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W16sh, 41 guessing games

unfortunately time flies away with the exactness of what made impressions then versus now… this is a substitution of a link iwould like as a more direct source to what the best documentation would evaluate a cowrie to larger world currencies from an estimated date of 1895 which is the date minus here of the suspected colonization of Nigeria within the book – chinua achebe’s things fall apart which was my selected text for dry bones research and analysis for college composition 2.  alas i am no longer in school so i can’t verify if i’d really like this tidbit… but it looks far more directly useful versus this next

the primary reason this is true is in 2007 April, this didn’t cross my searchings… no such comprehensive tome came up. 😉

now what did was six pages deep in a christian pastor writing a friend about the indian system of cowrie evaluation and how via a checksum source to varify this i had a decent conversion rate for cowries in 1865 not the above 191x.  another facts cross check led me to evaluate quickly the 30 year currency valuation of more widely circulated coin.  to account for inflation.  then minor facts like a $12 colt peacemaker for 1885…back to the future 2 but more accurately determined along with a reliable rate of pay in usd…against a modest crossfact check of consumer price indexing ultimately gave me what 210 bags of cowries in the story…things fall apart – achebe….mentioned which was roughly 90 usd was 210 bags of cowries assuming the value of a colt was roughly 2…with a pay rate at best 10 cents an hour which was considered damn good money….however there are caviots like there wasn’t 8 hour days then but more than tens and this is sketch but accurate enough to say it wasn’t 8 and it varied…. but i had something to say a bride price was roughly 3 month’s wages for the best woman in a 10,000 fighting man only counting fighting men trib… or rather a special woman indeed…but 3 months.  it didn’t take me rocket science nor long to look up expected engagement rings suggest traditional offerings to be 2.6 months to 3 month’s of a good salary making male…young male… or what the hell is so divergent of a notion that bride price is not substantially monetarily different than western marriage traditions then and or now?

comprehensive sources are NOT easier to cite as they weigh generally across subjects and this demands more carefully evaluation of credibility.  i can long shot over a random church letter as it doesn’t seek to be an authority versus perhaps erroneous not direct shipping costs which were often one price to one person and not so for another.


but, here is an expected example of a line about what a cowries currency might evaluate at.  either way i have a source for you free or schollarly allowed for those in that position.  yes, i can read abstracts damned well.   😉  but you have my methodology good or bad in front of you.

Picture is that of a bag of cowries against a soda can.  yes, that would be MONEY in some place sometime.


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