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  • (bergamont) denim, elevated, keening, millipede, going dutch
  • contains line from the label on  a house-hold product
  • comic books, poison ivy, chain, fire pit, tooth
  • Flight of the Bumble Bee, blue eye shadow, garage door, wiener dog
  • ganache, cancellation, magnifying lens, unmentionable sex toy, birds
  • contains a line from a utility bill.
  • hypoglycemic, tarragon, mountains, fleas, stitches, Dear John
  • tadpoles, anniversary, pin prick, bbq sauce, teleportation, geneology
  • blood oranges

since i effed up and started with bergamont, a citrus fruit… let’s chance fate and talk blood oranges…andother citrus? 😀  I know nothing of them save the rare time I had one from a waltz around fruit fellow casing more than likely the entire neighborhood 😉  that was about 2008 just prior to mom anouncing the move to her retirement village places.  one of those living points where the guy took the rent and didn’t pay the mortgage knowing he was losing the place anyways type situations but prior to law sets where I paid my way honour the agreeement!  people power!  aw no, it was move and be done…i was a horrendous ass and conned chef/grill of one guest and prepared yogurt chicken…but that’s not here… blood oranges.  tried them maybe two or three times and they’re sweet and a delight of color…   are they sweeter than orange orange? no.  just a delight of colour with a slightly different taste in that the colour is like a slight ink tone over the orange which is so so light it’s like there really isn’t any differences.


god. tendses abuse.


tadpoles – little amphibeans… whack off a limb and they grow right back… ala hint observers…stem cells.  cure it all if you’re french enough to frog legs.  that is a character in a book  a recent historical fiction of circa seventy six san francisco complete with flying thruogh the air with the greatest of ease  trapese…the circus ditty… which published elsewhere in seventy six unlikely was heard in san fran that year as it really didn’t gain popularity intil 40 years later. 😉  sorry looked it long ago.

anniversary… I know anno  or ano or anos is year in various latinesque languages.. verse  dunno might or not look it up

pin and tack are similar  affix… prick lance poke etc… it’s commonly enough known you got the zap… i get them semi yearly for diabetic neuropathy checks to see if I’ve lost feeling in whichever extremity.. ug…however it’s also a line from comfortably numb by pink floyd… it’s just a little pin prick OWWWW OW OW you may feel a little sick.

bbq sauce…. bar b que  bbq  from barbacoa to cook low and sloooowww.  spannish from indian as a best word match to sounds.  I think forget.  bbq nowadays means smokier/grilled… not so much method of cooking or the flavour of the sauces themselves on potato chips… bbq sauce: there are as many recipes as there are nearly people.  my latest pick from the store is?  lime sesame asian bbq or at least from that isle. okay aisle…  it’s a teriyaki with additional lime and sesame tones i GUESS the ribs are on the counter to let me find out soon.  which reminds me to clunk um into the fridge. 😀

teleportation… the fictional act of moving through as a signal of a type an object.  it’s quite handy I hear in story telling or star trek. 😀

geneology the study of genes… ology means study of… genes are probably peoplely somehow not looking it up.  but it is funny to say jeaniology as in lets me study your ass baby doll :D… and oh shush it, i wouldn’t be near as much fun without hormones even if I’m a real pain as well.

denim… or “jeans” is a cotton twill fabric dyed most often in an indigo blue that is a sturdy work/labourers apparel.  there was a breaif craze in the early to mid 80’s where everyone who was anyone had a denim jacket… but that disappears with the writing snakeskine designs or overly trashing one’s pants to look cool.  styles come and go

elevated – lifted. higher…something  on a raised plane from the other’s typical point of vie.  as to it as a standard it just means MORE  whether that’s a crock of crap or not


keening a arabic partially african areas habit of a high pitched ululation of the voice as a signal to be heard… often it is of love for a mate call but it doesn’t have to be goodbye or from gals to guys only.

