Run-Through (W16sh, 38-40)


  • heron, billiards, locket, guitar pick, promise, scar
  • contains a line from a Bob Dylan song.
  • rain dance, microscope, mercury, road trip, beef jerky

well, ain’t this a bitch?  the very first try is of a word i associate with an age restricted pruct.. I have no issue mentioning that this product is a wine called blue heron but what a booger of how to talk about within the confines of correct usage.    one may have to wait on me gettin’ fancier  notes anyways.  you’ll have to prove to them you’re old enough to investigate for now.

billiards… the funniest thing i remember of late wild not so much west billiards is… they weren’t made of celluloid but something slightly less stable… nitro cellulose…this meant strike the ball hard enough and it would explode….talk about a table hazzard.


guitar pick…  i believe the fancy term is the item is a Plectrum…;_ylt=A0LEVvwmHqdWhhEADXwnnIlQ?p=flattened+coins+guitar+picks&fr=yhs-mozilla-002&fr2=piv-web&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-002


it appears it   it could get phophecy tones going… ooo.  but to tel of, before hand.


it seems this word just appears on the scenes 😉  but the meaning is stil interesting in that the visible lasting damage to something is fully part of the depth as if seeing a cut away  from say a hillside where water did it in with it’s streaming but otherwise is lush.

I’m hampered some in that i didn’t start out with dylan so while I know of him, and even like a lot of the tunes…I’m going to not completely connect.  however that’s a good start  every song to find if i like one or another 😀

the risk within using songs is the cost of real quotations.  this or sometimes even the very artist’s name is a trademark or copyright that is DEAR to use.  so as you see above lol i picked the wrong-ass time to get all scholarly about notation citation…however everything started is worth it’s struggles.. I’ll get there…     for instance, that sixties tune with the italian seasons at the midevil todo?  if you’d guess scarborough fair, simon and garfunkel…i’d win.. otherwise I’d have to pay a lot to use parsley sage rosemary and thyme… even if the lyric is traditional, the song isn’t mine and i could face legalities if i forgot this…however i see one reader to five so i’m not who this legal junk is about… it is just me remembering politics and hoops… perhaps needlessly.

rain dance… this can mean rain making via belief systems a car polish/wax  I thought it was a shampoo but that doesn’t tiurn up, a genetic corporation a book  a character…

microscope brings to mind louis pasteur and how we learned quickly that heat and chlorine killed the dancing within the rain or water drop…what we’d otherwise never see but sure feel.

mercury… be it a car.  a planet. a god. an element, the stuff is useful but it can also be a weed poisonous plant.

road trip – a more modern term for gettin out sight seeing… if one did this walking…say in mid evil times… it was a pilgrimage…

beef jerky is of course a dried beef snack… it has indian roots within what is pemican which isn’t just beef… but then again i rarely see just beef or beef and salt on my junk snack…I see a lot of flavor action likely bad for me packed in…and surprisingly I’ve never seen a commercial beef jerky that didn’t add mono sodium glutamate or msg…weird how we seaweed things up yet promise a guy a salad and he’ll likely cry.


initial thoughts….

blue heron versus just the bird or whether the bird mixes with huron the area/indians I do not know I like the wine and a road trip with beef jerky if i don’t use it in some graphic way to flay someone out of the picture…microscope mercury  well this is getting thoreau a week on the merrimak river or something meeting up with alexander von humboldt… eek. rain dance can go vative or polish something..scar locket and promise are easily pushing this to be an early trip in adult living or on it’s way coming of age.  i don’t want to hum alan jackson and invent country tales I wish happened but didn’t but road trips…. I’m not nil on them but none were very girlee save for a short one to the best date of two thousand and five…car was silver and mercury is known as quicksilver… oh shit… 😀


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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