notation malfuction w16sh 43-51 part one.


  • bergamont, denim, elevated, keening, millipede, going dutch
  • contains line from the label on  a house-hold product
  • comic books, poison ivy, chain, fire pit, tooth
  • Flight of the Bumble Bee, blue eye shadow, garage door, wiener dog
  • ganache, cancellation, magnifying lens, unmentionable sex toy, birds
  • hypoglycemic, tarragon, mountains, fleas, stitches, Dear John
  • contains a line from a utility bill.
  • tadpoles, anniversary, pin prick, bbq sauce, teleportation, geneology
  • blood oranges

bergamont –

as an essential oil for healing
bergamont is useful in of all the medical use not that any of these claims are verified by the us fdaQQQ to help one cease smoking tobacco by placing on points of the ear, this product which warns it causes sun sensitivity can reduce tobacco urges via the mystical folk medacine powers it is claimed to have.  that sounds like quite a LOT of qualifyers in a sentence does it not? 😉 legally they’re meant to be there natureopathy or the study of healing plants and their biologic applications based upon eons of tradions and direct evidence of use…is everybit not biology one hundred and one… it is to say not even basic chemistry either as organic chemistry which deals with things that smell 😀 is quite a lot of chemistry in it of itself… but put as simply as the internet or my limited education can – you mix an acid with an oil and you get an ester.. while i do not know what bergamonts IS chemically speaking -this ester is about the most widely used flavor in the tea world as black tea with bergamont is earl gray tea  which bay way of definition of legal qualifyers go ass you the immediate question, if earl grey tea is flavoured with bergamont, and bergamont is supposedly good at reducing tobacco cravings and thus quitting smoking, how come tobacco use became the rage in enlgand where they nationally stereotypically like tea so damned much?

yes, bergamont is also good for medical-esque uses..even the most highly regaurded medical online dictionary indicates this without directly suggesting innapproopriately to not seek medical advice from trained professionals first.

however as it is very clearly a similar thing to an orange in that it is both citrus and called occassionally an orange… soesn’t this hint again strongly towards we’re getting duped into paying high prices for what otherwise would be…whomp… a lot cheaper to buy similar substitutive  things like a florida or california orange suck it down with some store brand orange pekoe tea and call it good with a hell of a lot of money saved??  you decide 😉 the answer in the case is obviously most frustratingly no of course 😉 different things do different things and thus the minor value of one thing can not be present in another whoomp wasted money versus money well spent 😉