I bought precisely ONE comic book this lifetime back in the xanga days one of the writers with an artist pal well brother…did up a real comic book, i bought one i loved her she moved away and married some other guy johnny on the spot lickity split..fuck 😀  however once in a blue moon i open that thing and reread it…even if this is tantemount to digging up bones.


poison ivy or urishole damn i’m in no mood to go spelling and searching.. but poison ivy like poison oak or poison sumac …the plants most likely to grow in foresty situations usa aren’t the only ones.. bugs even have this compound that iritates badly with a rash the skin…the bugs are known as laquer bugs and some of the world’s finest furniture is laquered but as it’s a tedious process, a laquered art piece is far more rare.  cashews also produce this stuff thus mangos as well.  the eden episode of star trek where they all find out eden is poison lol but spock grooves on OUT is amusing and most likely the same thing however i think it’s hyperboly to think a common irritant could kill like that.  in earlydesert shield prior to desert storm which led swiftly to victory glory america send on the bomber whiners..well don’t nobody likes them even the employers or they wouldn’t send suicide squads. 😉  wonder why idiots sign up for this.  let us yay your demise  who cares if you win or lose we win you’re gone.  never am i far from that thought as lol i’ve had blue moments… I haven’t had a properly functioning if at all thyroid in decades now so i can get BLUE ..but lol it’s easier to know I can say fuck everyone and live… so even at my worst i’m still rebellious…or of that rash from poison ivy guy. 😀

chain… never break the chain… fleetwood mac.. a coming together of something to bind.

fire pit.. have to make them or one burns everything down what a hassel D: but pit… sick of seeing them… I even despise the trendy ass metal once a patio table now a firepit with grate over things… don’t get me wrong i like warmth… but sometimes its a little too suburban.


tooth…used to grind.  how else would we eat.?

hypoglycemic, tarragon, mountains, fleas, stitches, Dear John

hypo or LOW glycemic sugar… one is a real bitch or bastard with this condition  I’ve had it and it leads to tachicardia and general feelings of impending death…and are you saying something to me? busy.  feeling a tad awful.  yes, it’s quite literally fatal too..however you can not yet take MY word for it 😀 na na.

taragon… it’s a similar thing to basil i think don’t hold me to it the french version has an anis taste to it and is thus tossed into vinegar to lend a delightful sweet smell…not sugar sweet totally taste mind you to a elevate 😉 your fish.

mountains mount big big hills people over x thousand feet high… most of you lot haven’t seen a mountain but if I start talkin there’s places out there that might squack the my dinky things are but less than half their mountains shut up weeny braggart. 😉

flea, a parasite that tries inhaling another being’s blood to survive usually causes some kind of irritation and can easily pass along nasty diseases  they’re small by connotation.

stitiches… be it melding fabric pieces together or some other material like human tissue, a stitch icombines a knot with a rope/thread etc.  very handy if you’ll pardon the pun

dear john… dear john could mean a lucky fellow i know gets a mention in the latest scavenger hunt  and is liked… lucky bastard 😀  or dear john a general way of saying sorry former lover i’ve moved on while you couldn’t stop me no matter how much you cared you weren’t here when someone else turns out to be…haha you lose.

flight of the bumblebee is a fine tune… I remember an animation of the later eighties of stewart copeland a drummer for the band  the police was solo at the time doing a thing chasing a butterfly…sorry but they twine in my mind and it reminded me of the lacksidaisical path either’d take butterflies or bumble bees.

blue eye shadow the jezebell o f colors…jezebel being a mythical biblical figure who tarted herself up to beguile for her way  with sex and was of course tossed out the window to her death because the bible was and is a mans side of things  book at times… however in a minor nicety to the vindicative saying there- esther used the same whiles to save the jews from mass persecution and is praised therefor.. but the whiles are most assuredly downplayed how dare a women use sex to get her way how rude to men.

i should look up when sheds became garages and yet garages they became sometimes and their door?  a garage door.

weiner dog a elongated body of a small dog.. i think aka dauschund.  no, you don’t wrap them in bread and eat the poor pooch.. gross.

ganache – a rich chocolate sauce with a french name. as it is so so thick when it  cools it can form a hard for chocolate coating.  i’ve never heard the term in any other usage than for chocolate sauce.

cancellation – thing called off…no longer happening.

magnifying lens… originally a glass ground in a manner to make more distant objects larger or doesn’t have to magnify it can make things smaller too..this is useful for near sighted people wishing to see better further away.  they’re useful to read or burn ants/start fires in direct sunlight. you can easily burn a hole through yourself if you wanted to try.

unmentionable sex toy.. as they’re stores for this and giggles galore.. i’ll figure one out.. but YOURE bringing the jello 😛


slang for girls which connects heretosexual and lesbian action wise to the above no no toys. or something bigger than a bug that can fly.



