citational hash notes.

search term writing an essay on alcohol…  while I do not doubt the value of the service, heck, i may even join it, it is FREE WHEE (see the errors it could save you and me?) 😀 it is NOT what I wanted to know.

much FREAKING better… however this still doesn’t cover legalities as I would have hoped.  I’m not araid of using age-sensitive material, for now my page doesn’t collect the peach fuzzed of audience members… but a minor eye towards correct social use and or handling not just fair use but fair use that doesn’t trash my efforts immediately if I wish to gain sale/circulation is what i’m thinking on… don’t worry it’s simply an exercise for ONE reader, ME….even if a kindly 1- of you maybe read along.


now to amke a better mock citation notation..   don’t laugh at me, ME…well do.  I think I’m bereft of a comma.

Blue Heron, A Michigan white wine with reserve juice backin.

St Julian. (2016). Blue Heron. Retrieved January 26, 2016, from Heron

Product description, Blue Heron wine
and? with citation engine, this only took 11 minutes to achieve… and it looks sloppy as hell  but it is a start.
reminding myself to look for tm or registered trademark information…
please enjoy responsibly those of you who are of age.  it’s a sweet white wine at a not entirely intolerable price I believe shippable to many of the states within the USA.  lol, website in citation 😀
yeah yeah, didn’t spell check or nada…  and or look up the proper mechanics of in-text citation… I’ll get there.  some of this crap isso foreign when unused for eons.
apa sucks by the way.  chicago looked smoother… i remember using it’s style of writing guidelines far more in Public speaking which is where I gained far more hammering on how to even cite things.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “citational hash notes.” ….cryer… rather interesting ripoff of meaning but it’s still accurate if used to include bird, long legged ..bird being a slang on gals and tal ones are of course long legged 😀 egret derives from the same word history… there’s a LOT of hair or french sound to this word however hair it isn’t thus no connection to hate… however, there is a connection to crow which translates incorrectly to connection to native american traditions of crow as the trickster god… a crying tall woman wined up oo lala… romance this one ends sloppily and or badly… 😀
a more reliable symbol is aggressive self-reliance… damn trickster god sends a wined up tall woman crying over that wine but is it? no, it’s not how she wishes this to be….whatever this situation is. you can bet your sweet ass I know precisely who this reminds me of and no no no we’ll just give that kiss and tell the skip

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