now a drop which is a term used by people whom want to use essential oils like bergamont actually a legal y defined measurement..x range of drops makes one mililiter.  as oils are sold dearly priced mind you -in 5,15 and other varying sizes/quantities, lets take a look at this swifty to prove a point about frugality.  if ten to fifteen drops makes up one mililiter of of a fluid, and the total size of my unit is oh say 15 mililiters.. this meansi can have between one hundred and fifty to two hundred and twenty five drops of this fluid potentially as to it’s uses.  if the instruction or bdest guess indicates oh say 2 drops to apply or mix say up with a water solution shaken so as to maximize it not ever blending with water but still flavoring it more consistantly.. and there are 30 days in the averaged month roughly this means at bare minimim um.. I’ll use sixty ish to 90 ish drops of my one hundred and fifty drops in a month…. oh but oh drat i neglect something most forget about biology mainly human sized – we metabolize in most cases everything in 2-3 hours…however! not every substance isn’t without some side effects like toxicities…so if ever you wondered why the every four hours for you aspirin or other mega whack the shit out of your cold or flue pill can not be taken but every x hours and no more than x in a day… which is a prompt later in this list a line from a common household product… so lets call it aspirin ;).. you’ll begin to see that your magic solution might be more like 8 drops a day now multiplied out through a month which iss40 which is more than 225 so as the bottle is sold in 225 ish units you by two bottles a month and use them alll as prescribe which is dosing every 4 hours ish precisely and religiously which is a real fucking legistics pain…in my opinion added to the high cost incured to make sure of supply..with a product known to smell as all essential oils or plant essence smell…that’s what essential oils do, they smell.  so if you say dab the ears with bergamont which is sunlight sensitizing to us.. we stand a chance greater to get sunburned which we all know now is a damn fine way to court skin cancer the about highest and most aggressive cancer there is to spreading to all over the body and cancer is beatable but well it’s another word for death.  now as one is courting death, medicine isn’t without risks ;0 well, now does it work… i refer you back to the question of england a tea loving but also a nation that smokes too, might lead one to ponder carefully about going around the workplace smelling like jello which if one’s single might mean a fabulous sex life forever jello wrestling but for you married lot or sick of the jerks begging into you pants… might just be unwelcomed… and knowing I have to buy multiple bottles of things now doubles my cost from the initial expectation  of one was sufficient halving the percieved value of the offering…  i’m not saying bergamont doesn’t work.  I have psoriasis actually, i also smoke about a pack a day and have for 21 years hear in mid march of 2016… I love earl grey and drink a lot of it often… but here’s a current price for bergamont lists oh oops a five militer  bottle not 15 for fourty four pretty much fourty five dollar a bottle.  2 drops 4 times a day is at minimum as with medically applied treatments to smell like a seedy sex beast who jello wrestles all day of which one has to wear a hat or avoid serious cancer chansing but oh i forgot to indicate sun sensitivity is a generally increased thing too… well you can ask a doctor if i’m full of shit and he’d have to or she’d have to say yes but no… most likely for technically bad writing and logic reasons would i be full of shit or the bad joke out there that as biologic creatures most of produce shit all the time we’re eating or finishing up with what we ate so … you get the idea… this isn’t the best presented opinion you’ll ever hear but i’d like you to think why i sound like i damn a product i sold for half a decade with fervor now as if it’s gutter water in evion bottles?  it’s expensive and dubious whether it works or not in my experience and maybe i don’t want to be a neo hipy fruitcake soul as other’s percieve… hippies don’t have to be wrong but they were percieved as irresponsible bums who smelled bad till others made billions and thus you hardly can go anywhere without hearing something hippy music or of their times fifty years fucking long gone and still flouted about everywhere every day…. whatever your oppinion, it would seem like they ended up being successful 😉  side venom on hippies and free love free everything…corporate raiding in the 80’s isn’t by creepy old men but largely successful younger men on the move well the hippies grew up took over companies everywhere with pension funds depleted those and moved on changing our entire way of social living as in we owe others nothing they do not do for themselves..  it would seem one can say hippies and later whatever they became put out the fuck you vibe no one likes really as it is costly with them not wanting to pony up.  but back to bergamont.. 270 a month to try and say cure a case of psoriasis or quit smoking..  by way of experience check you local costs my insulin which most know immediately to be of medical value cost 270 a month and i know i can’t live on this earth much past a month without it.. but i’ve had psoriasis for 30 years drinking tea taking herbs etc,and smoked for over 20 too…  it is up to you if you think for a minute I’m cruel- i may be but this is fairly accurate logic for me by any standards and covers the most common complaints lodged…and i still paid off mybuy cost to be a business owner for this product and actually this company young living as it sells some of the consistantly best oils there are albeit dearly priced- they good as they possibly can… they may haven’t worked for me but i have trouble taking a pill once a cday…what do you think my chances are for 4-8 repetitions a day are all accurately timed and never missed for a month is?  fucking zero. 😀  again you don’t have to assume it’s always the product but the methodology practiced proven 😉  I might be the problem too.  that is why you have facts you can argue or dismiss forming your own oppinion.  webmd lists it so somebody in droves has had success and maybe josh here sucks at life in general…eff his whining 😀  dont worry  that’s oppinions and wow if you read this one and had any brains left to form one i have a fucking long list of words now to get to…


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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