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  1. I believe blood oranges have a slight plum taste – or something like – mixed with the orange. I live them but won’t often pay the price. I’m guilty of scanning this (on lunch right now) so I’m not sure what to say about the lesbian sex toys….? peace & smiles

    • don’t worry, such are my notes, i forget what i said 😀 😉 the fun for me is how i felt within each word 🙂 I only rememer so much…resisting leering. ..:)

    • if you have a fancy whole foods/whole paycheck handy, you want about a half palm’s worth of red cargo rice…. you boil it like brown ride or ten to 13 minutes longer than rice rice white. this mixed into white white rice gives one a pilaf of sorts or white and WILD tastes actions. what’s the tone you’ll get? seafood. now i know fish is ugly even costin’ in your burg.. but mayve soon you can stand to stand the counter… no you have her a bed that’ll rock your carrots but more so your zucchini/marinara…small can of tomato sauce over sauteed zucchini SMALLL can trust me even that’s likely too saucy. but so you know and don’t have a fridge clinkin and thus cussin me…. if you’re feeling especial daring, take good ol’ breaded fish with this rice and a dash of garlic too much and you’ll stuff a tomato. it also uber good . 😀 . hug.

      • I keeping wanting to buy this rice mix at my fav store but so far have not sprung for it as it’s pricey. I was eating quite a bit of rice for awhile but lately have not. I may check out the red rice even though I’m not a seafood person. I could see what else it might go with. Chicken?

        I looked for blood oranges today at my store and they did not have them. They seldom do.

        Oh yes on zucchini and marinara :-). *hug back*

      • 🙂 oddly enough red cargo rice which has a reminiscene to shrimp for me but that’s the trick reminiscence isn’t exactness… would to ME go better with pork cuts versus that of chicken… this then lend not an exactness to say a portugese dish set which might be pork and mussels, but with a bit of paprika, would conjur for someone who didn’t care for seafood all that much a neat try. my logic is this: the whole rices tend to drown out other blander tastes… like brown rice is not bad at all but I end up putting a lot of garlic and whatever into it so it doesn’t taste like bland popcorn… however it still dominates.

      • I like rice and not always over seasoned – often simply so. Often cooked in chicken broth with some veggies thrown in but 95% of the time I cheat and use Minute rice (usually the brown) or something like even though I know it’s different. I just don’t have the patience!

      • fibber. you’ve read me for nearly a decade… this in it of itself demands patience 😀 but i got it, leave the cabinet of digestive doom alone. 😀

      • Nearly a decade? Was it 2008? 2009? I guess we could say nearly a decade.

      • it was oh seven, but 😉 rare moment for you to be caught ungirly like forgetting anniversaries 😀 lol

      • Really? ’07? I thought I met you and someone else about the same time and that was Oct ’08. (but am I splitting hairs?)

      • no. you’re most likely to have met me in oh six as i was still live from offcenter and knew both your once closer pal cindy just barely then and you very very shortly thereafter or the other way around but i doubt it as I suspect it’s leah’s fault i meat cindy then you but i dunno why save that’s probably john’s fault…. I have no clue what any of you saw in me… i pick on oklahoma mercilously I’m from all holy hell superior colorado 😉 but you’ve still got arkansas!

      • No – I never knew you under that name but you mentioned it at some point. I’ll be honest I don’t know how our paths crossed. I kept thinking you knew Cindy first. I think I knew Cindy before you – maybe? I knew John before you. I knew John before Tom. I know Leah because of either John or Cindy — I think.

      • lol I know i’d have had to met cindy before you via leah bia hohn as well it makes thee most sense… however i know i never met john through cindy yet you all have heard of each other. weird how geography online works eh? all’s it takes is a wisconsin.

      • I met John through Carolyn. And I think I met her through the group Kween of Queens. I think! Not sure! I met Leah later. I’m looking through Xanga now trying to see when you came into the picture but that is a lot of posts to go through!

      • yes’m it would be, but here you go I was live_from _offcenter til about oh six uncious from then til all my lady hopes blew up likely oh 8 I_once_was til mid june eleven which should now appear appear as of_all-the_gall and starman jones til my close of xanga. I think that’ll help some

      • I think I remember you as I_once_was. How long did you keep that one? I remember of all the gall and starmanjones. I was peacenow! lol. I am peacenow!

      • I_once_was and of-all_the_gall are the same entity it was a similar thing to how i appear sometimes as starmanjones with an almondcoffeed blog.

      • yes – I remember. You didn’t close your site down you just changed your name.

