Transindental BULL-puckey

even as a fool, i elevate kings… i have value.

a good swordsman doesn’t fear a trained rival, but an untrained one- the power of the unexpected is to be justly feared.

when you judge your late night opportunities to not wallow in poverty any longer, for forever, do you notice how we only want to be able to tell the others to go take a flying leap and a roll in…bull puckey?… do i really need a solitary cent to do that now?

I’m crazy, I can’t afford to be eccentric.

to borrow from billy joel, “you can’t dress trashy til you spend a lot of money.”  wait til you see steamboats s prings colorado!  you’ll overhear walmart shoppers talking legitimately about their bar in florida, bahamas or wherever this place is only one of their homes…about saying potentially filthy things  and laughing at their employees for feeling their inner filth child…their only irritant is whether to fire the person before they can figure out how to sue….

gentle… the dictionary says it really doesn’t mean soft at all, but to have manners of well behaved or of a certain…HIGH… station.  whom,  so all those years i had to learn manners i had to really be learning to act rich… shoulda known it was a trick.


I want to yammer on the subject of being blessed.  think for a moment before dismissing this for yourselves…sometimes, it’s all i have to hang onto positively speaking.

Isee people sometimes from more afar… far enough I go out of my way to keep distant my own self with a number of people as this aids me in either pursuing my own interests or simply being a hermit.  I see poorly, i know this, you could hide so very close to me for all I would know

yes, there is a lady in body paint in this picture… it’s trickery  but not so often easy to spot trickery.  it’s a simile if you will of my plight here and questions

so i write something out of my ordinary.. I proof it as best i can swiftly and try very very hard for it to be well presented if still it’s likely sclock garbage.  and I allude admittedly all over the place starting within the title to it.  and I went to sleep wondering why ghosts appeared because of it.  I wasn’t writing of the actually…but… have you ever noticed when others connect with you it’s rather intriguing to be surprised by why. isn’t it?  however due to what limited social sight i have, the specifics remain vague it isn’t necesary to phrase direct questions or see more than a ghost of what could be mistakenly thinking the sheets in the moonlight moving were ghosts of lovers past.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Transindental BULL-puckey”

Love your title!
I saw the woman!
I am always surprised when anyone connects with me or cares about me or likes me, etc. And I do wonder why. Sometimes I ask them “why?”, sometimes I don’t ask.
We are all far more blessed than we even realize…and some of the biggest blessings are the littlest things. 🙂
Keep writing and sharing your intelligent mind, heart and humor…whether it seems anyone reads or not…keep writing. 🙂 You never know who might be reading and who you helping with your words! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

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