in 1969 also offers some amusement as would the less timeline precise beach boys.


tv when from black and white to color during this era but again not precisely and one of the last films made in black and white  is a favorite  king rat george segal. butchassidy and the sundancy kid and bond was going in sixty four. or something… lyndon john fpigjt in civil rights, a variety of social programs but amped up vietnam so watching people fully vote  to civil and social movements peeter out or become uglier from sixty four to sixty nine is another theme  there is video game consoles in 1966 the micro processor in 1969 and surely something computery on 64…† there you go airlines fully automate the process in 1964

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “69, 66, 64 revisioning… notes w16”

honestly i admit i like one beatles tune out of what 457 of them? do you wanna know a secret… this along with mom’s other the fleetwods call me mr lue should tell you I liked more of mom’s tunes than dad’s :D… to my poor siblings… no wonder i’m more often the favorite 😀

I like a few of their tunes.
My parents listened to a lot of country music…so I grew up on Hank, Patsy, etc.
I introduced my kids to all the music I listened to growing up and they actually like some of it! 🙂
I’m not surprised you are more often the favorite! 😀

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