  2. Of course your name changed a few times 😉

    • yes lol but in fairness, even i don’t remember oh six too well i’d have been unctious by then and the only flags of memories i have are most everyone i knew i meant in oh six save for a few later folk which are still easier to remember when with 😀 markowitz poor soul is the only one who literally knows me from all of xanga. most everyone else is untious or later. 😉 but you’d have surely seen me even if leah never bless her accepted the friend’s invite… most of my circles are her fault… poor lass can take credit for unleashing me on you lot.

  3. the only problem here of memories again is i swear i remember john being nice when my dad passed in jan oh five… that can’t be accurate as I swore I changed to unctious in later oh five ish when I began to seek second college notions. after my xanga host well parted ways with me.

  4. reasons are: a, hillary of whatever her monikor was the powers that be peanut butter and what not wrote stories and i oooo wanted her…no luck she left for hawaii and married with children soon after… sarah of her snottiness everett washinton was my darker circle pal no not deborah watts of the same town debbie’s nice but oh nine and i way knew you before ampbreia. and I swear i would never have sent you dwaddle if i hadn’t had niceties from xang prior to then although I think you’re the first winner of anything I sent but wasn’t that late …reviewing what the screen looked like then…pause i swear i had well to have known of you most of oh seven but you’d have had to have met me some time if i’d blow money having you see colors. 😀 no, no need to hunt down my bank statements 😉

  5. I just found an interesting post of mine from Xanga that got a lot of comments – including Cindy, John, Tom and Leah but not you! It’s from June 2009.

    • LOL 🙂 it’s all likely new to me, I’m selfish, I remember fairly few thing believe it or not 😉 everyone think I give ink a run for it’s money. now, I do not actually remember nothing 😀 any blog of mine might clue one in to mr popcorn associations 😉 but thats what it is mnenomics 😀

      • you actually seem to remember a fair amount of stuff. Even when I do remember I don’t always remember the when – just the stuff.

      • same here, those pesky details of dates! 😀 I have to have an array of facts before i acess dates, I hate dates. 🙂 and in the twist of personal life life lol i rarely get get them prior to being officially dumped whee dates fromt he no chance! let’s rock… my favorite is is? lol i can not remember the date lol march of 200t dad had to have passed just recently and while I had moved so had mom by a month and some, this nice colorado springs…i live there now.. see pnemonics? agreed we were shit but let’s party! so we hit a group date to celestial seasoning tea factory boulder followed by redstone meadery boulder proper there not gunbarrell. and while I … see how memory works? i have to have an array for actual time which will always be fuzzy… you’ve a date or two etched in your soul for which I’m happy and also sorry. hug.. if you feel like being disowned by your known friends and family go j.w. and you can skip most dates altogether 😀 😀 😉

      • interestingly enough i can remember your kendra’s passing to the instant because while i didn’t know you then I got ssdi after nearly two years that day…not around it my whole life began to come through. it was what you’d say was a good day for me buti didn’t know your worst day would bring me to know you. I hope you still share her all your life, I’d not know her ever if not. as to the sensationalist shite, i’m sorry it’s actually a coinky dink. i sat in a public service credit union cashing my check and starting an account went next to pay off target. and shortly thereafter left around the usa on dad’s last trip which he saw the real vietnam memorial and both his mother and my sister.. dates are weird that way god bless you though, not to the damnation of pain but the joy of remembering one you only got so long

  6. You are always so sweet, such a friend to me about my Kendra. I’m glad people know her because of me coming to Xanga. There are bits of Kendra spread all over now. I’m so blessed to have met so many kind people through that site. All of you helped me so much by reading what I wrote and your kind words. Xanga was my therapy. Now I’m using wordpress in the same way on hard days.

    It’s true – there are those days forever marking the changing of the before and after. So much of my life is divided by that loss. Before and after. There are other such dates that divide certain things. I guess we all have them inside of us — the dividing lines of then and now. I know your father’s passing is that kind of dividing. *hugs* peace always

    • I’m evil in this respect. I miss him daily as we say and yes honestly wish I could share…shite you’re not there… that stuff but in reality, I’m not him nor interested in any thing he was… we never fully got on. in a lot of ways, evil .. I’m releashed to live. I will never equal him nor hardly honor the person he was… but i would like to be me. i’ve managed not to kick the bucket with diabetes or kidney failure which began before. detail. it i’ve managed to cheer my shitty walmart job followed by a department head’s one before it… we all don’t move up in line but dang… department head to dunny cleaner? can I have a little pride?? 😉 but none the same. hugs to you. it’s a pleasure to know you.

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